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Welcome to Year 4-  Mr Miles' Class  

W/B 05.06.23

First week of the last half term!

On Thursday, half of the class celebrated graduating from children's university. They had a great day receiving their certificate. 

In Geography we have started our topic of the countries in Europe. In Year 4 we already have some experts who are superb at spotting the flags of Europe. This topic comes at a brilliant time as it links both to our Spanish and previous work on our class countries of Poland and Spain.

In English what a fun week we have had by investigating the story of 'Charlie and the Chocolate factory' by Roald Dahl. The children have watched the Old and new versions of the film, Ate weird and wonderful tasting sweets and chocolate just like Willy Wonka's chocolate factory.  

Stay safe in the sun and see you all on Monday. 

Year 4 Team

W/B 22.05.23

What a wonderful way to end such a busy fun-filled half term!

 This week, we have had a road safety assembly with our community support officers and road safety from St Helens Council. The officers are visiting to tell the children important information about road safety and the importance of looking for road signs in and around school.

In our Spanish lessons, we have been learning about about jungle animals. 

To finish the term off with our Summer Disco and the GV Eurovision Song Contest. Slightly later than the official Eurovision as we all wanted to enjoy it after a busy SATS week for year 2 and 4. I am super proud of all of the children performing in front of the whole school during assembly The Macarena. Year 4 performed so confidently and when the official results came in we found out WE HAD WON!

Have a great half term and I will see you all when we come back!

Mr Miles

W/B 15.05.23

It is certainly starting to feel like summer now. Playing on the field at playtimes and planting around school. 

In History we have been finishing our topic of Mining and we have delved deeper into the local area and specific mining disasters.

In English, the children have started reading the story Weslandia. In our writing we have been learning about personification, verbs and adverbs and how to write dialogue.

We have continued learning about time this week in our Maths lessons, looking at position and movement. 

In our whole school assembly on Monday we spoke about 'Walk to School Week' and the great importance this can have on our bodies, minds and environment, The children were reminder about how to cross the road safely. 

Have a great weekend everyone

Mr Miles

W/B 08.05.23

Year 4 have had a very musical week this week in the build up to Eurovision 2023 in Liverpool!

In Music, we listened to and sung 'Oh happy days'. We are starting to see a real change across the year 4 class as children want to develop both musically and culturally by investigating the origins of the chosen piece further.

We enjoyed a live link with schools around the UK and Ukraine to enjoy a School's Euroconcert with the British Council. The children listened to different songs and join in with classes all over. 

With the grand final of Eurovision happening in Liverpool this coming weekend. 

Year 4 took sometime to learn about the contest and watch our very nearer winner from last year. In school in a few weeks, we will be having our own mini Eurovision and Year 4 have chosen Spain as their country. We will learn about the country and language as well as performing The Macarena in a school assembly.

Year 4 had a visit from Elin, our schools well-being educational mental health practitioner. She talked to the children about our physical health but also our mental health. She talked about different emotions and how we can help each other with our mental health. The children learnt about square and hand breathing to help control their feelings. The children are used to talking about different feelings in our PATHs sessions in class and so they seem very comfortable to share experiences and feelings together. 

In English, the children have started their new book 'Westlandia'. We have made some initial predictions and created our own inference questions. The children have then delved deeper using dictionaries to pick out vocabulary and understand the meaning.

In Maths, we started our Geometry unit. This week, we learnt about comparing and ordering angles by their size.

I hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy the Eurovision celebrations if you are. 

Remember Walk to school 15th May to the 19th May.


W/B 1.5.23

What a week it has been!

In English, we have come to the end of our topic 'The Feast'. The children have wrote their own narratives based on the plot points of the short film. The ending has left children thinking about drastic action and how that impacts a story. 

In Maths, we learnt how to identify and measure different types of angles. The children have had a lot of fun measuring and spotting angles in and around the classroom. 

The children have had another visit from CLC in which they had fun designing their own games on the programmed app  SCRATCH. The children love the opportunities to show and develop their technology skills. 

