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Welcome to Year 5 

 Mrs Kruze's Class  

We have officially finished Year5!
What an amazing year it has been. Thank you, parents and carers, for all of your support throughout the year. Your children are a credit to you and we have had a fantastic year together! 

I hope you all have a fantastic summer making lots of memories!

See you when you're in Year 6!

WB 11.8.2022

 This was was our second to last week of Year 5! The highlight of our week was definitely our class trip to Liverpool! First, we went to the Maritime Museum where we enjoyed an International Slavery Museum Highlights tour. Year 5 were extremely interested in all that they learnt, they asked insightful questions and demonstrated wonderful empathy and respect towards others.

Next, we went for lunch on the docks! Here, we discussed trade, import and export  linked to our migration and immigration. We couldn't believe how Liverpool is such a hub for this kind of trade! 

After that, we enjoyed a visit to the Museum of Liverpool. Here, we were able to re-visit our knowledge of the Blitz and the impact of this on Liverpool and also take a look at the football and music sections of the museum, which we all loved!

Year 5's behaviour was absolutely fantastic - so much so that members of the public AND other schools commented on how amazing they were. As you can imagine, Mrs Kruze was beaming with pride!

I can't believe that next week is our final week of Year 5. What a year it has been!

Have a lovely (hot) weekend, 

Mrs Kruze 

WB 4.7.2022

What a great week it has been!

This week, our Key Stage 2 classes took part in a ‘play in a day’ where they each prepared and performed a section of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Wow! We were blown away by the confidence of our children and to see them reciting Shakespeare on the stage was a joy to see! We saw children shine like never before- what a fantastic opportunity! A huge well done to everyone! ⭐️✨

Year 5 loved taking ownership of their new Year 6 planting area this week. They dug up weeds, swept the floors, tidied out the greenhouse and planted new plants. They even chose to continue through their dinner time! It was so lovely to see everyone contributing to our school environment and taking pride in what will soon be theirs! 

Have a lovely weekend, everyone,

Mrs Kruze 

WB 20.6.2022

It's been a fantastic week in Year 5! We absolutely loved taking part in our sponsored PTFA event - the colour run! We loved running into the rainbow of colours and some of us even completed 2 laps around the field! We will update you with how much we have raised shortly!

We enjoyed our second transition session this week. We are really enjoying getting to know Miss Whelan in readiness for next year and we are having lots of fun preparing work for our new classroom! We are so excited to be amazing role models for the rest of the school! 

Have a lovely weekend, 

Mrs Kruze 

WB 20.6.2022

What an amazing week we've had! We have shared two very special occasions this week. First, we were finally able to enjoy our Children's University celebration at Liverpool Hope University. A huge congratulations to all of our graduates! Well done everyone!

Another fantastic highlight of our week was our whole school Sports Day! It has been a number of years since we have been able to enjoy this event together. Our class competed in the sprint, the obstacle course and the tug of war. All children demonstrated fantastic sportsmanship, great team spirit and had the best time! A huge well done to Blue team who won overall!

Have a great weekend everyone, 

Mrs Kruze 

WB 13.6.2022

It’s been a very busy week in Year 5 this week! Mrs Dolman shared our school history with some of us this week. We can’t believe that we’ve got old headteachers’ logbooks dating back to the war. We can see how many times school has closed and what makes up our DNA at Grange Valley! I wonder if you have any family members who attended our school many years ago…

We enjoyed our session with Tommy from KABS. Tommy spoke to us about the application process to become a play leader, we then played some games which we will be able to play with other year groups within school.

We have been working really hard creating their own examples of pixel art for our new computing unit Mars Rover 2.
The children have been learning all about how data and images are sent from the Mars Rover back to Earth.

On Friday, we had a special visitor from Dogs Trust. We loved learning about how to stay safe around dogs.
Well done Year 5

WB 6.6.2022

The highlight of our first week back was definitely our Party on the Playground Platinum Jubilee Celebration! We played garden games (including archery and javelin), we enjoyed creating our own scarecrow as part of the scarecrow competition and we thoroughly enjoyed our dance workshop where we explored the dance of the 80s! 

