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Welcome to Year 6 

Miss Brown's Class


WB 4/03/24

Year 6 have made an incredible effort in their costume choices for World Book Day this week! We’ve had a crew of Harry Potter stars, footballers and Alice in Wonderland cast. We loved spending time with some of parents and careers during our Booky Breakfast and sharing our favourite reading books with them. We had a lovely walk to the Library on Thursday, many of our eager children went away with a bag full of books! Many children and a form to complete with parents, so that they could return at a later date. We each also enjoyed an author and illustrator Workshop with Jenny Carmel who writes the series of books including  “The day my Dog got famous!” We are going to get a copy for class!

have a lovely weekend

The Year 6 team


WB 26/02/24

This week the children have demonstrated growing maturity. They are taking on new roles and responsibilities and taking more ownership for their learning. 

We have enjoyed our Science unit ‘Light’, learning all about how light travels and how shadows are formed. We have been working scientifically to explore the theories of how the distance of light can affect the shape formed by a shadow. We concluded that the further away the light source from the object, the smaller the shadow was. The children found it interesting that the shadow only. Relates an outline of the object. 

In DT, we have started to measure, cut and assemble our wooden structures for our Automata toys. The children have come up with some incredible design and we are eager to see their development over the upcoming weeks!

Have a lovely weekend everyone,

The Year 6 Team x

WB 19/02/24

The children have returned to school positively and are looking forward to the rest of their Y6 journey. We have seen some amazing attitudes to learning and the children are trying their best to reach their targets.

In History we started our new unit, learning all about Islamic Civilisation. We looked at how this civilisation came about and the differences between life in Britain, after the fall of the Roman Empire, and life in Baghdad. We looked at how their advances in maths and science have impacted us today.

In PE we took part in our first yoga sessions while others continued on their swimming journey. In yoga, we learned how yoga concentrates on the body and mind and learned some new poses. We have some work to do to completely relax during these sessions but we discussed how important taking time out is and are hoping to use our session positively next week.

In maths we looked at the relationship fractions, decimals and percentages have and started working really hard on our skills for working percentages of given numbers.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

The Year 6 Team x

Spring 1

We celebrated Safer Internet Day and Diversity Week this week.

Tocelebrate  diversity week, we listened to the story '1000 Dresses' by Marcus Ewert. We talked about the questions this book raised and discussed the importance of acceptance, love, support and equality for everyone. We then created a book review. Most of the class gave the story 4 or 5 stars! On Friday, all the class cam dressed in different colours and performed a meaningful song. Year 6JB impressed with 'Sing' from Gary Barlow.


During Safer Internet week, the children joined in a virtual assembly all about GEN AI and how to use it safely. The children loved this lesson and learnt so much about how it works! We created information and safety posters about GEN AI after the virtual assembly. On Thursday, we had our whole school internet safety assembly with Miss Brown. The children shared their class learning from the week and watched a safety rule videos created by some pupils in KS1 and KS2

Our silent disco was a huge success with the children, and teachers.  The children had a ball dancing away to completely different genres of music! It was lovely to see them all have such an incredible time socialising and dancing away.

Have a great half term everyone. 

The Year 6 Team x

WB 29/01/24

This week we have been celebrating all things Maths as we got involved in NSPCC’s Number Day in many different way throughout the week. We celebrated by taking part in a Hat Parade where everyone made a fantastic effort creating their number hats. We also took part in some maths challenges which Stan decided to hide in some tricky places around our playgrounds. The children worked brilliantly to find and answer these. Finally, on Friday we dressed up, once again showing off our creative side, we even had some real life calculators. Well done everyone, great efforts.

In science we have been further developing our knowledge of electricity, looking at various hypothesis and carrying out experiments to test our predictions out. We’ve loved this unit. 
One more week of hard work before our well earned half term everyone.

Have a great weekend.

The Year 6 Team x

WB 22/01/24

We have worked hard this week in Year 6.

In English we have been using Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species to support our writing of non-chronological reports. We have been working hard to create the shape of our unit in order to help us. We are looking forward to completing these and even putting our creative side into our final piece.

In computing this week, we have been looking at the key vocabulary you need to know when coding? The children have really enjoyed this unit to date and are looking forward to further developing their coding skills.

We had another great Art lesson this week as we discussed the effect of light and dark on an object. We drew some items considering carefully how to draw it using our new technique 'chiaroscuro', a technique used by Leonardi Di Vinci.

Have a wonderful weekend Year 6.

The Year 6 Team x

WB 15/1/24


We’ve had a busy week in Year 6.

The children loved this week and made wonderful use of our fabulous school grounds having fun in the snow.

In maths we have been continuing to build on our decimal knowledge ,looking at multiplying numbers with two decimal places by integers. We’ve been paying particular attention to each step in our method, looking closely at the value of each digit.

In PE we worked together to complete some tricky tasks. After some attempts we soon realised that we relied on one another more than we thought to achieve the objective. We loved this session, having plenty of laughs along the way.

