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Welcome to Year 3 - Mrs Dolman’s Class 

W/B  03.07.23

Although we are getting towards the end of the year, Year 3 have been busy with all our lessons ensuring we are finalising all our learning. 

In Maths, we have been learning all about perimeter of a shape and exploring different ways to work it out. 

In Geography, the children learnt about earthquakes and practised what people would need to do if a earthquake was to occur.. All day the children were waiting for the next alarm to practice. 

The children have enjoyed another transition session with Mr Ashton and completed a fantastic end of year piece of writing to show off all their hardwork.. 

On Friday, we had a great time in a survival of the fitness activity on the inflatables in school. The children had to work as part of a team to play a variety of games. 

Have a great weekend everyone. 


W/B 26.06.23

Year 3 have had a very active week!

On Monday the children took part in a dance session with Emma, they explore the world of tennis and the actions the players make and turned this into a dance routine. 

Later in the week we continued the Wimbledon theme and practiced our tennis skills. The children loved this session and played rally's against each other.  Two children where then selected to take part in our whole school tennis competition on Friday. 

In English, we started to read our new text 'Escape from Pompeii' linking into our Geography unit. We explored the front cover and artefacts to make inferences about what we thought the story could be about. We focused on prepositions and verbs to write a setting description

In Geography, the children have loved learning about volcanoes. This week, we used Google Earth to locate the most active volcanoes. We also learnt about the Ring of Fire!

In Maths, we started our new unit all about angles. We identified of acute, right and obtuse angles, found angles in a shape and   explored angles as turns to find directions. 

In Art, we have been learning how to design a structure by practicing finding negative and positive spaces in pictures, we then learnt how to drawing shapes showing these spaces.

It was a very exciting week as the children also got to meet their new teacher.... Mr Ashton. Together they had a morning of getting to know you activities. Transition sessions will continue for the next few weeks. 

Have a great weekend everyone. 

W/B 19.06.23

Year 3 have been very creative this week!

In Art, we have been taking inspiration from Sir Anthony Caro to make 3D abstract sculptures. We used our skills from last week of bending, folding, twisting and cutting to join parts but also gluing, tabs and kitchen towel glued paper. The children gave their sculptures names and created a story behind them.  

To celebrate World Music Book Day 2023, the children learnt how to do body percussion. We performed warm up activities with an instructor online and then performed our own body percussion to Happy and I Just Can't Wait to be King - Lion King.

Weaved into all this fun we have also been very busy with our end of year Math's, Reading and Writing assessments. I am so proud of all the children and have shown just how far they have come this year!  

Have a great weekend everyone!

W/B 16.06.23

Road safety and fitness week has been busy!

We started off the week with our local walk to raise awareness for road safety in the streets around the school. The walk took us 1 hour and so we certainly were improving our fitness.  

In English, the children read the picture book 'The Promise' and understood the meaning of the book is to look after our world. The children turned the book into a comic strip and wrote free verse poems in groups about the polluted city, the setting in the book. They then turned the poems into a performance to the class. At the end of the week we wrote our own pledges about the little things we are going to help save the planet. 

In Maths, we have started our new unit 'angles.' We have looked at what a angle is and practised drawing them, we then went on to learn about right angles and went on a hunt to find as many as we could. 

In PE, we have been practicing so hard for sports day and I think everyone is very excited about taking part next week. Year 3 will be doing a running race and a fun run. 

We also started our new Geography unit about our extreme earth. The children learnt about the layers of the Earth and made the layers using plasticine. 


W/B 05.06.23

First week of the last half term!

On Thursday, half of the class celebrated graduating from children's university. They had a great day receiving their certificate. 

In Art, we learnt about what a sculpture is? We looked at the work of Robert Moss who creates structures that are interactive and can we climbed on walked through and touched. The children were set a challenge to turn 2d shapes from card into a 3d structure without any joining aids. They were only allowed to use bending, folding, slits and rolls to attached the shapes together. We then held a mini art exhibition to look at each others structures. 

We walked to the local library to take part in an empathy and refugee workshop. The children learnt about what a refugee is and the meaning of empathy. We listened to some stories and draw pictures about what reminds us about our homes.

To follow up our class story and the trip to the library the children wrote their own refugee stories about hope. 

In Computing, we looked at AR apps and how to create data collection using researched information from the internet about rainforests. 

Stay safe in the sun and see you all on Monday. 

Year 3 Team


W/B 22.05.23

What a wonderful way to end such a busy fun-filled half term!

 This week, we have had a road safety assembly with our community support officers and road safety from St Helens Council. The officers are visiting to tell the children important information about road safety and the importance of looking for road signs in and around school.

In our Spanish lessons, we have been learning about how to ask politely for picnic food. We played bingo to practice the words in Spanish first before writing sentences. We used all our skills of numbers, colours, food names and manners in our work.

