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Welcome to Year 6 -  Miss Whelan's Class  

W/b 10.07.23

Well what a week that was! We finally got to see how everyone’s hard work really did pay off as we received the long awaited SATs results. The results blew us all away and to simply say that we are proud would be an understatement. Cohort 2023 you truly are an outstanding bunch of children and I am so pleased for you all.

This week we enjoyed the football tournament where we competed in our colours and played one another for the coveted first place prize. Our athletic blues one it out but a particular mention must go to our red team who never ever gave up throughout the entire tournament. 
Our summer fair was a huge success this week! Lots of laughs & luckily the weather was on our side! Thank you to all parents & carers for your continued support as without you events like this would not be the same.

Enjoy your weekend everyone, only three more gets ups as Year 6 :-(

The Year 6 Team x

W/b 03.07.23

This week has been one where we have seen how much the children have grown over the last year as they embarked on their transition to high school. It was wonderful to hear how much the6 enjoyed it and are looking forward to the yea4 ahead. 
Earlier in the week we celebrated our fabulous Mrs Gribben with a whole school assembly. We thanked her for her hard work over the last 40 years here at GV. 
The children showcased their writing skills this week when they wrote letters to the upcoming year 6 children providing words of advice and encouragement for their time in Year 6. These were a great and hilarious read, some children’s honesty making me lol. 
Today we enjoyed some reward time with some fun on the inflatables course. A huge thank you to all who contributed to this allowing the children to take part in it. 
Not long left now everyone, your GV journey is almost over.

Have a wonderful weekend in the sun shine. 

The Year 6 team.

W/b 26.06.23

 We’ve had a great week in Year 6 this week, plenty of action, new learning and lots of fun. We really are making the most of our last few weeks in GV.

In RE we continued with our Buddhism unit, where we learned about the importance of mediation in their faith. We created our own quotes about how it made us feel after taking part in some guided meditation sessions.

In maths, we concentrated on some previous learning as we get ready for Year 7. 
We have really been enjoying our Computing this term and have been working hard creating some fantastic ebooks using all of our previous and new learning. We might even be able to help Miss Whelan with our end of Year assembly we are that good.

To help celebrate Wimbledon we enjoyed some sessions using the nets and rackets and worked hard with our doubles partners to win some points.

Another week done everyone, well done x

The Year 6 team x

W/b 19.06.23

 Well that was a fantastic final Sports Day for our Year 6 children, I think everyone will agree.

The children performed a dance routine to kick off the afternoon and it was fantastic to see so many of the spectators getting involved. The children were all amazing, working hard, encouraging their team mates and helping to ensure that the afternoon was a huge success and it really was. We were helped by great weather as well. Congratulations to the Blue team for another win.

In English this week we were concentrating on The Promise, a book written by Nicola Davies. It is a picture book of great beauty and hope about the power we have to transform our world and our children were thoroughly immersed in this, writing some absolutely outstanding diary entries using emotive language and cohesive devices to ensure their entries were enjoyable for the reader.

In Computing, the children created their own version of the popular
app Crossy Roads using visual coding. They can now create a coding journal, explain what coding is, decompose a game, use visual coding to create a working game and share a game. They worked extremely hard on this unit and should be very proud of their progress.

Not many weeks remaining now Year 6. 

Enjoy your weekend everyone.

The Year 6 team x

W/b 12.06.23

For many this was the week they had all been waiting for and it did not disappoint.

We had the most amazing time during our residential. Our days started early, getting up and ready for breakfast at 7.30 followed by our first activity at 9.15am. The sessions each lasted 90 minutes, having two before lunch, two after lunch and another one after dinner at 8pm. We enjoyed the perfect mix of activities, with some thrill seeking, adventurous ones such as Jacob's Ladder, which is no longer Jacob's Ladder but now Sonny's Ladder, and Zip Wire, as well some team building ones such as Bouldering and Shelter Building. This residential had it all and of course the fabulous weather helped with the positive spirits.

We really could not have been prouder to take this group of children across the border to Wales and watch them all set and smash personal goals.

For the children who remained in school they were not without some fun activities as they took part in Road safety and fitness week. ScootFit was a huge hit and they loved the local walk where they were able to raise awareness for road safety in the streets around the school. The walk took them 1 hour which was certainly an achievement in that heat. Well done everyone.

In PE, we have been practising for Sports Day which is taking place on Monday at 1pm. Please see the school dojo for more information on this.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

The Year 6 Team x


W/b 05.06.23

We have started our last half term with smiles on our faces.

On Thursday, more than half of the class celebrated graduating from children's university. The children made the school, their families and us very proud with the hard work put in in order to get to this point. They had a great day receiving their certificate and looked ever the part as graduates, perhaps a snippet into the future. 