In Art, we continued looking at Mayan art, this week looking closely at way symbols and what they were used for. We looked at work by Dan Fenelon and tried to recreate one of his pieces. Some wonderful art skills shining though each week. Well done Year 6!

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

The Year 6 team x

WB 08/01/24

Welcome back everyone! It was lovely to see all the children and hear about their exciting Christmas holidays. 

This week has been all about reflecting on 2023 and setting goals for the year ahead. We lead learning council discussions across school about setting goals for 2024 and supported some of our younger peers in settling 'SMART' targets.

In RE, we have started our unit  by reflecting on our own achievements in the past twelve months and identifying where guidance was needed to accomplish these. The children interviewed each other to discover who we might seek guidance from when our goals challenge us. We will compare this with Islam when we learn about how and who Muslims seek guidance from in their religion.

. In Geography, we started to learn about the history of Trade around the world.  We explored the movement to globalisation, which is the process of the world’s countries becoming more connected as a result of international trade and cultural exchange. Then, we discussed why we would trade with countries so far away from the UK.

In Science, the children investigated the key elements of electrical circuits and recapped our knowledge on the symbols used when drawing these.

Have a great weekend everyone

The Year 6 Team x

Autumn 2

WB 18/12/2023

We have now completed our DT unit. Mrs. Holcroft and Mrs Mavers will find it extremely difficult to decide between our unique and exciting ideas for a new playground. Completing our model playgrounds required a high level of perseverance and accuracy when measuring, cutting and gluing our designs together. The children were incredibly mature when using the glue guns and saws to ensure that everybody was safe in the process. We are extremely proud of our finished results. 

Christmas festivities are in full swing in Year 6! Our hard work really paid off as our Merry Mayhem performances have been a hit! We have enjoyed welcoming many of our parents, grandparents and guardians in to sing along to songs from all of our favourite Christmas films! We have also enjoyed our Christmas party day, making advent calendars and Christmas cards.

We are now ready for a break with our family and friends. 

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and look forward to seeing you all in the New Year! 




WB 11/12/2023

This week, our practice sessions are in full  swing for our exciting Christmas performance. All the children have worked incredibly hard learning their songs and lines in some cases ready to all be put together with other year groups. The children can't wait to perform for their families and friends next week. 

Some children have been learning the cornet in their music lessons and this week they performed for the class and showed off their new musical talent and performed 'Jingle Bells' with great confidence. 

The Christmas festivities have begun with a Christmas Jumper and dinner day last week, as well as our Whole class trip to Gulliver's World! Now we have enjoyed a puppet show on Thursday, with lots of singing and laughing at the 18 different puppets that created the Christmas story. 

During our PE lessons, we have been continuing to improve our fitness and endurance with a circuit of exercises using our new OPAL Playground tyres. The children were surprised at how much energy was required to lift and move tyres and came up with creative excercises which worked a range muscle groups.

Have a fabulous weekend!x


 W/B 06/11/2023

Another busy week has come to an end in Year 6.

In computing we started our new unit, a VR World. This unit is all about the VR world and this week we were looking at the impacts VR and AR are having on our world. We discussed how exciting this can be and all really looking forward to continuing our learning in this unit.

In maths, we’ve looking at fractions. We’ve discussed what we already know about fractions and all realised how important our learning about common factors and multiples is for this area of maths. Times tables and their importance is weaved into almost every area of our learning.

In English we have been looking at persuasive writing, discussing the positive language and elements of exaggeration that are required in order to produce a great persuasive brochure. I’ve loved reading the many rhetorical questions and I am ready to set off to South America immediately having read the children’s final pieces.

We’ve also started our new DT unit this week. I cannot wait to watch the children learn new skills during our DT unit and transform their playground design ideas into a 3D version. Their ideas were amazing during our first lesson and they even used peer assessment to help give advice on how their friends could improve their design.

Wonderful efforts this week Year 6, well done. 
Have a great weekend everyone x

W/B 23/10/2023

That's it, our first half term in Year 6 is done :-)

This week we finished our wonderful poems which were based on readings from The Book of Hopes. We created our very own poems in the style of The Hope-o-potamus. The children included a range of writing techniques and we were very impressed with their outcomes. Well done everyone, this was not easy but you persevered and tried your very best.

In computing we completed our unit, My Digital Life,  which helped to improve our knowledge of the risks of online usage and it
developed the skills we need when using online services. We enjoyed many whole class discussions about certain situations that may arise when online and all children had the opportunity to think critically about their online lives. The e-books created by the children were absolutely fantastic.

The children enjoyed being part of the whole school celebration for Black History Month. This year the theme was 'Saluting Our Sisters' and each class worked hard to inform the assembly of how their significant person has influenced and made contributions to changing world music. The song performed by each class was absolutely wonderful. Well done Grange Valley and Mrs Dolman for a lovely assembly.