To finish the term off with our Summer Disco and the GV Eurovision Song Contest. Slightly later than the official Eurovision as we all wanted to enjoy it the SATs weeks. I am super proud of all of the children performing in front of the whole school during assembly Waterloo by ABBA! 

A big congratulations to Spain who were crowned the winners for their rendition of the Macarena during our official Eurovision Results linkup!

Have a great half term and I will see you all when we come back!

W/B 15.05.23

It is certainly starting to feel like summer now. Playing on the field at playtimes and planting around school. 

In DT, the children have been learning all about pneumatics. The children designed and created a pneumatic toy which included a mouth which would open and close using pneumatics. 

In English, the children have started treading the story 'The Wisp - A Story of Hope' In our writing we have been learning about personification, verbs and adverbs and how to write dialogue. 

We have continued learning about time this week in our Maths lessons, looking at converting the 12hr to 24hr clock and reading clocks with roman numerals.  

In our whole school assembly on Monday we spoke about 'Walk to School Week' and the great importance this can have on our bodies, minds and environment, The children were reminder about how to cross the road safely. 

Have a great weekend everyone

Mrs Dolman


W/B 08.05.23

Year 3 have had a very musical week this week in the build up to Eurovision 2023 in Liverpool!

In Music, we listened to various song types with a focus on gospel music. The children learnt the song He's Got the Whole World in his Hands. We then used the glockenspiels to improvise our own melodies with a set of notes. 

We enjoyed a live link with schools around the UK and Ukraine to enjoy a School's Euroconcert with the British Council. The children listened to different songs and join in with classes all over. 

With the grand final of Eurovision happening in Liverpool this coming weekend. 

Year 3 took sometime to learn about the contest and watch our very nearer winner from last year. In school in a few weeks, we will be having our own mini Eurovision and Year 3 have chosen Sweden as their country. We will learn about the country and language as well as performing Waterloo by ABBA in a school assembly.

Year 3 had a visit from Elin, our schools well-being educational mental health practitioner. She talked to the children about our physical health but also our mental health. She talked about different emotions and how we can help each other with our mental health. The children learnt about square and hand breathing to help control their feelings. The children are used to talking about different feelings in our PATHs sessions in class and so they seem very comfortable to share experiences and feelings together. 

In English, the children wrote their end of unit pieces based on instructions for a potion on how to live forever. We had a focus on time adverbials, coordinating conjunctions and imperative verbs. 

In Maths, we started our new unit all about time. This week, we learnt about the meaning of am and pm and the activities that might take place. The children also learnt how to read the time in minutes. This weeks homework will be based on this. 

I hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy the Eurovision celebrations if you are. 

Remember Walk to school 15th May to the 19th May.


W/B 1.5.23

Its been a short but very busy week! 

In English, we have continued to read the story How to Live Forever. This week in our writing we had a focus on using conjunctions and persuasive language to create lost poster and started to look at features of instructions writing ready for next week. 

In Maths, we learnt how to subtract fractions and solve word problems involving fractions. 

In Science, we learnt about transportation of water in plants. We conducted various investigations to see if different factors affected the transportation. 

The whole school finished off the week with celebrations of the kings coronation. The children participated in a whole school assembly to celebrate the Best of British Music. Each class performed a song, Year 3 chose George Ezras Green Green Grass. Amazing performances by everyone. Back in class we completed royal themed activities and wrote poems about what we would do if we were king for a day. 

Have a great weekend everyone.

W/B 24.04.23

We have been extremely busy this week in Year 3!

In Maths, we have been continuing our learning about fractions. This can be a tricky unit for the children but they are doing very well with their understanding. We have looked at finding tenths, adding fractions, finding equivalent fractions and ordering and comparing fractions with the same and different denominators. 

In English, we started to read a very interesting book........ How to Live Forever. We have spent time thinking about what this would actually meaning and the positive and negatives. We have written persuasive letters and posters with a focus on persuasive language and conjunctions. 

In Science, we have been learning all about plants. This weeks focused was to understand the functions of the different parts of a flower. We went on a flower hunt around school, locating where the conditions were best for the flowers by making tally charts and identifying wild or garden plants. We set ourselves a challenge to plant flowers outside our classroom under the tree on the playground. Hopefully we should see them grow over the next few weeks. The children created posters so the others would protect the seeds. 

Reminders for next week

Friday 5th May - All children to come dressed in red, white or blue. 

Hope you have a great bank holiday weekend! See you on Tuesday


W/B 17.04.23

Welcome back everyone!

It was lovely to see all the children back in school today, as we get ready to start the final term of Year 3 but one of my favourites. This term we have so many events, clubs and exciting learning in class to enjoy. 

To start the week off the children spent time with fresh eyes reading their mystery stories from the last day of term linked to the text 'Wolves in the Walls'. The children edited their work looking for spellings, punctuation and grammar to correct, before selecting a paragraph to improve. The children then peer assessed each others work. Finally we published our writing ready for the new classroom display. Using our art skills from last term, we created pencil sketches by adding shading and details to create a picture of a wolf. 