Enjoy the packing for our exciting week ahead :-)

The Year 6 Team xx

W/b  23. 05.23

Such a wonderful week to finish our very busy half term. 
The children have been working hard on creating their memory boxes, building sculptures of various shapes and sizes that represent them and their time in GV.

In RE this week we were looking at Buddhism and the children took part in some great discussions about how we can be content and what this means for everyone. The children gave some great advice to Veruca Salt, when they wrote her a letter.

We enjoyed some informative and fun assemblies this week, listening to the important messages from the community police officers about road safety as well as celebrating Eurovision as a whole school.

As a result of Year 6’s outstanding attendance this half term, they enjoyed a water fight. Year 6 have own every weekly battle this Hal& term, finishing with 18 points. Well done everyone.

Have a fantastic week off, you deserve it.

The Year 6 team x

W/b  16.05.23

Another great week Year 6. 
The children have been enjoying their science, history and Art topics this half term. In history we have been looking at how medicine has progress over time and have loved learning about how certain everyday medical concerns were cured throughout various times in history. 
In art we used the great outdoors and created sculptures that we feel describe ourselves our a fond memory of ours. The creativeness during this lesson blew me away: passports, golf clubs, headphones, amongst many more were created. 
In writing, we worked on using a formal tone, concentrating carefully on our vocabulary choices for our letter of complaint. I would hate to be on the receiving end of some of our Year 6s when they are not happy about a service. Some excellent letters everyone.

The highlight of the week for most was taking part in bikeability. The coaches were very impressed wit( the children’s attitudes and efforts during their sessions and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it while learning how to remain safe on the road. 

Another wonderful week Year 6 :-)

W/b  09.05.23

 Year 6 we have been waiting for this week to be over for so long now and it finally is.

A huge well done to all of you, you were simply amazing and we are extremely proud of you all.

Thank you for putting your all into every test this week, I really could not have asked for any more from you.

The Year 6 team x

W/b  01.05.23
Another great week in Year 6.

We have been revising this week and have loved some of the different activities, in particular Spagopoly. This was tricky but everyone worked hard to get through the board using their grammar knowledge.

There has been a wonderful atmosphere around school with preparations for the coronation in full swing. We made crowns for our lunch on Friday and wrote some fantastic pieces having read If I Were King. The children thought carefully about our British Values when writing and we were so proud of the outcomes. 
Friday was a wonderful example of the fabulous community we have in GV. The children participated in a whole school assembly to celebrate the Best of British Music. Each class performed a song and the teachers even performed too.

See my dojo post for the extremely important homework this weekend.

Don’t forget the doors open at 8am for breakfast this week.


W/b  24.04.23

 Another great week in Year 6. 
It has been amazing to see such high attendance and high spirits this week as we prepare for our SATs.

We have loved revising some topics and practising our learnt skills in SPaG and maths, testing our knowledge and our resilience during a variety of activities. 
We have loved supporting our peers and listening to their methods for solving problems. 
We enjoyed a session with our Educational Mental Health Practitioner, Elin Evans, this week. We talked about how SATs are making us feel and how we can deal with these feelings. She gave us the opportunity to flip our thinking to a more balanced or positive way and demonstrated some breathing and relaxation techniques that we can try if we become anxious. 

Have a fabulous long weekend, see you all on Tuesday.

The Year 6 team x

Reminder: Friday 5th May - All children to come dressed in red, white or blue. 

W/b  17. 04.23

 It was wonderful to see the children returning from the Easter break rested and ready for our Summer term. We started the term with a 100% attendance, well done everyone, I think we might be the ones to beat this half term.

In English this week we have been working on using emotive language when writing  some diary entries. Our writing is improving all the time and we are so proud of how independent you are all becoming.

In maths we have been interpreting graphs, ones including time, distances and negative numbers and despite some tricky questions we worked in our pairs using our reasoning and problem solving skills to get the answers.

We have been discussing mental health this week and sharing ways in which we keep our mind healthy with our peers.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

The Year 6 team x

W/b  27.03.23

That’s 2/3 of the way through our school year everyone.

We have had a brilliant week this week.
We started the week with a lovely visit from author Mark Sanders and his dog Bandit. He talked to us about how it is never too late to pursue your dreams and with hard work you can achieve your dreams. He read one of his books to us and we all enjoyed watching the giddy Bandit nibbling on his rag while listening to some funny stories about how he got his name.

Fr Michael came to visit us this week and we explored the Easter Story through some fantastic questions set by the priest. His passion ignited the classroom and had everyone thinking deeply about the true meaning of selflessness. This was further explored during a lesson with Miss Addy when the children took to teams to debate their beliefs. 