For our scarecrow competition entry, we decided to create a class Prime Minister. We thought about what qualities we'd like in our Prime Minister and off we went to create him! 

We had a royal party lunch all together in the hall and we loved looking at the bake off and crown making competition entries!

Overall, it was a super day and definitely one that we will remember forever! 

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Kruze  

WB 23.5.2022

It's been a fantastic end to the half term. The higlight of our week was definitely seeing our butterflies emerge and setting them free into the wild! We have loved watching them grow and we are very proud of our butterfly babies! 

Thank you to our parents and carers for visiting our class for our Cultural Diversity workshop! We hope you enjoyed our Aboriginal stories! It was lovely to have you in class with the children. 

Thank you for all of your support over this half term. It's been a great one!

Have a lovely week off, 

Mrs Kruze 

WB 16.5.2022

What a great week we've had this week! 

This week saw the success of our Art Exhibition in the hall. Year 5 loved viewing their work in the art gallery! They are so proud of their finished pieces!

Year 5 loved their African drumming workshop! It kick-started our cultural diversity week off brilliantly. Year 5 then used the glockenspiels to create their own compositions based upon the beats and rhythms from the drumming session.

In Geography, we the positive and negative impacts of tourism around mountain ranges. We engaged in great discussion and debate and were able to articulate our views with success.

 Don't forget to keep up to date with what we are doing on our school Twitter account!


WB 9.5.2022

It's been another fantastic week in Year 5! 

Much of our focus this week has been on preparing our artwork for our Cultural Diversity Art Exhibition. First, we created a background for our pieces using brusho paints. We had to choose complimentary colours that suited the theme of our art. We tried and tested different techniques to get a smooth blend and make our colours almost 'dreamlike'. Then we created designs for our dreamcatchers based upon Mandala patterns. Traditionally, a mandala is a geometric design or pattern that represents the cosmos or deities in various heavenly worlds. After this, we used a range of pens to create effects on our Mandala patterns. Finally, we created our feathers using paint and paintbrushes. We used different paints to highlight the various areas of the feather to get the texture just right. 

We have worked hard to create stunning pieces and we can't wait to showcase them at the exhibition!

WB 3.5.2022

Wow this week has flown by! 

In Maths, we have continued our work on angles. We are becoming more and more confident when drawing angles accurately and most of us can now read angles accurately using a protractor, as well as calculating the values of missing angles. Keep up the good work, everyone! 

In art, we 5 have been looking at the vibrant work of Brazillian artist, Beatriz Milhazes. We looked at the circular patterns and discussed what we thought about her artwork. We then created a sketchbook page of ideas using a mixture or paints, oil pastels and POSCA pens

As part of our Jubilee celebration preparations, we wrote letters to the Queen which we are going to send to her. We can't wait to get a response from her! We were also given some caterpillars to take care of! We hope that they will be ready in time to be released at our Afternoon Tea celebration as a symbol of hope for the future!

Well done everyone - another fantastic week!

Mrs Kruze 

WB 25.4.2022

What a fantastic week we've had this week! In Geography, we learnt that on more detailed maps, contour lines are used to link areas of ground which are the same height above sea level. Usually, these are shown in 5 or 10m intervals depending on the level of detail the map shows. The closer the lines are together, the steeper the slope will be. The more spaced apart they are, the more gentle the slope. We had great fun making our own contour lines on our potato mountains then drawing these as a contour map! 

In Science, we explored air resistance and were given the challenge to design the best paper aeroplane. We made paper aeroplanes then in small groups, we investigated whose plane is the best.

We also loved our art lesson exploring the work of Beatriz Milhazes. We are so inspired by the bright, inspiration colours she uses!

Have a lovely weekend everyone,

Mrs Kruze

WB 19.4.2022

It's been a lovely week this week and it feels like summer has really started! We have started a new unit in English, based upon Neil Gaiman's The Sleeper & The Spindle. We have loved making comparisons between this text and other well-known fairy tales. Already, we have produced some fantastic writing outcomes, ensuring that we use relatives in reporting clauses and a range of descriptive techniques. 