In Maths, we have started to learn about fractions. We spent some time recapping our learning from Year 2 before being able to find tenth of a shape and an amount and other fractions of an amounts. This weeks homework is based around this learning. 

To finish off the week we completed two computing activities. The first was learning all about  coding and what it takes to become a computer game designer. The children designed their own robots and used various programmes to bring them to life in games. We learnt about algorithms and played various games that required a clear set of instructions we of course needed to do lots of debugging before we got them perfect! Finally we used Scratch to create a dancing game with movement, personal character designs and music. Finally we became online detectives and went on a hunt for information on the internet. We quickly realised that we need to be careful what we search for, to ensure we find the true answers and not just believe everything we find online. 

Great first week back. Well done Year 3. 

Have a great weekend. 

W/B 27.03.23

And that's a wrap for Spring 2023!

What a great final day of the term we have had celebrating all our achievements over the term, class awards, attendance prizes, handwriting winners and Easter fun prizes. With a special visit from Big Ears himself! Well done to all Year 3 egg competition entries. Your designs were fantastic, some very creative ideas. A huge well done to so many children achieving 100% attendance this term. Keep a look out on the website for the GV Attendance League table starting in the Summer. 

In Math's, we learnt about pictograms and bar charts. Collecting data, drawing and reading information off the charts.

In English, we completed our text 'Wolves in the Walls.' The children have absolutely loved this mystery story and it showed when writing their own mystery stories today.  The children were so proud of their work.. Watch out for pictures of a new class display in the Summer term. 

In Art, we have added the final touches to our patterned fabrics and they look fantastic!

Sadly we said goodbye and thanked Adam for all the fun lessons he has brought us with KABs. Year 3 have loved being outside in the forest area and playing lots of team games since September. 

I wish everyone a happy holiday and enjoy your time to spend with your families and friends. 

Spellings over the holiday are the long list of year expectation spellings. Please keep working through these. 

See you all in 2 weeks. 

Start date of Summer Term - 17.04.23



WB 20.03.23

We had a very special visitor to our school this week called Plumber Drummer. He has created his own instrument out of pipes and uses flip flops to play them. It was so much fun and it has definitely instilled a new love of music into the children, with some saying they now wanted to learn to play the drums. Back in class, with all our excitement we explored items we used everyday in the classroom that make a variety of sounds and created a class performance using everyday items to create beats! 

This week we have started our new class text 'The Wolves in the Walls.’ The children have loved listened to the start of this scary story. We have used similes, alliteration and dialogue to develop our writing. We have had a big focus on direct speech. We have all been trying to show our previous learning to improve our writing even further with fronted adverbials, feeling sentences, verbs and adverbs. The children have produced some fantastic writing in this first week. 

In Maths, we have started looking at money. We can about adding and subtracting amounts and how to find change in various methods. We then used this to solve word problems involving addition and subtraction.

In Science, we completed our Science assessments after a term of term all about forces and magnets. The children produced a fantastic non-chronological report with all their new learning. 

In Art, we have moved on from sketching pictures of botanical plants to creating a mood board about the rainforest ready to make fabric patterns with a rainforest influence. The children research pictures of the rainforests, made oil pastel drawings of fruits and plants found there, looked through magazines for rainforest inspired home textiles and explored the main colours on their mood board to create a theme. 

in Geography, we learnt about time zones and explored Prime Meridian. 

Have a lovely weekend

Year 3 team 

WB 13.3.23

This week we finished our wonderful story text 'Cloud Tea Monkeys' The children have been working so hard in the build up to their final independent piece of writing. We used a range of  conjunctions to add extra detail, used prepositions in our work, expanded noun phrases, varied sentence starters and separate facts from opinions, The children have all blown me away with their final piece of writing a non-chronological report all about the magic of tea! Watch out for a photo of our new class display with all their wonderful work. 

In Maths, we have been exploring different ways of using coins to make total amounts. The children have also been retrieving some of their previous work all about place valve and multiplication and division. 

In Geography, we continued journey exploring our wonderful Earth. So far we have learnt about the North and Southern Hemispheres, longitude and latitude lines. Explore the differences and similarities between the Artic Circle and the Antarctic. This week, we learnt all about the Tropics and compared the climate to ours.  

This week was of course British Science week, we have continued looking at magnets and forces. This week, we used all our previous learning in the Spring term to create and record our findings to find the strongest magnet, The children wrote their investigating, made observations, recorded bar charts with the data and explained their findings. On Monday, the children also watch a live link we the BBC to explore forces and designed their own parachutes to understand the theory of air resistance and gravity. 

We also had our parents evening this week. It was so lovely to share our workbooks with families and for them to hear how amazing we are doing in class!

Have a lovely weekend everybody,

Year 3 team 

W/B 27.02.23

To start off the week before we started our new story in English all about tea plantations, Year 3 tasted different teas and wrote a review on them looking at some key grammar and descriptions. It was very interesting the difference in children’s tastes. Year 3’s favourite was lemon and ginger! Peppermint tea was not enjoyed by most of the children.