To end a fantastic term we celebrated all our achievements over the term, we even had a special visit from The Easter Bunny himself and some of us were lucky enough to win an Easter egg for our wonderful attendance. Well done to all Who achieved 100% attendance this half term. Keep an eye on the school website for the GV Attendance League table starting next term.

Wishing you all a happy Easter break, we hope you all enjoy the time with your families and friends, you really do deserve it after all your hard work.

See you all on the 17th April.

The Year 6 team xx

W/b  20.03.23

Another very fast week for Year this week :-)

We celebrated a music focus this week and were well and truly treated to one of the most entertaining assemblies of the year. :When Nathan Robinson, aka ‘The Plumber Drummer’, came to play  with his pipes and tubes encased in a metal cage-type box, none of us knew what to expect! But as soon as he began playing the strange cage, we knew we were in for a great treat. Nathan played some really basic but highly rhythmical pieces of music and instantly all the students were on board, clapping along to the beat. His performance was truly captivating. 

In science, we explored how we see colour and how this changes light. We discussed how Newton’s discovery of colour using light rays and a prism and then we had a go using light, prism and a white piece of card. This led us on the discussion of how natural light is actually made up of all the colours of the rainbow which mixed together appear white- these colours are known as ‘The Visible Spectrum’. Another great lesson where we were once again working scientifically and working brilliantly in groups.

In maths this week we have been looking at geometry and we investigated angles on their own, in word problems and in shapes. We looked at vertically opposite angles before solving word problems involving angles and then looked at angles in triangles and quadrilaterals. We looked at parts of a circle before solving word problems about angles in a circle. We have loved this geometry learning.

Year 6 we are so proud of your efforts, as always :-)

Enjoy your weekend.

See you all on Monday for the last week of our Spring term.

The Year 6 Team x

W/b  13.03.23

This has been another good week in Year 6 and one where we had the opportunity to share the positive progress everyone has been making with parents and carers. It was lovely to see so many of you and celebrate how well everyone is doing.

We also celebrated British Science Week and were treated to a wonderful assembly led by Mr Kruze. This was a very informative assemble, one where we had the chance to look at the sugar content in so many every day foods which we consume. To say we were shocked with the findings is understatement and it certainly got us all thinking about making better choices when it comes to snacking :-)

Adam from KABS led another fun-filled and useful session where we had to work as a team, trust one another and communicate well in order to achieve the goal. These lessons are really helping us to build as people in so many ways.

In English we have continued working on creating a cohesive narrative, thinking carefully about the effect short sentences can have on the reader. We have been working hard to improve our vocabulary and are using our thesauruses more and more.

Another great week, well done Year 6 :-)

The Year 6 Team x 

W/b  06.03.23

In Maths this week we have been exploring how to calculate the area of rectangles, triangles and parallelograms. First of all we reviewed the perimeter and area of rectangles and consolidated our knowledge of the area of a rectangle to develop our understanding to calculate the area of a parallelogram. We now know multiple methods for calculating the area of a triangle and can find the area for a parallelogram using the triangle method.

In Science this week we looked at why shadows have the same shape as the objects that cast them and the children loved working scientifically and carrying out an experiment to determine whether the distance of the light source from an object affects the size of the shadow cast.

We enjoyed another fun-filled session with Adam from KABs this week, where we continue to work on our resilience and teamwork strategies.

In our history lesson this week we looked at why Baghdad was so special and examined sources of evidence which confirms this. We then compared Baghdad to London in 900AD. We are all enjoying this unit so far :-)

Well done on another wonderful week Year 6 :-) 

Have a great weekend.

The Year 6 Team x 


W/b  27.02.23

Year 6 have had another wonderful week :-) Their efforts this week have been outstanding.  

We were very lucky to have Fr Dan in class with us this week. In our RE unit this half term we are looking at the question Why do Christians believe Good Friday is good? Fr Dan helped us to understand Christians beliefs about suffering and that beliefs about the death and resurrection are a source of hope and comfort. The children looked at the importance of Easter and explored the different ways that Christians celebrate Holy Week. It was wonderful to hear what St Marks Church do to celebrate and to learn that many activities are available for the community to go along and get involved in. We are looking forward to continuing our learning during this unit.

In science we looked at how light travels from a source to your eye. We explored the features of the eye and learned about each of their function. This unit of learning has been filled with some exciting experiments already and we are not even half way through it :-)

To help us get ready for World Book Day we had the pleasure of the talented children’s author Fay Evans in to talk to us. We enjoyed helping her bring one of her books to life with some hilarious actions. I’m sure we have a couple of children who will follow in her footsteps.