The whole school finished off the week with celebrations of King Charles III's coronation. The children participated in a whole school assembly to celebrate the Best of British Music. Each class performed a song, Year 4 chose Tony Christies hit song 'Is this the way to Amarillo'. This song was a huge hit with the both children and staff singing along lead by Year 4. Amazing performances by everyone. Back in class we completed royal themed activities and wrote poems about what we would do if we were king for a day. 

Have a great weekend everyone.

W/B 24.04.23

We have been busy this week in Year 4!

In Maths, we have been continuing our learning about Area and Perimeter. This can be a tricky unit for the children but they are doing very well with their understanding. 

In English, we midway through our short film 'The Feast'. We have spent time thinking about emotions portrayed in the book and how these emotions fall in line with the plot points. 

In Science, we have been learning all about electricity. The children have been excited by the use of switches and have planned to make their own cycles of energy.

In History we have continued our Coal mining topic. The children have loved delving into local history in and around the mines of the North West. 

Reminders for next week

Friday 5th May - All children to come dressed in red, white or blue. 

Hope you have a great bank holiday weekend! See you on Tuesday

WB 17.04.23

 Welcome back! This week sees the beginning of our Summer term and the children have all worked very hard this week.

In English, the children have continued their work on 'The feast’' and are nearly half way through the plot points based on the textthe class are planned and wrote their own version of the story in the next coming weeks

In maths, children have been learning about Money. This has been a familiar recap with a big focus on problem solving and using our decimal skills. The children have began to move onto converting weight. 

In History,  we have started our new topic of mining this week. We looked at where in the Uk they are located, the purpose of a mine and every watched some British Pathé videos back from the 1930’s. 

In Spanish the children have been using their body parts knowledge to go to the doctors and start a conversation on their illnesses. 

Thank you for all of your hard work and perseverance this week Year 4!

Have a great weekend,

Mr Miles

Year 4 Residential! 
Year 4 have loved every minute of the last two days.

Day 1~
It started with the children assembling their own tents. The children then made their beds and had some fun games after a chippy tea. As darkness fell the children sat around a cozy campfire and ate s’mores and drank hot chocolate. The children then returned to their tents for a needed night sleep as tomorrow would be a busy day

Day 2~
The children woke up with excitement nice and early and took part in some morning mindfulness and calming activities. They then took down their tent and returned all the equipment. This led us to a delicious breakfast which arrived at our door! The children then had one of ‘the best afternoons ever’. They rotated around a series of activities starting with Bumper Zorb balls and continuing onto Archery. The children then had some lunch and scaled the rock climbing wall. It was huge we have some very brave children in Year 4! After the climbing wall it was time to say goodbye and the children backs packed back up return home for the weekend. 

W/C 27.03.23

What a brilliant final week of Spring term 2!

This week the children have worked really hard and shown some great progress in lots of topics.

In English we continued our work on 'The Feast'. The children completed work based on alliteration, similes and adjectives.

In maths, we continued our work on money. We have focused specifically on wording problems and will continue with this topic after the Easter holidays. .

In design technology children made their very own pavilions based on their learning throughout the term. It was great to see the class showing so much resilience especially when their towers didn't stand at first.

In Spanish, children have continued learning about body part nouns, specifically looking at how to describe what we have using the appropriate noun. 

In computing we have learned about conservation and wildlife. The children have looked at different types of information forms to make presentations on a chosen animal

In science, we have continued our topic of solids liquids and gasses. This week, we have continued our focus on the properties of materials 

We also had a fantastic author visit this week. Author Mark Sanders and his dog Bandit visited us. He read Monty and the land of Dinodogs.

I am really proud of how hard everyone has worked in our Spring term.

Have a great Easter break and I look forward to seeing you all in the Summer term.

Mr Miles

W/C 20.03.23

What a brilliant week Year 4!

In English, we have continued our work based on 'Odd and the Frost Giants' and focused on relative clauses and 'setting the scene'. The children are really enjoying this unit of work!