This week main focus was Reading!!!

We celebrated World Book Day by coming into school dressed as our favourite book characters. We had a special assembly with a world book day song and a guess the book quiz from the teachers. Huge well done to Thomas for winning Year 3 best costume. 

The children spent time in the school Book Fair and brought their parents to look at all the books afterschool. 

Again it was so lovely to see so many parents in class for our annual Bookie Breakfast. The children loved to share their favourite stories and took part in a masked singer quiz and activities. 

Have a great weekend everyone. 

Year 3 Team 

W/B 20.02.23

What a lovely first week back we have had in Year 3. 

This week, we invited our parents and carers into class to watch and help with one of our Maths lessons. It was so lovely to see so many parents attend. The children loved having you in class and were proud to show there learning. A Maths support leaflet was handed out after the session or sent home if you couldn't attend.

In Science this week, the children have been exploring and investigation which materials are magnetic. The children designed their investigations, ensured it was a fair test, made their predictions, record their results and interpreted their findings. 

In between our Maths and foundation sessions, we started some of our Spring assessments. Already the children have worked hard in their reading papers and after weeks of practising their Year 3 key spellings the children completed their big spelling test,  

On Tuesday we celebrate Shrove Tuesday with a story performed by teaching staff in a whole school assembly about the runaway pancake. On Wednesday, we were visited by Fr. Michael in assembly, who explained the meaning of Lent. 

Next week our focus of assessments will be on Maths and Reading 

Have a great weekend everyone. 

Year 3 team 

W/B 30.01.23

In our English lesson this week, the children took part in an experience day before we started our new reading text 'Star in the Jar'. We learnt all about stars. The children research facts, listened to Coldplays song Sky Full of Stars and we watched relaxing clip arts watching the stars describing how it makes us feel.

Year 3 are enjoying a ‘I love to read’ library session at the local library on Thursday. The children looked at all the different types of books they could come and enjoy! Learnt about how to find books in the library and the different activities you can do in the library and of course to finish the session off the children selected a book to read with their friends. 

It was lovely to see so many children stay for our reading session after school on Tuesday! To start off we listened to a favourite story of Mrs Dolman’s whilst we enjoyed a hot chocolate and marshmallows. We completed a quiz to guess the titles of the famous children’s books just by looking at the front covers, we played the masked reader and guessed the celebrity and book they were reading using clues and finally we ended our session colouring mindfulness bookmarks to take home.

Next week is our final week before the holidays. Have a great weekend and get ready for another busy week!

Year 3 Team 

W/B 23.01.23

This week was very exciting for Year 3 as we got to go on our class trip to Ribchester Roman Museum and Roman baths. The children had a fantastic day! 

The children learnt about Roman forts, the Roman army, how they trades, the invasion of Britain and visited ruins of granary buildings from an old fort and a Roman bath. The children tried on replica Roman army armour, shields and various helmets. They explore the museum learning about Roman roads, arachnological finds from Ribchester itself.

Back in class the children recalled all their new learnt facts and information to support their work on how the Romans impacted on Britain. 

Just a superb day!

This week, in school we also celebrated Geography and History across the school, so our trip give us a great chance to learn outside and even better get up and close with 2,000 year old remains. 

Have a great weekend everyone!

Next week is National Storytelling week. 

W/B 16.01.23

In our Music lessons, the children have been practicing finding the beat and learning a new song question and answer performance song in our music lesson. Next week, we are adding instruments.

In Maths, we have been learning about measuring length and height. The children measured in m, cm and mm. We then looked at how to convert measures to the same units of measure. Cm and m into cm. Cm and m into mm. This homework homework is linked to this skill.

On Friday, we had athletics with Liverpool FC. You might have a lot of tired children tonight as todays task included endurance running. The children had to run for 2 minutes. The children soon understood that it’s not about how fast you can start off but about keeping a steady pace so you complete the time. We will keep practising this to keep up our fitness. 


On 31st January, children are invited to come to school in their pyjamas and then carry on the story-filled fun with a bedtime reading event after school 3:30 until 4:30pm. 

It's sure to be a wonderful celebration with lots of bedtime story fun!

Have a great weekend everyone 

Year 3 team

W/B 09.01.23

What a busy week we have had in Year 3!

In Maths, this week the children have been learning how to multiply and divide a 2 digit number by a 1 digit number. This weeks homework is focusing on the skills they have learnt. 

On Tuesday afternoon, we have started our textiles DT unit. The children practised how to do a cross stitch and running stitch. We will build up our skills over the weeks ready to make our final project to make a cushion. 

In Science, we have been exploring how different surfaces can affect the movement of a toy car on a ramp. The children were fantastic at creating their own investigations, ensuring it was a fair test, recorded their results and explained their findings.

Year 3 had a visit from Father Michael from St James the Great Church to start off our new Christianity Unit 'What is a follower of Jesus?'. Father Michael spoke to the children about what a disciple is and discussed the stories of Jesus first disciples. 