Our class was littered with the most amazing outfits for World Book Day, we were blown away by everyone. It was fantastic to see so many fun and exciting book characters coming to life.

We continued the celebration of World Book Day with our yummy Booky Breakfast, where the children were able to eat, chat and enjoy some fun activities with their parents/carers.

Great work this week everyone, we hope you all enjoy your weekend.

The Year 6 Team x

W/b  20.02.23

It was lovely to see the children returning to school rested and eager to learn more :-)

Our first week back has been wonderful with some parents/carers coming in to join one of our maths lessons. The children were fabulous and really showed our visitors how knowledgable they are. We worked hard on our algebra chapter where we learned how to describe patterns using a letter to denote a variable. We then moved on to write expressions using the four operations and fractions, while continuing to look for patterns and determine rules. Throughout the chapter, the expressions became more complex, including more than one variable with multiple steps. A super effort was made by everyone :-)

Our challenge in RE this week was slightly difficult, until we realised it could only be completed by teaming up with others for help and support. We looked at the meaning of the terms guide, comfort, strength, suffering, courage and struggle and discussed whether these were present in the challenge.

In PE this week the children revisited some skills learned in Year 5 when they worked on catching consistently well under pressure and how to slide their bat over the crease when running. They also practised throwing accurately overarm, what position of anticipation looks like when fielding and how to perform routines seamlessly. We have some excellent cricketers in Year 6 :-)

We are looking forward to celebrating World Book Day next week and hope to see as many of you as possible for our Booky Breakfast on Friday 3rd :-)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

The Year 6 Team x


W/b  06.02.23

Well what a final week to this half term we have had :-)

We have had a busy week celebrating Safer Internet Day and Mental Health Awareness Week.

We started off our week getting our endorphins flowing on Monday morning when we took part in Move it Monday led by Mr Ireland. We had a visit from the Community Police officers when they led an informative assembly about staying safe when online and carried on discussing the importance of protecting ourselves through reading sessions and PHSE sessions. Catch 22 also came to speak to us this week and supported us the delivery of the Alright Charlie workshop.  We set up our Thoughtful Thursday with our best foot forward and put a great, big smile on Mrs Lyon's face when we presented her with some beautiful flowers. 

In art the children produced amazing pieces when they learned how to use the chiaroscuro style of artwork. This has been used by Leonardo Da Vinci on many of his pieces and the children used this technique to produce something to help them make their voice heard. I was blown away by the results. 

Year 6 you truly have been amazing this half term and we are very proud of you all.

Enjoy the well earned break everyone.

See you all in a week :-)

The Year 6 Team x 

W/b  30.01.23

Well we have had such a brilliant week in Year 6 this week :-)

The children have all worked extremely hard and we are so proud of them. We even had our amazing school plugged on the radio when Sonny was part of Radio City's morning show as the quiz master. Well done Sonny, we loved listening to it.

In science this week we learned some tricky concepts but once we had fully understood it we used them confidently and put our new knowledge into action during a fun experiment. We were able to explain how electrons can become charged and how static electricity can occur and used balloons to watch this in action. We were lucky enough to visit the local high school and  had a fantastic afternoon taking part in their science lesson. The staff were blown away with the children's prior knowledge of protons, neutrons and electrons! 

We celebrated National Storytelling Week with a Bedtime Story event where the children came to school in their comfiest attire and took part in some fun story telling activities whilst drinking some delicious hot chocolate. Thank to everyone for your contribution to this, all money received will go towards further enhancing reading around the school. We also had the pleasure of a secret reader one of the afternoons, when William's mum popped in and treated us to some reading of Room 13-a book which we are absolutely hooked on at the minute.

Well done on an excellent week everyone.

See you on Monday, enjoy your weekend :-)

The Year 6 Team x

W/b  23.01.23

In maths this week we started our percentages unit, where we were finding the percentage of a whole number. We quickly learned that this would involve both division and multiplication skills, both of which we are wonderful at :-)

We also enjoyed a trip to the local library and took part in their ‘I love libraries’ session.  It was lovely to see so many enjoying the quietness of the library and taking advantage of the fantastic range of books available. 

We work hard in Year 6 but we also have plenty of fun and we certainly had plenty of fun during our KABS session, where we were observed working hard to avoid the ‘collector’ and communicate with fellow team members.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

The Year 6 team x

W/b 16.01.23

In English this week we were concentrating on maintaining cohesion across paragraphs,  identifying a past participle then  beginning a sentence with a conjunction. We wrote some fantastic recounts where we used adverbials to mark a change in tense I included the simple and progressive present tense. I have loved reading your recounts and seeing how much progress you are all making. 