In maths, we have continued to explore decimals. We enjoyed comparing and ordering the decimals. 

For this weeks Geography, we looked into dams weighing up the advantages and disadvantages of building them. 


In computing we have been using the Ipad's to understand how fake news can affect the flow of information.

We also had a visit from The Plumber Drummer who performed using drain pipes and flipflops!

It's been a busy week! Well done Year 4!

WB 13.3.23

This week we continued our brilliant English text 'Odd and the Frost Giants' The children have been working so hard using text specific language to write booklets and character information sheets. We used a range of conjunctions to add extra detail, adverbials and expanded noun phrases.  The children have loved the themes across this text including the inclusion of Gods.  

In Maths, we have been exploring decimals. The children have also been retrieving some of their previous work all about place valve which includes dividing by 10 and 100.

In Geography, we continued journey exploring rivers. The children confidently identified the features of local and global rivers. The children also researched further into what are the uses of a river tapping back into our History work on the River Nile.

This week was of course British Science week, we have continued looking at states of matter. This week, we used all our previous learning in the Spring term to create and record our findings to find  the viscosity of a liquid, The children wrote their predictions and made observations. 

We also had our parents evening this week. It was so lovely to share our workbooks with families and for them to hear how amazing we are doing in class!

Have a lovely weekend everybody,

Year 4 team 

W/B 06.03.23 

This week we have continued our English text 'Odd and the Frost Giants'. The children have delved deep into meaning into the story and have investigated the God's in other religions and ancient civilizations. 

In Maths the children have been recalling outstanding knowledge of time. The children have answered difficult problem questions related to time. 

In Geography the children have been investigating the features of a river. The children now understand how key vocabulary used in our geography links to processes. The children's favorite geography word of the week is confluence. 

In RE the children have been investigating how Jesus resisted temptation in the desert. The children have been fascinated with the way Jesus said no to the devil even after being offered the kingdoms of the world. 

Have a great weekend everyone

Year 4 Team

W/B 27.02.23

To start off the week we started our new story in English  'Odd and the frost Giants' by Neil Gaiman. The children have really enjoyed the links to Vikings and previous Anglo-Saxon work.

This week main focus was Reading!!!

We celebrated World Book Day by coming into school dressed as our favourite book characters. We had a special assembly with a world book day song and a guess the book quiz from the teachers. Huge well done to Mia for winning Year 4's best costume. 

The children spent time in the school Book Fair and brought their parents to look at all the books afterschool. 

Again it was so lovely to see so many parents in class for our annual Bookie Breakfast. The children loved to share their favourite stories and took part in a masked singer quiz and activities. 

Have a great weekend everyone. 

Year 4 Team 

W/B 20.02.23

What a lovely first week back we have had in Year 4. 

This week, we invited our parents and carers into class to watch and help with one of our Maths lessons. It was so lovely to see so many parents attend. The children loved having you in class and were proud to show there learning. A Maths support leaflet was handed out after the session or sent home if you couldn't attend.

In Geography this week, the children have been exploring more about rivers. The children recalled copious amount of knowledge from our water cycle topic as part of our Science curriculum. The children were sent on an online mission to hunt for rivers around the world using a blank map  

In our Maths we have been learning more about fractions. The children have displayed brilliant understanding how to  convert fractions and simplify also spotting equivalent fractions.  

On Tuesday we celebrate Shrove Tuesday with a story performed by teaching staff in a whole school assembly about the runaway pancake. The children had their very own opportunity to design and taste their own pancakes.  On Wednesday, we were visited by Fr. Michael in assembly, who explained the meaning of Lent.  

Have a great weekend everyone. 

Year 4 team

W/b  06.02.23

Well what a final week to this half term we have had :-)

We have had a busy week celebrating Safer Internet Day and Mental Health Awareness Week.

We started off our week getting our endorphins flowing on Monday morning when we took part in Move it Monday led by Mr Ireland. We had a visit from the Community Police officers when they led an informative assembly about staying safe when online and carried on discussing the importance of protecting ourselves through reading sessions and PHSE sessions. 

