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School-Led Tutoring was introduced as part of the National Tutoring Programme in 2021/22. Eligible state-funded schools and academy trusts received a ring-fenced grant to source their own tutoring provision for disadvantaged and vulnerable pupils who have missed the most education due to COVID-19.

Tutoring can have a positive impact on pupils’ academic progress. Evidence suggests that, compared to their peers who do not receive tuition, pupils who receive small group tuition may make, on average, 4 months additional progress and pupils who receive one-to-one tuition may make, on average, 5 months additional progress. This is likely linked to pupils receiving more feedback, being more engaged and completing work tailored to their specific needs.

There are three routes to take advantage of the funding available through the National Tutoring Programme:

Route 1 – Tuition Partners;

Route 2 – Academic Mentors; and

Route 3 – School-Led Tutoring.

There is an expectation that schools prioritise disadvantaged or vulnerable pupils for tutoring.

Funding and Payments

At Grange Valley Primary School, we have engaged in both Tuition Partners and more recently School-Led Tutoring.

Since 2021/2022, we have partnered with the FFT and introduced the Lightening Squad programme. The programme ran for 6 weeks and targets children who have fallen behind with their reading during the pandemic. Initially for 30 pupils the programme cost £8,250, school received 70% subsidy from the NTP and paid £2,475 towards the cost.

This academic year 2022/2023, We felt our staff were best placed to support the children they teach.

Grange Valley will receive  £6,642 to support tutoring this year. This should represent 75% of the cost of tutoring. We will use Pupil Premium to subsidise the remainder of the tuition.

The total cost of Grange Valley’s School-Led Tutoring is £8,856

With £8,856 available for tuition, Grange Valley will be able to deliver 290 hours of tuition. From January to June, we will have 1 full time tutor available to offer tuition to identified children.

Tuition Programme

The tuition itself will be arranged as follows:

  • Small group tutoring (3 children per group) or 1-1 tutoring
  • Children from all year groups (Y1-Y6) will be considered for tuition.
  • Each group aims to include at least two pupil premium/SEND children.
  • 5 children will be selected initially (through consultation with teachers, Inclusion lead, DSL and SENDCO) 
  • Tutoring will focus on English or Maths fluency – with a priority on addressing gaps in learning and receiving high-quality feedback
  • Sessions of tutoring will take place this academic year, starting in Spring 1.
  • Tutoring will take place before during and after school and will be at varying times so children don’t miss particular lessons.
  • If your child has been selected for the tutoring, you will be informed via a phone call/conversation from your child’s class teacher