In RE this week we looked at who is there to support and guide us at different stages of our life and then took a look at the Five PIllars of Islam. During these sessions we discussed how the pillars are linked and had a lovely discussion about how we would like to adopt some of these into our own lives.

In Geography we were looking at Fairtrade, discussing the advantages and disadvantages of being a part of the scheme and also looking at the impact Brexit has had on trade in the UK. We had some interesting debates around the classroom about whether Brexit has been a positive move for country.

Another great week done and dusted Year 6 :-) 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

The Year 6 team x

W/b 09.01.23

This week we have continued working on our measurement unit and building on our knowledge of converting between different measurements. We have been working hard on knowing which operation to use when converting a smaller unit of measurement to a larger one, and vice versa. We have been converting between miles and kilometres and representing lengths as decimals. We are very proud of the children as this is not as easy task to recall all the facts in order to be able to complete the necessary conversation.

In English this week we have been working towards our big write. looking at creating success criteria to aid our writing. We have made some wonderful use of peer assessment and used our shades of meaning prompts to support our writing.

In Geography  we were learning about the countries  we trade with and how this has changed over time. We recapped some important vocabulary from our first session, we discussed who we thought could be our main trade partners and used an atlas to locate these on the map. We also discussed sustainability and debated the following question; Do you believe it is sustainable for our environment to trade with countries over 100 airmiles away? Ask the children what side they took.

IN art this week we collected  information to identify the key features of Maya art and made comparisons between different artworks. We really enjoyed this session and were very proud of the uniqueness of our sketchbooks.

Well done on another great week Year 6.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

The Year 6 Team x



W/b 04.01.23

A short but fantastic start to our new term and 2023 :-)

This week we started our next maths unit, which is centred around measurement. We were converting mm to cm and visa versa and linking our decimals knowledge to support of journals. 

In English we continued using The Unforgotten  Coat as our stimulus. We  really let loose and had some fun when we role played a scene from the book. It was a great session full of laughs and some great writing using the past progressive tense of verbs as well as abstract nouns. 

In PE the children started their hockey unit. They worked on holding the stick correctly, which didn't come naturally for some with the left hand being placed close to the top and the right hand further own the stick. They worked on how to dribble the ball with their head up and learned that the stick should not be lifted higher than their waist. How fantastic would it be to be able to enter into the next hockey competition :-)

We welcomed Ms Addy to the Year  classroom this week, she is completing some of her teacher training with us and will be with us until the end of the Spring term :-)

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

The Year 6 team x 

W/b 12.12.22

WOW Year 6 that's it for 2022! Every week so far this year has been jam packed and our final week of term was no different;-)

This week, we all braved the low temperatures and enjoyed many Christmas activities in school.

We were so proud of our hard work in preparation for our KS2 performance and were overjoyed with the smiles and cheers from the audience. The children loved it and it meant even more to them because it was the final one of their primary school journey.  The atmosphere was infectious so a big thank you to everyone who came to watch the performances. We are so grateful for you support as always.

We enjoyed card making, calendar making, party games and dancing on Thursday and all well and truly got into the festive spirit. We weaved some learning into our week as well and to mention but a few lessons, we enjoyed music, Spanish and PE.

On Friday, the whole school and parents got together to celebrate the meaning of Christmas and hold our final celebration assembly. Thank to everyone who donated food for our chosen charity Teardrops, it will all go a long way to supporting families in need. 

Well done on all of your hard work this term Year 6, you really have set the standard high and we cannot wait to continue learning when we return in 2023. Enjoy your break, rest, make plenty of memories with loved ones and remember to be kind to yourself and others.

Wishing you a wonderful, festive period and Happy New Year. 

See you all in 2023 Year 6 :-)

The Year 6 team xx

W/b 05.12.22

Our penultimate week of the Autumn term has been full of festive fun :-)

Our decimal learning has continued in our maths lessons and we are now quite confident when solving problems involving adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing numbers with 2 decimal places. Our times tables knowledge as always supporting each step.

In Reading this week we have continued using Kensuke's Kingdom. We are enjoying this text making it that bit easier to practise our retrieval skills and deeper thinking skills. We are improving each day with our answering technique and starting to use our time wisely. We are looking forward to seeing what happens with Michael now.

In English we have been using The Unforgotten Coat as our stimulus. We were immediately hooked as the story involves some year Y6 children living in Liverpool. We were even more hooked when we realised it is in fact based on a true story and written by Frank Cottrell Boyce, a Liverpool author.