In History the children have finished off the topic of the Anglo-Saxons. The children have shown a fantastic interest in all aspects of the Anglo-Saxon life. 

In PE the children have now finished their unit of football. The children have had a chance to develop a number of football skills including; controlling, tackling and passing.

Year 4 you truly have been amazing this half term and we are very proud of you all.

Enjoy the well earned break everyone.

See you all in a week :-)

The Year 4 Team 

W/B 30.01.23

In our English lessons we have been continuing with 'The Selfish Giant' The children have been exploring the story in  further detail picking out key themes. We have begun writing our own stories using the key themes from Oscar Wilde's book. 

It was lovely to see so many children stay for our reading session after school on Tuesday! To start off we listened to a story from Mrs Hart and we all enjoyed a hot chocolate. Then we took part in some calm colouring, made our own front covers and read with some friends. 

Next week is our final week before the holidays. Have a great weekend and get ready for another busy week!

Year 4 Team

W/B 23.01.23


It's the end of week 4 and the children have been working hard across all the subjects.

In History the children have been investigating what an Anglo-Saxon village would look like and are there any similarities to villages near where we live. In music the children have been demonstrating their incredible talents with glockenspiels. In Spanish the children are becoming quite familiar with the parts of the body and can even hold conversations discussing parts of the body in Spanish. 

The children have challenged themselves in math's creating a success criteria for what makes a great line graph. The children are becoming more familiar interpreting and managing data in tables and even have attempted to plot two sets of data on one graph!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Next week is National Storytelling week

WC 16.01.23

It's the end of week 3 of Spring 1 term and the children have been busy.

In History, we have continued learning about the Anglo-Saxons, making our own fact file and reenactments . We are excited to learn more about Hengist and Horsa. 

In maths, we have been continuing to focus on dividing, finding remainders and solving word problems.

In English, we have started our new book 'A Selfish Giant' by Oscar Wilde. The children have loved the illustrations and the underlining themes. The children really enjoyed exploring the concept of divide and splitting people apart.  

In RE, we have continued learning about Sikhism, this week looking at the 5K's. The children learned about what a typical day for a Sikh looks like and investigating what Sikh values transpire as such as charity work. 


In Spanish, we have been learning about parts of the body, the children really enjoyed labelling both the face and the body. A class favorite was el pie which we discovered is 'the foot' in Spanish.

Another great week for Year 4 LM

Have a great weekend.

Mr Miles

W/C 09.01.23

We've had a great week in year 4!

In maths this week, we have been working on understanding dividing with and without remainders, as well as solving two step word problems.

In English, the children have been enjoying reading The Winter's Child. Everyone is loving this book so far. The children have loved writing their own sequels of the book renaming the stories 'The Spring's Child'.

In science this week, we continued our learning looking at properties of materials. We investigated the components of materials deciding if it is made up of solids, liquids or gases.

In RE, the children are continuing to learn about Sikhism. This week, the children looked at Sikh beliefs about Guru Nanak. 

Well done year 4!


Mr Miles 

W/B 04.01.23

Welcome back!

This week in the Year 4 we have started 2023 as we mean to go go on! Year 4 are working on on their spelling this year and showing acts kindness to create happiness for others. We will be collecting our happiness experiences in our class happiness jar.

In Maths this week we have been learning how to divide a 3 digit number by a 1 digit number using various methods. 

In English we have started to read our new novel 'The Winter's Child'. The children have began to create a story plan all bout the features of Spring. 

This week, we started our new History topic all about the Anglo-Saxons. The children have used role play to describe the situation of the roman army and Britons in 410AD.

Have a great weekend everyone

Year 4 team

W/B 12.12.22

Is it really the last week of the Autumn term! It has flown by so fast but when I think back we have completed so much in Year 4 and our final week was no different! This week, we enjoyed many Christmas activities in school.