In Maths, we have started our work on percentages. We have loved making links between percentages, fractions and decimals and our understanding has been fantastic so far!

In Science, we enjoyed investigating the force of gravity. We found out that Isaac Newton coined the theory of gravity but he didn't actually create gravity! We undertook an investigation and enjoyed using our measuring skills then we presented our data on a line graph. 

Overall, it has been a fantastic week! Well done, everyone! Keep up the hard work!

WB 28.3.2022

This week, representatives from our class participated in the Primary Quiz at Outwood Academy. The children blew everyone away with their manners, collaborative skills and general knowledge. To make the quiz even better, we won! Well done to everyone involved!

In Science, Year 5 created presentations to tell others all about the negative impact of deforestation and how we, as humans, can make a difference. They were amazing and I am sure if you ask your child, they will tell you all about their pledge! 

Have a lovely half term,

See you in Summer! 

WB 14.3.2022

We've been treated with some beautiful weather this week! 

A highlight of our week was walking to Haydock Library for our WWII session. Year 5 enjoyed learning about the process of evacuation and learned more about the experiences of local evacuees. The children enjoyed looking at the contents of an evacuee’s suitcase. To help contextualise their learning, Year 5 enjoyed listening to an extract of Goodnight Mr Tom by Michelle McGorian. This allowed us to gain deeper insight into an evacuee’s experience through the character of Willy.

Have a lovely weekend, 

Mrs Kruze 

WB 14.3.2022

This week has been British Science Week. The theme this year is growth. Year 5 enjoyed an assembly where we reinforced the idea that we are all scientists! We ask questions, we are inquisitive, we make predictions and we love to learn more about the world. 

We enjoyed a Science session led by the staff at Outwood Academy. The strand of Science that Year 5 focused on was Physics. We enjoyed exploring electricity and we looked at voltage, circuits and circuit symbols. 

WB 7.3.2022

Year 5 have thoroughly enjoyed their 'World of Work Week.' 

They enjoyed a visit from a range of visitors who inspired us to work hard and strive for success!

In DT, Year 5 enjoyed making bridge structures. They had to ensure that they were strong enough to support the bridge and enjoyed working collaboratively in groups. 

Some of our girls represented our class in the football competition. They did a fantastic job- their behaviour was fantastic, they worked as a team and they were wonderful representatives of the school! Well done girls!

During our Picture News session, the children discussed how in Kabul, girls cannot go to high school. They gave lots of insightful discussions and responded very maturely.

Overall, it has been a great week.

Enjoy your weekend!

Mrs Kruze 

WB 28.2.2022 

The highlight of our week has definitely been World Book Day!

Children fully immersed themselves into their love of reading for the day! Our day started with a whole school assembly where our teachers dressed up as crayons from The Day The Crayons Quit! Everyone loved laughing along with the stories and seeing our teachers act it out.

We loved dressing up as our favourite book characters and finding out which book our friends were from. 

Take a look at our Book in The Box entries! We even had a winner from our class!

We loved our WWI visit to Haydock Library. During the visit, we were able to look at propaganda, artefacts from World War 1 and also read a chapter of Michael Mopurgo's Private Peaceful. We can't wait to go back for our WWII visit!

Have a great weekend,

Mrs Kruze

WB 21.2.2022

 It's been a fantastic start to our second Spring term! 

This week, Year 5 have amazed me with their home learning projects which were all about War in Britain! It was clear to see how much time and effort went into these over half term. It was also clear how much the children enjoyed immersing themselves into their new history topic! Well done everyone!

We started our new history unit, Britain at War, by taking a look at a selection of wars that Britain have been in in the past. Year 5 began to learn about Britain at war and used their previous knowledge and different sources to help them to order the wars on a timeline. I was so impressed the children could recall their knowledge of Florence Nightingale from Year 2 to help them place the Crimean War. Thomas W even remembered the years it took place! 