On Friday, the children loved their athletics session with Liverpool FC. This week the focus was on throwing, teamwork and competitive play. 

Have a great weekend everyone!

Year 3 Team 

W/B 04.01.23

Welcome back!

This week in the Year 3 we have started 2023 as we mean to go go on! Year 3 are working on on their handwriting this year and showing acts kindness to create happiness for others. We will be collecting our happiness experiences in our class happiness jar.

In Maths this week we have been learning how to multiplying a 2 digit number by a 1 digit number using various methods. 

In English we have started to read our new novel 'The Piped Piper of Hamlin' We have been creating drama in the role of the different characters and writing written accounts in the first person about what the characters witnessed. We learnt what a collective noun is. 

This week, we started our Forest school and LFC sports session. We will continue to have these sessions for the half term. In Forest school the children created houses in the forests for the animals that live there. 

Have a great weekend everyone

Year 3 team  

W/B 12.12.22

Is it really the last week of the Autumn term! It has flown by so fast but when I think back we have completed so much in Year 3 and our final week was no different! This week, we enjoyed many Christmas activities in school.

After all our hard work the children finally got to perform their Christmas concert for KS1 and parents, carers and grandparents. Both performances were superb! You were all superstars and clearly had lots of fun up there on the stage! A big thank you to all parents and carers who came to watch the performances. Your support is appreciated, as always!

We celebrated with our class Christmas party with lots of games, dancing and fun!

On Friday, the whole school and parents got together to celebrate the meaning of Christmas and hold our final celebration assembly. 

Sadly, we said goodbye to Miss Bell. Miss Bell has been training in Year 3 since the children started in September and has really supported the children. We wish her all the best as she continues her training in her new school. 

I wish for you to spend as much time with your families as possible over the holidays so homework will be slightly different. I would like all the children to complete kindness acts over the holidays and record them to share with the class back in January. Ideas have been sent home with their homework. The children have made so much progress this term it would be fantastic therefore if the children could access RM Maths and Times Table Rock Stars as much as possible.  Spellings list have also been sent home. (Highlighted spellings are the words your children needs to learn) Children can read for pleasure books they have at home and share their reviews back in class. If your child would like a project to keep them busy, in Spring our History unit will be looking at how the Roman Empire impacted Britain. Children could do some research or a small art project to share with the class in January. Any projects will be displayed in class.  

You all deserve a well earn break Year 3. Have a fantastic holiday, making lots of memories with your friends and families. Remember to go to bed early on Christmas Eve! 

See you in January 2023!

Mrs Dolman and the Year 3 team 

W/B 05.12.22

This week year 3 got into the festive spirit! At the start of the week we watched the pantomime which came to school, this year it was Aladdin! The children enjoyed this interactive performance. Later in the week,  the children also watched and learnt about the Christmas story through a very funny puppet show. 

A huge well done to all of KS1 for their fantastic nativity performance. Year 3 got to watch the dress rehearsal and enjoyed joining in with the singing of the catchy songs.

There is nothing like some good carol singing to get in the festive spirit and a time to light up the Grange Valley’s wish tree.  All the children made a Christmas wish for hope or love and their wishes have been hung on the tree outside the Year 3 classroom. See if you can find your child’s wish! 

On Friday, the whole school enjoyed our Christmas dinner, with music, crackers and lots of laughter (maybe not from the cracker jokes!) 

Around all this Christmas fun, Year 3 still managed to learn about voluntary and involuntary muscles in Science, the link between division and multiplication in 

Maths and learn about the different sections of a river in Geography. 

Next week is another fun filled one! Have a great weekend.

Year 3 team 

W/B 28.11.22

In our English lesson this week, the children have been continuing with our class novel The BFG. In our writing we have been concentrating on varying the conjunctions we use, adding direct speech and using fronted adverbials. We wrote diary entries in the role of Sophie the main character and rewrote the final chapter of the book with a different ending and solution to banishing the huge, child eating giants! The ideas were fantastic using key evidence from the text to make their stories more plausible. 

In Maths, we have been continuing our learning about the x3, x4 and x8 times tables and then moved on to look at the relationship with division. This weeks homework is based on the x4 timetable expressed in various problems. Please try to access RMEasi and Times Tables Rock Stars as much as possible at home this week. 

This week, we created a reflection tree, after all of our RE learning this term, The children wrote their own ideas of how to make our world a better place by thinking about our own behaviours and actions. It was lovely to listen to all the acts of kindness we were going to try!

The school elf is back!!! This week, Mr Jingles was spotted enjoying a mince pie in Mrs Holcroft’s office. Luckily, he didn't leave a mess!

A massive thank you to all that attended our Christmas Bingo! It was a lovely to see so many families. We raised a grand total of £925. All money raised through our events goes back towards resources/equipment for our children.

Make sure you have all our Christmas dates in your calendar.