The lighting of our Wish Tree kicked off our festive fun this week and it was wonderful to see so many families coming along to join in with our singing. We also enjoyed watching a pantomime with the school, were lucky enough to watch the KS1 nativity performance and had a relaxing afternoon in our pjs sipping on hot chocolate and watching a movie. The children certainly deserve some down time after working so hard since September.

As always thank you all for your support and donations with our themed days of late, we are very grateful :-)

Have a great weekend everyone.

The Year 6 Team x

W/b 28.11.22

Another great week under our belts Year 6 :-)

This week we finished writing our newspaper report based around The Last Bear. The children produced some fantastic pieces of writing, carefully considering how they could change the tone from formal to informal, including ambitious vocabulary, passive voice and being mindful of writing in the correct tense at all times. We are extremely proud of the final pieces.

In DT we completed our playgrounds and WOW the efforts that went into these are something to be very proud of. The children worked phenomenally well despite the resources available to them. The were able to create landscape feature to accompany their structures and blew us away with how well they learned from one another, ensuring all features and structures were adequately supported. The were able to celebrate their leaning during this unit by producing some double spread pieces detailing their process from start to finish and including a constructive evaluation for themselves. We definitely have some engineers in the making.

In PE we were working with the Liverpool Harriers again and this week our learning objective was to be able to transfer a relay baton efficiently as part of a team. We had to first work on our position and place our bodies and  hands in a good position to receive the baton from our team members. This was certainly a challenging lesson but we worked hard throughout the entire lesson and all made some great progress.

Thank you to everyone who supported the Bingo this week, because of you we raised over £900 :-)

Have a great weekend :-)

The Year 6 Team x


W/b 21.11.22

That's the fourth week done and dusted year 6 :-)

In Maths, we have started our decimals unit and looked firstly at what we already know about decimals. It turns out we know more than we actually thought :-) We discussed how we use and see decimals in everyday life and how we can use our learning from our fractions unit to help us with our new learning involving decimals.

Our English learning this week came with some raw emotion, as we finished reading The Last Bear. We re-visited features of a newspaper report and working in pairs with identified as many examples of these features in a given text. Knowing what we needed to create an exciting yet informative newspaper report, we started writing the orientation of our report.

On Monday, the question on everyone's lips was 'Miss can we please watch the match?' Thankfully Mrs Holcroft had already taken this decision out of our hands and had a plan in place :-) Firstly, Mrs Dolman led an assembly where the children listened to information about the World Cup, its history, the process and the British values we can learn from a competitive sport. 1pm came, the big screen was down and the hall was alive with excitement as the whole school cheered on every touch of the ball. This was certainly an afternoon that most will remember for a long time :-)

On Friday, we enjoyed taking part in our sponsored circuits and had the pleasure of listening to Paralympic athlete, Rachel Latham. She delivered an assembly all about her achievements, her life and most importantly how not to give up! Rachel’s motto will hopefully guide some children to always try their best and never give up.

See you on Monday everyone, have a nice weekend.

The year 6 team x

W/b 14.11.22

 That's another great under our belt Year6, well done everyone :-)

In English we have been sorting facts from fiction, using a formal tone when writing a report and also looking at the various adverbs  available when trying to express possibility and frequency in our writing.  The reports produced by the children were fantastic :-)

In DT, we enjoyed our next lesson in our very exciting unit. We worked on perfecting our structures,  completing the remaining structures of our  playground apparatus, developing and testing them as we worked and we even managed to add some cladding. We supported one another throughout the lesson and we were able to use some ideas to help reinforce our structures. These completed playgrounds are going to blow you away when we get to the end of this unit.

In History we were learning about the role of women in Ancient Greece and comparing this with today. We also learned about social diversity of Ancient Greek civilizations and with our new learning we wrote our own account of life for women in ancient Greece. 

Our Science lessons this week explored how the adaption is suited to the environment and how this provides the organism with an advantage for survival. We looked at a number of plants and animals and discussed how how certain features allow plants and animals to survive. 

We finished our busy week by celebrating Children in Need with a wonderful assembly and a session where we let our creative juices flow when we designed a t-shirt to wear with pride for the remainder of the day. We had many discussions about how the last couple of years have been incredibly hard for children and young people. How living through Covid has caused feelings of anxiety, fear and hopelessness in too many children; and the challenges that children are facing and how we’re there for those who need us the most :-)

Enjoy the weekend everyone :-)

The Year 6 Team x

W/b 07.11.22

 We have had another lovely week in Year 6, with lots of new learning and some wonderful, fun activities.

We enjoyed another session with the LFC Foundation team and finished off our t-shirts. We were blown away by the creativity and teamwork witnessed during these sessions, well done everyone.