In English, we have started our new unit on explanation texts. We explored the features of explanation texts and payed close attention to subject-specific vocabulary such as air raid, Luftwaffe, allies and axis. It was great to see Year 5 looking deeper into this vocabulary and using it in their writing!

We have lots of exciting things coming up over the next few weeks! Make sure that you check our dojo to keep up with upcoming events!

Have a lovely weekend, 

Mrs Kruze 

WB 7.2.2022

This week has been wellbeing week. 
Year 5 have taken part in Move it Monday, Teamwork Tuesday, Wow Wednesday, Thoughtful Thursday and Feel Good Friday. They have loved engaging in our mindful maze around school and our classroom has been such a  joyful, positive environment. 

Year 5 have taken part in an online mental health workshop, a Safer Internet Day virtual workshop and also a virtual author visit with Author Adam Hills. Wow what a week! 

This half term has been an absolute progress. Everyone has made so much progress, had lots of fun and have loved being in school!

Have a wonderful half term. 

Mrs Kruze 

WB 31.1.2022

This week was National Storytelling Week. Year 5 have loved immersing themselves in a range of stories and discussing authors that we like! Year 5 enjoyed their bedtime reading event where we read the first chapter of Chris Smith's new novel Frankie Best Hates Quest and collated some questions that we can ask Chris Smith when we have our virtual author visit!
Year 5 enjoyed a storytelling session with Wargrave where we got to listen to their teacher share a story and we shared one back! 

Overall, it has been a lovely week. 
Enjoy your weekend, 

Mrs Kruze 

WB 24.01.2022

It's been another great week in Year 5! Year 5 loved their Science lesson this week. We conducted an investigation that allowed us to see whether
a chemical change has occurred and then discussed whether these were irreversible or reversible changes.

In English, Year 5 immersed themselves into a new text, 'The Promise' by Nicola Davies. We explored the darkness of the first few pages and considered what we observed, wondered and inferred about the first part of the book. We can't wait to see what happens next! 

In PE, we enjoyed another Health Related Fitness session. This session included burpees, thrusters and holding planks. All of these exercises ensured that our hearts were pumping and doing its job!

The highlight of our week was definitely attending Crucial Crew. Crucial Crew is an innovative and interactive way of delivering health and well-being messages to Year 5 children in preparation for their migration to secondary school. The event encourages model behaviour and good citizenship through active participation in a range of health and safety scenarios. Professionals from the emergency services and local agencies will instruct your children on matters that will teach community values and could save lives.

At the event, we learn how to

  • Become more aware of personal safety 
  • Make a contribution to crime prevention 
  • Avoid being a victim of crime 
  • Know what to do in an emergency 
  • Foster good citizenship 
  • Actively contribute to our own health

The children's behaviour was absolutely fantastic. I was so proud of everyone!

Well done to all - another brilliant week!

Have a great weekend! 

Mrs Kruze 

WB 17.01.2022

Year 5 enjoyed their session with Catch 22 this week. The session reinforced the importance of staying safe online, ensuring that they raise anything that may make them feel worried and making sure that the apps that they use are age appropriate and fun. 

In Geography, Year 5 loved learning which rainforest plants and animals live in each layer of the rainforest and why this layer would be a good place for their habitat. 

Year 5 have been working extremely hard in Maths, learning how to change the denominator to compare fractions and then order them from greatest to smallest and visa versa. 

Overall, it has been a fantastic week, filled with lots of learning and lots of fun!

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Kruze 

WB 10.1.2022

It's been another great week in Year 5! We have enjoyed creating our own rainforest creature and have used a range of techniques such as technical vocabulary, expanded noun phrases and relative clauses to describe them. Next week, we will write a non-chronological report all about our creature. 

In Computing, we started a new unit 'We Are Youtubers.' The children absolutely loved it and I'm sure that you can see why! The children enjoyed using 'book creator' to record their Computing work.

In Dance, we started our unit on 'Dance Through the Ages.' We are working through the decades to find out about different dance styles from different eras. 

Next week, we have another visit from Catch 22. We are looking forward to it!