We have our Christmas wish Tree Lighting on Tuesday 6th December at 2:30pm. Hope to see you there!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Year 3 team 

W/B 20.11.2022

We started the week off full of excitement! The children listened to an assembly all about the World Cup, its history, the process and the British values we can learn from a competitive sport. We started our learning of the World Cup by finding all the countries taking part and locating them on a world map. We researched one of the countries involved (Spain),and using all our new knowledge we pretended to be TV presenters and made a sports new report. Of course, we had to watch the first England game with the whole school and what a game to celebrated together with! 

In Maths, we have started to learn, recall and use our x3 tables to answer problems and understand about equal groups and multiplication. 

In English, we started to read the very popular story of 'The BFG.' We have written character descriptions using expanded noun phrases, verbs, adverbs and similes to create description of the giant. We also watched clips of the film for inspiration to create disgusting worm spaghetti, mud pizza and blood burger recipes using commands and verbs. 

In DT, we have already made our starter Japanese fruit kebabs with plum sauce a few weeks ago, followed by our dessert apple crumble ... now it was time for mains. This week, the children designed their own seasonal vegetable tart. The children learnt how to score the pastry and select their desired vegetables to improve on the taste. We added pesto to a simple tomato sauce, herbs and fresh basil! Yum!

Year 3 were sad to take part in their last session with Liverpool FC. We recapped all our learning about raising awareness for the NHS and helping others with acts of kindness no matter how big or small that act might be. The children decorated plant pots to give to other people to make them smile. 

Have a great weekend everyone

Year 3

W/B 14.11.2022

This children have worked extremely hard this week completing many different assessments to demonstrate all their new and retrieve old knowledge. They have worked incredibly hard. Well done to everyone! We still found time to have lots of fun around them. 

This week, we have celebrated Maths Week England by taking part in a friendly times tables (and division) competition.

We were on  a mission to get our class recognised for gaining as most points as we could. 

Liverpool FC visited Year 3 again on Wednesday. This weeks task was to make positive cards for children at Alder Hey hospital or make a poster to say thank you to the NHS.

The rain tried to stop Year 3 having fun with Adam from KABs today but we just brought the fun inside. This weeks session was about good listening and being kind to others. 

We of course celebrated  Children In Need 2022. The children doodled on their own T-Shirt in school throughout the morning and then wore their Doodle T-shirt for our assembly in the afternoon. All donations were made online this year. 

Have a great weekend everyone! 

Year 3 Team 

W/B 07.11.2022

To start the week off we learnt about seasonal foods grown in the UK. Following on from this, the children made a crumble using apples and blackberries. We followed the recipe to peel, cut, measure, mix and bake the crumble. The taste test was a big hit! We can’t think of a better way to learn about seasonal foods! I wonder what we shall bake next. 

This week in English we have been listening to the story 'The First Drawing' We explored ways to add impact into our writing using punctuation and choice of vocabulary. 

In Maths, we have been learning about renaming in subtraction problems and how to solve addition and subtraction word problems using a bar models. The children grasped this concept very well after following on from their learning in Year 2. 

On Friday, we watched the Year 5 assembly, who reminded us of the importance of remembering those who have fought in war during the time of Remembrance. We learnt lots about local soldiers who lost their lives in the war.  At 11am the class held our own 2-minute silence. 

Have a lovely weekend

Year 3 Team 

W/B 31.10.2022

Welcome back! Hope you have all enjoyed your half term! What a great start to the half term we have had in Year 3!

In English this week, the children have been listening to the story 'The First Drawings' using this text the children have been learning all about plurals and the spelling rules involved with adding s, es or ves. The children also explored using modal verbs in sentences to extend them and challenged themselves to move the position. 

In Maths, we have been learning about the tricky concept of renaming in subtraction of 3-digit numbers. The children worked so hard and continued to challenge themselves.  

As part of our Design and Technology project this term, Year 3 enjoyed making Japanese Fruit Skewers with Plum Sauce. First of all the children investigated where in the world certain fruit and vegetables grow, and in different seasons. They also discovered how climate affects food growth and enables different fruits and vegetables to grow. The children then followed a simple recipe to make their fruit skewers using watermelon, bananas, plums and plum sauce. The verdict was that they tasted delicious!

This week, the children had another visit from Liverpool FC to support the class with their fundraising campaign over the next several weeks. The class have voted to raise money for the NHS. Today, the children started the first step in the project raising awareness for the NHS and saying thank you for all the amazing things it has done for the class personally and for the wider community. They designed and made their own T-shirts to raise awareness. Well done Year 3!

Have a great weekend everyone! Please stay safe, remember to discuss the bonfire night safety rules we have spoken about in school but have lots of fun with your families. 

Year 3 Team 

W/B 17.10.2022

Week 7 of 7! How did this come around so fast. What incredible first half term it has been! The children have settled amazing well into Year 3! 

