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General Data Protection Regulation

Data protection rules across Europe are about to see their biggest overhaul in 20 years. A lot has changed since the existing data protection laws and regulations were created in the 1990s. As a society, we’re creating vast amounts of digital information each day and the laws that govern our personal info are no longer fit for purpose.

The result is the mutually agreed European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which will come into force on May 25 2018. It will change how businesses, public sector organisations and schools can handle the information of their customers or in schools its parents, children and staff.

What are your rights?

  • we are required to ask your consent to use the data that we hold on your child
  • you have the right to withdraw that consent
  • you have the right to be informed – all schools must be transparent in how they are using personal data
  • you have the right to data portability – this allows individuals to retain and reuse their personal data for their own purpose
  • you have the right to object – in some circumstances, individuals are entitled to object to their personal data being used
  • you have the right to rectification of incorrect or incomplete data and a duty to ensure we are informed if any information changes– giving individuals the right to rectify personal data
  • you have the right to erasure – often referred to the right to be forgotten

How is school data used?

The document on this page outline the important information for staff, students and parents relating to how we use the data we collect.


Grange Valley’s DPO is HY Professional Services  who can be contacted by phone on 0161 804 1144 or by email at