Have a lovely weekend, 

Mrs Kruze 

WB 5.1.2022

 Welcome back everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a very happy new year! We have started this year off with a bang! Year 5 have worked hard to simplify fractions and convert improper fractions to mixed numbers in Maths. 

In Art, we have enjoyed learning about the artist Andy Warhol and we have started to learn about his style of art 'Pop Art.' 

Year 5 have fully immersed themselves into their new Geography unit 'Rainforests' and loved learning all about the locations of the rainforests, the equator and the definitions of 'climate' and 'weather.'

I am so proud of the work that you have produced this week! Keep up the good work everyone!
Have a lovely weekend, 

Mrs Kruze 

WB 13.12.2021

It's been a brilliant end to a wonderfully festive half term! 

The children loved all of the Christmas activities, from our Christmas movie afternoon to their party day in class! We made cards, calendars and reflected on our first term in Year 5. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year. 

Have a lovely break! 

Mrs Kruze 

WB 6.12.2021

Year 5 have had a fantastic week! The highlights of the week were definitely the puppet show, Christmas Jumper Day, Christmas dinner day and our Liverpool Foundation animal visit linked to our chosen charity.

Year 5 enjoyed investigating separating materials in Science. They conducted their own investigation and were able to choose whether to use a sieve, magnets or filter paper. 

Have a lovely weekend, 

Mrs Kruze

WB 22.11.2021

It's been another great week in Year 5! This week, we started to celebrate Advent. We enjoyed a special assembly with Mr Swann who reminded us how we should make peace with others during the time of advent. We enjoyed creating Advent promises. Year 5 have promised to do something every day that will make a positive impact on others during advent. We have also decided to start our mornings off with a gratitude exercise. So far, this has been a lovely start to our mornings.

Have a lovely weekend, 
Mrs Kruze 

WB 22.11.2021

Wow these weeks are flying by! We've had such a fun week in Year 5. One highlight of our week was definitely seasonal food tasting for our DT unit. The children tried asparagus, beetroot, fig, kale, tangerine, sprouts and pomegranate! There were some mixed responses but I was so proud that everyone at least had a little taste! I was even more pleased when some children said that they had found new, seasonal foods that they enjoyed and wanted to eat again!

Another highlight of the week was our LFC Community session. During this session, Year 5 designed and created bird feeders. This was an activity that they chose to do themselves to add to our community and encourage more wildlife in our local area. We can't wait to see if the birds have eaten all of the food on Monday!

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Kruze 

WB 15.11.2021

Year 5 have been superstars this week! They have mastered long multiplication with ease and each morning, they are eager to show me what calculations they have done at home themselves! 

In History, we explored how historical evidence can alter a viewpoint of a certain group of people. We explored accounts of the Viking raid of Lindisfarne. We learnt that we have been left with such critical accounts of the early Viking raids because most of the accounts were written by the only people who did most of the writing, the very monks who suffered from the raids.

We then learned that the Vikings were here a long time after these raids and what they did later has altered our opinions of them. We also started our class novel which is linked to our current history unit. The children have loved to see links between the fictional novel and the historical evidence provided! 

Have a lovely weekend, 
Mrs Kruze 

WB 8.11.2021

This week, we took time to remember those who have lost their lives in war before us. Year 5 held a special Remembrance assembly for the whole school and also sent a video home for parents to watch. Year 5 recited poetry, sang beautifully and showed great respect for Remembrance Day. Year 5 left some 'hands of hope' around the school grounds, to encourage the people in our community to remember those who have fallen before us. 

At 11am, our school community came together, along with Mrs Holcroft and Mrs Mavers to place a class wreath at our Grange Valley tree.

You can watch our Remembrance Assembly here: 


Have a great weekend, 

Mrs Kruze 


WB 1.11.2021 

What an excellent start to our Autumn 2 half term. 

We enjoyed our PE sessions this week, in Dance and Gymnastics. We are really excited to work on our skills in these areas!

In Science, we investigated the properties of materials and sorted them using carroll and venn diagrams. We also enjoyed learning about where the Vikings came from, where and why they invaded and settled in the UK and where their homeland was. 