In our final week of English, the children planned their own stories based on the class text 'The Heart in the Bottle.' Their stories were titled with an abstract noun and noun just like the text. Some lovely examples of the stories were 'The Happiness in the Volt' and 'The Hope in the Jar.' The children used all the key skills they had learnt over the past week to use in their stories varied conjunctions, adverbials, expanded noun phrases, words with the suffix ly, ness, and ous. The children tried incredibly hard, and the stories were fantastic. 

In Maths, this week we have started to look at methods to solve subtractions involving subtracting a multiple of 10 or 100 from a 3-digit number. We then look at simple subtracting of two 3-digit numbers without renaming. The children have been very confident in our addition and subtraction lessons so far. 

In History the children learnt about the changes the Iron Age brought to people relating to food, clothing, communities and homes. The children have loved learning about the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. To finish off the unit the children created a fact file demonstrating all their new knowledge of these important time periods. 

Our Art unit has been linked with our learning about the Stone Age in History, this week we created our final artwork pieces. A class/cave wall full of cave paintings using all the key skills we have been practicing over the last few weeks charcoal drawing, shading, colouring with earth tones and using natural made paints from the environment. The artwork the children created was fantastic, a great team effort! 

In Science this week, the children had a brilliant experiment exploring the permeability of different types of soil in science. They predicted whether topsoil, clay soil or rocky soil would allow the most water through. After using their observations skills and having a class discuss about their findings, the children wrote up their science investigation. 

They all deserve a well-earned break. Have lots of fun and stay safe! See you all soon. 

Year 3 team

W/B 10.10.2022

In English, this week the children have been continuing with our class text 'The Heart in the Bottle.' We studied the authors choice of language and construction of the sentences. Key focuses were on making multi clause sentences, adding the suffix ly and ness to change the meaning of the words. This week we have had a big focus on handwriting, and this will continue next week. 

In Math's, we started to look at subtraction. We started off with simple subtraction before moving on to subtraction where renaming is required

In Art this week, the children have created their own cave wall with lentils and sand. Once it was full dry and hard, the children practiced their wildlife drawing sketches on textured paper they created just like the Stone Age people. The pictures were fantastic. 

Year 3 enjoyed watching Year 4’s harvest assembly this week. It was great to hear about where all our school family's food donations will be given to this year and the celebrate the importance of harvest time. Year 3 children came back into class singing all the songs from the assembly.  Well done Year 4!

The children enjoyed their KABs session with Adam this week! They loved being outside and taking part in the communication games and the competitiveness of the tasks.

On Friday Year 3 took part in our computing project with Knowlsey CLC. 

Can't believe its week 6 of 7 already! 

Have a great weekend everyone and see you next week for our final week before the holidays. 

Year 3 team 

W/B 03.10.2022

This week in English we have started to read our new class text 'The Heart in the Bottle.' It is a beautiful story about a little girl who loves some very special and her world changes but how can she get back to being herself again. We have been focusing on prefixes un, mis and dis and the suffixes 'ous', The children then used these to change the meaning of root words and write them in context sentences about the main character in the story. The children also explored how to shade vocabulary and provide better choices in their writing. 

In Maths, we have been continuing to practice column addition with 3 digit numbers and renaming. 

In Science, we have continued our learning about rocks. This week, we explored the rock cycle. The children learnt about the cycle using chocolate and demonstrated each process using heat and pressure. 

The week was the start of Black History Month 2022. The children listened to inspiring story ‘The Story of ‘Ruby Bridges.’ The children were fascinated to learn about this true story, of such a brave and courageous girl. We discussed her famous quotes through the rest of her life and the importance of how her actions had helped make a historical change. Together we created our own personal quotes to live by in the future to help stamp out racism. The children started to learn about British. people who are ensuring there is a change in our society towards racism by their actions and using their platform to do so. Year 3 have been studying Raheem Stirling. The class really enjoyed learning about his amazing achievements, as well as all the work he is doing for the No Room for Racism campaign in football. 

Have a great weekend.

W/B 29.09.2022

We have been busy in Maths this week, we continued to learn the skill of adding a multiple of 10 and 100 to a 3 digit number. The children are brilliant now at using different methods to solve the problems I give them including using a place value chart, column addition and number bonds. We also looked at column addition to add two 3 digit numbers together. 

In PE, the children have been playing multi-skills games to help with ball skills, teamwork and competitiveness. 

This week in Art, the children learnt two new skills. The first, was how to scale up our British wildlife drawings from a previous week and to add texture with crushed charcoal. They then added detailed and shading with the charcoal. The children also used natural objects we found in the school grounds and tried to use the pigments to create natural colours. After exploring, the children found objects that were better than others and ones that needed some water to bring out the pigment. After, we learnt how to make our own paint using flour and water and then added the pigment. Next week, we will be using these paints and our wildlife drawings to create cave art. 