After all our hard work the children finally got to perform their Christmas concert for KS1 and parents, carers and grandparents. Both performances were superb! You were all superstars and clearly had lots of fun up there on the stage! A big thank you to all parents and carers who came to watch the performances. Your support is appreciated, as always!

We celebrated with our class Christmas party with lots of games, dancing and fun!

On Friday, the whole school and parents got together to celebrate the meaning of Christmas and hold our final celebration assembly. 

I wish for you to spend as much time with your families as possible over the holidays so homework will be slightly different. I would like all the children to complete kindness acts over the holidays and record them to share with the class back in January. The children have made so much progress this term it would be fantastic therefore if the children could access RM Maths and Times Table Rock Stars as much as possible.  Spellings list have also been sent home.    

You all deserve a well earn break Year 4.

Have a fantastic holiday, making lots of memories with your friends and families. 

See you in January 2023!

Mr Miles and Mrs Larner

W/B 05.12.22

This week year 4 got into the festive spirit! At the start of the week we watched the pantomime which came to school, this year it was Aladdin! The children enjoyed this interactive performance. Later in the week,  the children also watched and learnt about the Christmas story through a  puppet show. 

A huge well done to all of KS1 for their fantastic nativity performance. Year 4 got to watch the dress rehearsal and enjoyed joining in with the singing of the catchy songs.

There is nothing like some good carol singing to get in the festive spirit and a time to light up the Grange Valley’s wish tree.  All the children made a Christmas wish for hope or love and their wishes have been hung on the tree outside the Year 2 classroom. See if you can find your child’s wish! 

On Friday, the whole school enjoyed our Christmas dinner, with music, crackers and lots of laughter (maybe not from the cracker jokes!) 

Around all this Christmas fun, Year 4 still managed to learn about different genre's in Music and continuing our focus in Math on further multiplication and division.  

Next week is another fun filled one! Have a great weekend.

Year 4 team 

W/B 28.11.22

A massive thank you to all that attended our Christmas Bingo! It was a lovely to see so many families.
We raised a grand total of £925!
All money raised through our events goes back towards resources/equipment for our children.

 As part of our Design Technology curriculum, we followed a recipe to make and decorate our very own biscuits. Well done to all the children on their creations.

W/B 21.11.22

The 2022 Qatar World Cup is now in full swing. Year 4 have loved the exciting opportunity to support England in their first World Cup group game against Iran today. The children had lots to celebrate with England winning 6-2! This afternoon we have also been gathering information on our class allocated country Poland to create a display to present to other classes. I can't wait to show you all the finished product!

Have a great weekend!

W/B 14.11.22

Year 4  loved their Science lesson this week! They made their own teeth out of marshmallows! The children have been learning all about the types and functions of teeth as part of our Science curriculum.

Today, we have designed our own doodle T-shirts for children in need. I am so proud of the children for not only fantastic doodling but for choosing to spread positive messages on the shirts for children in need. Well done everyone

W/B 31.10.22

Welcome back to all children, I hope you all had a restful half term. This week, we began several new topic areas. In Geography, we have started looking at how we clean water and in the first lesson we found out where our water came from and why the process of filtering and purifying 

In English lessons, we have been using the new book FArTHER  by Graham Baker-Smith. We have been using adverbs, personification and noun phrases.

In Maths, we have continued our work on multiplication. This week we have been looking at the 9-, 11- and 12-times tables whilst using relational understanding to make links. Please ensure your children are using TT Rockstars at home to help their understanding.

In RE, we have begun looking at Christianity and the bible. We started by introducing the children to the life of a Christian and what a good role model looks like.

We also had The Liverpool foundation return and continue their work with the class looking at social campaigning. The children next week will use their designs from this week to make their own t-shirts with positive messages to the NHS.


Mr Miles

W/B 17.10.2022

Week 7 of 7! What brilliant first half term! The children have settled really well into Year 4.