In Science this week we have been looking at inheritance and learning about inherited traits versus acquired traits. We looked at various animals and why they have changed and adapted over time in order to survive in their surroundings. 

In Maths we have continued with our Fractions unit and the confidence with multiplying fractions, and also converting mixed fractions to improper fractions and reducing fractions to simplest form all stood to us as we tackled dividing fractions this week. 

We also enjoyed a wonderful assembly led by the Year 5 children who reminded us of the importance of remembering those who have fought in war during the time of Remembrance.

It was lovely to see so many of you this week, it is always a joy to celebrate how well the children are doing so thank you for making it mums and dads :-)

Have a fantastic weekend everyone.

The Year 6 team x

W/b 31.10.22

 What a great start to the second half of our Autumn term Year 6 :-)

We started reading The Last Bear and have been using it as a stimulus for our English work. We looked at certain traits and characteristics that are needed when taking on challenges and wrote some wonderful character descriptions about the main character so far. We also created our won version of Bear Island and used some fantastic figurative phrases to describe the new place.

In Science we started our new unit, Evolution and Inheritance, and we enjoyed some fantastic discussions during our first lesson. We focused on studying fossils and evaluating what they tell us about how earth and different living things have changed over time. We looked at  sea-life fossils found on Mount Snowdon and the children decided that Mount Snowdon must have been under water at some point, perhaps sea-levels used to be much higher, or maybe even Mount Snowdon has moved. A fantastic lesson Year 6.

In Computing this week we were lucky enough to  have a team from Knowsley CLC in to teach our new unit. The children explored virtual reality (VR) and how it can be used in the classroom. The children also built their own VR world and took on the role as reviewers. What a great day!

We also enjoyed another great session with LFC, where we made a start on our t-shirts :-) We cannot wait for our next session.

Enjoy the fireworks and bonfires this weekend and remember to stay safe everyone.

The Year 6 Team x

W/b 17.10.22

Year 6 have been amazing this week :-)

The children enjoyed their last swimming session of the half term and learned all about staying safe when in the water. They learned about the various flags that might be seen on the beach, what to do in case they encounter someone in trouble in the water and even put their new knowledge and skills to test in the pool by role playing some tricky situations. Well done everyone :-)

In English we finished up our unit based around the wonderful book The Arrival. The children wrote some fantastic narratives about how their character had to make the difficult decision to leave his family in search of a better life for everyone. We used some excellent extended metaphors in our writing.

In Science, we completed our unit on the Circulatory System by using our knowledge learnt in earlier lessons to apply them to case studies. The children helped to work out what had caused the conditions in each case study and explained what the complications might be. 

We also took part in a very informative assembly led by Mrs Dolman this week, where we came together to celebrate what we had learned about our significant person for Black History Month. We researched Nicola Adams and we were all extremely impressed with all she has achieved in her career. She is certainly a role model for us all to look up to.

We are so proud of your efforts this half term Year 6, now go and enjoy a well-deserved rest.

Have an amazing half term break everyone.

The Year 6 team xx

W/b 10.10.22

 We have enjoyed another great week in Year 6 this week :-)

The children had another great session in the pool and we are so proud of the progress they have made during this half term. Next week, we will be taking part in some water safety, a very important lesson for all the children to take part in. 

In maths, we have started our fractions unit.  We have been building on prior knowledge,  finding equivalent fractions, identifying the common factors of the numerator and denominator in order to simplify it. We are seeing how important it is to concentrate on dividing accurately.  Times Tables knowledge is everything :-)

October is when the UK celebrate Black History Month and Year 6 has been looking at the Story Of  Ruby Bridge. We looked at how brave she was as a 6 year old and discussed the importance of treating everyone with respect. We were very proud of the maturity and empathy shown by the children.

In computing, we looked at whether you could have an addiction to technology and what the possible consequences of being addicted or overusing technology  might be. We came up many consequences such as the person becomes isolated, lack of social skills, an unhealthy diet, lack of sleep, mood swings which can impact our relationships with our family and friends and the fact that spending too much time on technology means you do not have time to exercise and remain fit and healthy. 

Year 6 worked hard in their PE lesson! They worked on running at pace when trying to dribble past a defender and identifying which shooting technique would be successful. ⚽️

Only one more week before everyone gets a well deserved break :-)

See you all on Monday Year 6.

The Year 6 team x


W/b 03.10.22

This week in maths we have been further developing our skills to identify common multiples as well as using multiplication and division to identify common factors and the highest common factor of a set of numbers. Our times tables as always have been supporting us with our lessons this week.