Keep up the good work everyone!

Mrs Kruze 

W/B 18.10.2021

The highlight of our week was definitely our Barn Dance PTFA event! The children loved dressing up, singing and dancing together and having a great time! Some pictures of this event are below. We will let you know how much money was raised shortly!

It was brilliant to speak to you all at Parents Evening and to celebrate your children's successes. They have made brilliant progress and this half term has been a pleasure! 

Thank you everyone for a lovely half term. Enjoy your break!

Mrs Kruze

W/B 11.10.2021

This week, Year 5 were given the challenge to learn all about Nelson Mandela. They learned that he was born in 1918 in South Africa and he died in 2013. He led a very important fight against the apartheid, which was the separation and unfair treatment of Black people by White people. 

Year 5 have created artwork based on Nelson Mandela and have also explored the ideas of justice and freedom linked to the apartheid in their English poetry work. 

Next week, Year 5 will represent him in a whole school assembly and other classes will share their knowledge of their studied individual. The school will vote on who they think made the biggest impact on the world. 

I can't wait to see who wins!

Mrs Kruze 


W/B 4.10.21

Year 5 have had a fantastic week this week! In English, we have learnt all about Haiku and Senryu poems. We discovered the features of both Haikus and Senrys and found that they are quite similar, however they both have different subject matters. We created some fantastic poems, ensuring that our syllable counts were correct and we tried hard to include metaphors and precise synonyms for words. 

In PHSE this week, we discussed rules and consequences, linking these to the Rights of the Child from our previous lessons. 

Today, we had our whole school Learning Councils debate. We split into groups and debated the question: Is the UK welcoming? I was so proud to hear Year 5's responses and their attitude towards helping the younger ones was superb! Keep it up!

It's been a lovely week. I'm looking forward to seeing what the next two weeks have in store for us! 

Have a great weekend, 

Mrs Kruze 

W/B 27.9.21

It's been another brilliant week in Year 5! In Science, we have continued our learning on Earth and Space. We learnt how the Earth spins on an axis, discussed how the other planets move around the sun and the length of time it takes for one rotation. We used globes and torches, to show the movement of the Earth around the Sun and the Moon around the Earth. Year 5 explained verbally how day and night occur and how the planets move around the Sun.

I have been amazed with Year 5's Maths work. We have consolidated our knowledge on formal methods of addition and subtraction. We have created our own word problems and have been able to explain our methods in words and draw in pictures. Keep up the good work Year 5!

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Kruze

W/B 20.9.21

Wow! This week has flown by! I have been so proud of Year 5's work this week. In RE, Year 5 learnt all about the story of Adam and Eve. We discussed whether we think that their consequence was fair or not. We also discussed whether God would have forgiven them if they demonstrated that they were sorry. 

We are enjoying our English writing unit so far. This week, we have added to our knowledge of time adverbials and adverbials of manner. Year 5 have made me so proud with these! Keep up the good work! 

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Kruze

W/B 13.9.21

It's been another great week in Year 5! This week, we started our geography unit: Marvellous Maps and Land Use. Our enquiry question is: How would you go about planning a trip in your local area? This week, we enjoyed using atlases, locating places of interest and using the key to help us. We also debated whether we should use atlases or google maps. There were lots of thing to consider such as practicality, affordability and ease!

This week, we voted for our School Council representative. Well done Riley - we know you will represent Year 5 wonderfully. 

Well done to everyone for another fantastic week of learning!

Mrs Kruze 

W/B 6.9.21

Wow! What a wonderful first week we've had in Year 5. We have had a great time getting to know each other and Year 5 have blown me away with their super work and wonderful respect. This week, our writing has focused on the British Value 'tolerance of those of other faiths and beliefs.' We based our writing around the book 'The Proudest Blue' by Ibtihaj Muhammad and Haten Aly. Year 5 produced some fantastic writing and they spoke about tolerance with such maturity. You have made me very proud this week. Keep it up! 

Have a lovely weekend, 

Mrs Kruze 

Summer Notices