In our final week of English, the children have finished off their work on the book Varmints by writing a report on how to grow a plant successfully.  Their reports included a title, subheadings, lots of facts including how many times you should water your plant and a conclusion to make the reader think. The children used all the key skills they had learnt over the past week to use in their reports.

In Maths, this week we have been looking at subtracting with and without renaming. The children have really enjoyed the challenge of working with zero's which causes them to rename.

In History the children learnt about the impact Ancient Egyptians had on modern day life including impacts on makeup and buildings. The children have loved the topic of Ancient Egypt and can't wait to learn what's next in the Year 4 History curriculum. 

Our Art unit has been linked with drawing 3D objects using unusual drawing tools including rubbers, charcoal and crayons. 

In Science this week, the children have learned more about animals and their habitats focusing on specific threats to the environment. The children have loads of information on the impact climate change can have on the environment. 

Have lots of fun and stay safe! See you all soon. 

Mr Miles

W/B 10.10.2022

An action-packed week 6 is over!

In English, this week the children have been continuing with our class text 'The Varmints'. This week we had a particular focus on a plant's life cycle. We studied the different parts of the life cycle and what order each stage takes place. Key focuses were made on processes such as germination, pollination and seed dispersal.  This will all lead to a report on how a plant grows next week. This week we have had a big focus on capital letters and our letter formation which will continue next week. 

In Math's, we started to look at subtraction. We started off with simple subtraction before moving on to subtraction where renaming is required. The children have been using place value counters and column subtraction to find their answers.

In Art this week, the children have really enjoyed creating pictures using charcoal, pencils and art rubbers. The children really enjoyed the messy part of breaking the charcoal up and squinting to spot the light and dark objects in front of them. 

We finally performed our Harvest assembly this week, which I am proud to say was a great success! I am so proud of every single one of our children who helped contribute to our assembly. As a school we have a fantastic Harvest donation to be proud of. The food will be collected by teardrops next week and I am sure teardrops will be over the moon. These donations will make a huge difference to our community.

Have a great weekend everyone and see you next week for our final week before the holidays. 

A superb week Year 4LM well done.

W/B 3.10.22

Week 5 is over. I have been so impressed with both the effort and attitudes of the children.  This week has been the start of Black History Month and Year 4 have been learning about Malorie Blackman and her role in writing novels. The children will be using the facts and information on Malorie's incredible life to create a fantastic poster display.  

In English this week, we have continued to do work based on our class text ‘The Varmints’. This week children have learned about presenting facts using adverbials, identifying and justifying opinions about the film and retelling the film narrative in first person.

In Maths, Year 4 have learned about adding two numbers with and without renaming the ones, tens and hundreds column. The children have been superstars at using both column and concrete methods of working out. 

In History, the class continued to develop their understanding of Ancient Egypt by undertaking in a River Nile deep dive and writing their own names in hieroglyphics.  

The class have also continued to practice for the upcoming Harvest assembly. I am really excited to show you what the children have planned!

Well done Year 4LM on a brilliant week. 

W/B 26.09.22

Week 4 done! Well done Year 4LM. This week has been another busy one with lots of practice for our upcoming harvest assembly and the start of our black history month investigation. Our icon of choice will be the famous author Malorie Blackman. 

In class, we have been reading ‘The Varmints’ in English. The children have enjoyed the books incredible illustrations. This book has been a success as the children have had the opportunity to watch the short fantastic short film. This has allowed the children to visualize and use special SPAG features including adverbials, conjunctions, similes and personification. These features will continue to be developed as the children read through the story.

In Maths lessons, we have completed the topic on numbers to 10,000. The children have been learning how to round to thee nearest 1000, 100 and 10 with opportunities to use an ipad to create and solve their own rounding number problems using real life prices. 

In Geography, as part of children’s topic about the water cycle the children have been eager to explore the different stages of the water cycle remembering the main three stages. We have used actions a lot in our understanding of this topic even coincidentally watching the rain fall as precipitation whilst we had our lesson. 