In Geography this week we looked at the human and physical features of an area in North America and all the aspects investigated during our local fieldwork lesson to make comparisons and differences between places. We discussed where we would prefer to live, supporting our decisions using geographical reasoning.

In Spanish this week we have been revisiting personal information question and answers, and extended feelings. We have also looked at key daily routine phrases and have even written a sequence of daily routine phrases to converse with our peers. Bien hecho todos :-)

We have continued using The Arrival as our English stimulus this week and the children have produced some fantastic sentences. They have been working on using the passive voice to create a more formal tone and thinking carefully about their verb choices.

Another great week Year 6, well done everyone :-)

Have a lovely weekend :-)

The Year 6 Team  x

W/b 26.09.22

This week in English we have been using The Arrival, by Shaun Tan. In the absence of words we have looked closely at the images and taken on our own interpretation. We have looked closely at the world around us and used this to help us put the story into our own words using verbs and adjectives to help depict atmosphere.

In Geography, the children carried out a fieldwork study of their local area. They looked at climate, human and physical features, weather, plants and animals, facilities and carrying out surveys. Upon their return to school they wrote up a fieldwork report.

Science this week was one where we looked at the what components make up blood and we learned that each one has its own important role to carry out. We then used some edible ingredients to make our own version of blood. Many children thought of themselves as vampires and guzzled the 'blood'. 

This week we have been working with Adam from KABs again and are all very excited about the roles we have been given. We cannot wait to work with the other children on the KS2 playground and the children on the KS1 playground.

Have a lovely weekend everyone :-)

The Year 6 Team x

W/b 19.09.22

We have enjoyed a wonderful week in Year 6 :-) The highlight for most was meeting Thomas and listening to his  story. We used his story to discuss the positive and negative impacts of human behaviours on our world and explored the importance of sustainability on the world around us. The children enjoyed a workshop with Thomas concentrating on expanding vocabulary and  verbally discussing ideas that could transfer into their writing. They finished the session by using a green screen to ignite their imaginations placing them in the thick of the rainforest with a gorilla.

Check out Green Screen app by Do Ink for some fun at home ;-) 

In art we continued with our engaging Photography unit and this week we discussed how artists use photography to record and observe. We composed a close-up photograph of a natural form and made decisions about cropping, editing and presenting photographic images  in the style of Edward Weston. The results were simply outstanding :-)

In maths this week we were dividing 3-digit and 4-digit numbers by 2-digit numbers using a variety of methods, including number bonds and long division. We looked at how repeated addition and partitioning can in fact support us when finding the multiples of two digit numbers. Our times knowledge, as always helped us out.

We hope you all enjoy your weekend :-)

The Year 6 Team x

W/b 12.09.22

In maths this week we have been creating and solving expressions involving brackets, multiplication, division, addition and subtraction as well as  multiplying 3-digit and 4-digit numbers by 2-digit numbers using number bonds and column multiplication as the key methods.  Despite this new maths skills creating some obstacles for the children they worked extremely hard to master them.

Our English this week continued to be linked to Leon and the Place Between and the childern have worked impressively hard to write a narrative using a range of devices to build cohesion within and across paragraphs. They have also been working on integrating dialogue to convey characters and advance the action, and the evidence of this in their final pieces was wonderful to see.

In Art this week we enjoyed learning all about photomontage, looking at artists linked to this style and then using it as inspiration for our own work. The children considered tone and composition when creating their photomontage.

This week we have been promoting a democratic classroom which engages students in living democratically by promoting values such as inclusion, voice, representation, and participation and Year 6  practised this by holding a number of votes for some important roles within our classroom and school.

Well done on another great week Year 6 :-)

Have a wonderful weekend, see you all on Tuesday.

The Year 6 team x

W/b 05.09.22

Year 6, this has been a fantastic start to our new school year and I am so impressed with you all, you really are everything we've expected of our Year 6s so far :-)

To help immerse ourselves into the circus world ahead of our English focus, we took part in a fantastic circus skills session. We worked on the fundamental skills of movement, co-ordination and balance in the most fun filled environment.

In our English lessons this week we have been looking at sentence types, using these to create our own advert, as well as using persuasive language and correct tenses to write an effective review. 

Maths has allowed us to look at our prior place value knowledge and use this to build upon our learning, looking at numbers up to 10,000,000. We have also mastered how to round numbers regardless of how many digits are involved.

Our topic for Geography this half term is all about The Americas and the children have been using maps to locate countries and capital cities in North and South America. Take a look at twitter and dojo for the song they've learned.

The highlight of the week for many has been our first trip to the pool. The children loved their session and I cannot wait to see how much progress they all make during this half term.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone :-)

The Year 6 team x

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