Well done to all Year 3 this week for delivering your European Day of Languages Assembly. They were all amazing. It is so lovely to learn from the children in our very own class about the different languages they speak and to share our new Spanish learning to the whole school. Everyone loved our numbers to 10 rap song in Spanish. Before they started, they told me how nervous they were to stand up in front of an audience as you had never done it before. (grrrrrr COVID) You should be proud of yourselves! You smashed it!

Have a great weekend everyone. 


W/B 19.09.22

The week started off very exciting! The children arrived to school with tyres, ropes, fruit, leaves and twigs all over the playground, with the police investigating what has happened! Who could have created this mess? Why are they in our across? Are they still here? We had  a special visit from a certain hairy character called Thomas.  The children met and interacted with Thomas. We were immersed in a story following Thomas’s life. During the story, Year 3 created an emotional attachment with Thomas and his home, exploring the positive and negative impacts of human behaviours on our world. Year 3  then explored a range of differentiated vocabulary to use in their writing outcomes for the week ahead.

The second workshop they took part in, focused on expanding vocabulary and encouraging the children to verbally discuss ideas that transfer into writing, using a green screen to ignite their imaginations. Year 3 become explorers in the rainforest and delved into a range of vocabulary and sentence structures whilst overcoming dangerous threats on their journey.

Following on from the visit, back in class the children created Save the Rainforest posters and planned and wrote a letter to Liz Truss to ask for help and talk about their learning of the decline in the rainforests and gorilla population. Excellent work was produced by all!

In Maths this week, we have been focusing on adding ones to a 3 digit number and making addition and subtraction families. The children very quickly understood about commutative law and were able to complete the activities for the rest of the week independently. 

The children signed up to the after school clubs, multi-skills and STEM club have been very excited to share what they have been up to. 

 Have a great weekend 

Year 3 team


W/B 12.09.22

This week we had our parents welcome meeting. Thank you to everyone who attended. It was a great opportunity to have an informal discussion about the exciting year ahead, expectations for Year 3 and to answer any questions. 

To celebrate International Day of Democracy we voted for our class school councillor.  

In English, we have continued the circus theme and the text 'Leon and the Place Between.' We have focused on word classes, adverbial phrases and direct speech in our writing. 

In Maths, the children have been learning to count in multiples of 50, recognise and describe a number pattern and find 10 more/10 less and 100 more/ 100 less of a 3 digit number. 

This week, we started our new Art unit all about Prehistoric Art. The children studied cave painting and discussed what colours were used, what they could see in the pictures, where they thought the artwork would have been painted and why they thought only certain colours were used. The children then began to practice the first step in creating their own prehistoric art by practicing the skill of line drawing. We chose British wildlife to practice our line drawings and adding simple line detail. I was so impressed!

We continued our History unit 'Stone Age.' We enjoying learning about archaeological roles in uncovering the past. We even had our own archaeological dig in class and found lots of evidence of pre-historic life, including flint arrow heads and stone hammer heads.

Our Science unit is all about rocks! This week we carried out a science investigation to find out the best rock to be used for different purposes based on their properties. The children made predictions, used various pieces of equipment and used key vocabulary when making their observations. We then wrote up all our findings as an investigation. 

On Friday the children asked to do something in memory of the Queen. The children wanted to write sympathy cards to the royal family, create portraits and wrote letters to King Charles 111.  The children wrote lovely words in the lead up to having time off on Monday for the Her Majesty's funeral. 

Have a great weekend everyone. 

Year 3 team

W/B 05.09.22

What a great start to the year we have had! Year 3, I am so proud of how you have all returned to school ready and excited for the new year to start. You have really impressed me this week. 

We started off our first week with a whole school circus theme. The class got to take part in a fun circus skills session. We looked the how to use our balance and coordination to complete the tricks. Everyone had lots of fun at the session. 

Our English lessons have all been centered around the beautiful text 'Leon and the Place Between.' A story about a boy who loves all the wonders of the circus.  We have been looking at different sentence types and using these to create our own persuasive circus posters. We have also been looking at word classes and creating our own descriptive sentences with more impact and clarity with the vocabulary we choose. 

In Maths, we reviewed our knowledge of place value from Year 1 and Year 2 and then moved forward in our learning. We looked at counting in 100's, understanding the value of the digits in a three digit number and compared and ordered three digit numbers. 

This week we have also introduced our new History unit  about the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. The focus of this week was understanding just how long ago these time periods were. We used a timeline to locate the time periods studied and looked in relation to previous units taught and where these all fit in time. 

Finally at the end of the week we all received the sad news about Her Majesty the Queen death. We held a whole school remembrance assembly, spent some time to learn about her life and took time to remember the rock and stay to which modern Britain was built on. We will continue next week with remembrance activities. 

Enjoy your weekend

Year 3 team


Summer  1 Notices

In School Sports Sessions

PE days in Year 3 this term - Monday 


After school clubs

  • Monday -KS2 Dance 3.30 -4.30
  •  Tuesday - Y3/Y4 Cricket  8.00 -8.50
  • Thursday Rounders 3.30-4.30



Parents Welcome Meeting