In other lessons the children have been focusing on handwriting, our guided reading book Podkin One Ear and learning the numbers to 20 in Spanish 

Well done Year4 LM 


W/B 19.9.22

Our short third week in Year 4 is finally over. This week continued our big focus on getting back into a good, positive school routine this week.   

In English we have had a memorable week starting with a special visit from Thomas the gorilla. Thomas came with a message, to spread all about conservation and bringing up some interesting topics to think about. We then held a class debate on many topics including should we keep animals in captivity? We used a houses of parliament style classroom set up which the children loved to debate the issues fairly . Then the children used their debate points to plan and write a letter to a zookeeper. The children wrote amazing letters using persuasive and emotive language to convince the zookeeper to release the gorillas back into their habitat. 

In Science we have continued to learn about the different ways we can group animals. I have yet again been pleased to see just how eager the children have been to learn about vertebrates and invertebrates. The children have loved learning about the different groups of invertebrates specifically arachnids which has been a class favorite! 

Our focus in Maths has continued with place value specifically rounding to the nearest 1000. The children have found this topic really tricky but everyone has progressed well and nobody gave up.   We remembered our slogan 0 to 4 down to the floor, 5 to 9 up to the sky to help us either round up or round down. I am very happy that the children are challenging themselves to work harder in Maths by helping each other and asking for extra work to master the topic. 

 In History the children have been exploring with hieroglyphics writing their names and looking deeper into ancient forms of communication. We have enjoyed writing in a hieroglyphic code to one another in pairs whilst trying to crack each others ancient code.   

What a memorable week it has been for year 4. Starting by voting their teacher to be chased by Thomas the gorilla to a quick visit from the fire brigade and police. It has been a week the children will not forget and  I am very excited for what is to come. 

Mr Miles

W/B 12.9.22

Our second week in Year 4 has come to an end. This week we have had a big focus on getting back into a good, positive school routine.   

In English we have continued with our circus theme by learning more about what makes a great story. Throughout the week we have learned how to use a range of conjunctions, created a story success criteria and finally wrote our own narrative on the book 'Leon and the place between'. The children's amazing narratives will be displayed on our 'WOW' wall  for all to see.

In Science we have been learning about the different ways we can group animals. I have been pleased to see just how eager the children have been to learn about vertebrates and invertebrates. The children couldn't wait to tell everyone their fun facts and watch videos of invertebrates in action such as an Octopus fitting through tight spaces. 

Our focus in Maths has continued with place value specifically comparing and ordering four digit numbers. The children have responded well to all the challenging questions asked by myself,  using fantastic Maths terminology when describing their answers. The children have also used place value counters to assist them in their working out. 

 In Geography the children have investigated the three states of matter (solids, liquids and gases) as part of our water cycle topic. This has provided opportunities to discuss how we can change an objects state such as melting a chocolate bar or  boiling water.

Finally, in class this week have held a democratic vote for a new school council member. We had over 15 children put their name in the ballot, each announcing their reasons why you should vote for them.  I am pleased to announce after all the votes had been counted that 4LM has selected a new school council member. The winner was Mia! She wrote -" I would like to be a school council member so I can help everybody if they are feeling lonely or hurt. I want to make our school a happier place for everyone".

We have continued with a great start to the year! Yet again I want to thank the children for their hard work and willingness to go the extra mile to help others around school. 

Mr Miles

W/B 5.9.22

Wow! What a great first week we’ve had in Year 4. We have been busy setting our class expectations for behavior and learning which will be a focus throughout the year.

We kicked off the week with our Circus immersion day. The children had lots of fun!

We have begun our writing about the class story ‘Leon and the place between’. The children have used verbs and past tense to create diary entries and have completed a character description focusing on SPAG features, nouns and adjectives. 

In Maths we have been learning about place value and practicing our times tables. It has been great to see all children trying their best.

In History the children have really enjoyed learning about ancient Egypt, using a wide range of resources to delve deeper into the topic and create a timeline.

What a great start to the year! I am so impressed with the maturity and standard of work from the class as a whole. 

Mr Miles

Summer Notices