You have all worked hard this half term, we hope you enjoy your break and are all excited about our new half term :-)

The Year 6 team x

W/B 16/10/2023

Can you believe we almost finished our first half term of Year 6 everyone?

Year 6 have been enjoying this Art unit and this week they worked on replicating a famous painting in a photographic way. Edvard Munch would be proud of their efforts. It was lovely to see the children using their skills to complete this and also how much fun they had doing it. 

In English we have been looking at The Hope-o-potamus based on the poem by Greg James and Chris Smith which is from the book ‘A Book of Hopes’. This is a beautiful book and one we would highly recommend. We looked at creating a jigsaw shape for our poem  and discussed how the shape would support us to build our own poem. We explored the ideas around what ‘Hope’ is, what does is look like, feels, how is it represented, does it just occur on its own or do we need to look for and
create hope in difficult situations? This was a great topic to discuss with the children.

In PE this week we looked at conflict and bouncing back.  We worked in small teams and it was wonderful to see how the children have been using their skills learnt in previous lessons to support them this week. Despite the tasks being tricky, they were able to work on conflicts for peaceful solutions, agreeing with their peers on how to best achieve the objectives, They reviewed ideas that were not working in order to build something successful. I was very proud of you all.

Don't forget it is our Halloween Party on Tuesday evening :-) Let's get spooky Year 6.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

The Year 6 team x



Year 6 have had a super busy week including having the pleasure of watching Year 3's Languages assembly where our retrieval skills were put the the test! We were so impressed that we decided to recap our Spanish learning so far with a quiz, before continuing our learning about every day language. On Monday Father Dan visited the class to support our learning about Christianity. He explained the key teachings of forgiveness by exploring the disciples relationship with Jesus. The children were extremely intrigued about his role in the church and are eager to welcome him back later in the year!

In Science we learnt about the composition of blood. We made a model blood using yellow dyed water for plasma, dyed cheerios for red blood cells, mints for white blood cells and rice for platelets.  Lots of fun was had exploring the colour transformations when oxygen is combined and taking "blood samples"! Then the children created their own instructions on how to make blood, ready for Halloween for those families which celebrate!

We celebrated National Mental Health Day this week. To finish off our very busy day the children watched a video about the importance of looking after our mental health like we do our physical health. The children talked about their happy feelings and worries that they were currently experiencing. To finish the session off we learnt how to do belly breathing to help look after our minds. We also took part in a whole school council session with other classes to discuss mental health. 



we have had another busy week in Year 6!

This week we have been practising methods for long multiplication and short division. We have also been breaking down the vocabulary in different word problems in order to identify the correct operation needed to find the answer. Our English lessons have consisted of planning and writing our end of unit narrative based on Shaun Tans’ ‘The Arrival’. The children have shown great maturity using thesaurus and editing stations for punctuation, grammar, vocabulary and sentence structure to edit and draft their work. Next week we will make our final edits. We’re looking forward to seeing the final pieces!

During our Science lessons, Year 6 have been continuing their learning on the circulatory system. As a class, we made a model of the process of the gas exchange in our bodies: how the lungs produce oxygen which is carried by our blood cells. The children have been using their previous lessons knowledge of the circulatory system to explore how the structure of each component supports its function. Next week we will be making blood!

We have been continuing our work with LFC by starting our campaign against Knife crime. The children chose to identify the dangers of knife crime and the impact it has in our wider life. They are currently working hard to create posters which can be used in our school and local area. 

we have lots to look forward to over the upcoming weeks, including a visit from Father Dan,  some exciting Science experiments and our Halloween discos!




Can you believe we have completed another week in Year 6? 
This week in our classroom we have continued to learn about The Americas,  concentrating on our previous knowledge of lines of latitude and longitude and building on this to support our new learning. We went on to compare different locations and used the maps to identify where they were. We compared climates, biomes and terrain. We are looking forward to our next lesson when we will be taking part in some fieldwork in our local area. 
In Art this week. We have been exploring Weston’s depictions and created our own focusing on line and shading for effect. In PE we have been enjoying our time in the pool, practising those skills necessary to stay safe in the water and working on our skills in order to swim 25m unaided. We have also been working on our organisation skills when we showed resilience in organising one another to complete some problem solving challenges all while using our time effectively.

In English we looked at using relative clauses in our work when we created some unusual creatures and went on to write some fantastic reports on these new creatures. These lessons allowed our wonderful imaginations to be explode onto the pages. 
We are really enjoying reading Holes by Louis Sachar, learning all about how Stanley is using his understanding of others to help him survive at Camp Green Lake. We cannot wait to see what is come for Stanley as we continue to read on.

Have a great weekend everyone and don’t forget to read as much as possible at home in order to earn some stamps towards a reward.

The Year 6 team x



18/9 /23

This week the children have worked extremely hard demonstrating that they have the POWERS in our core and wider curriculum lessons. 
During Maths lessons, Year 6 have been exploring now the order of operations affects a number sentence. They learnt from an investigation activity that there is an order to completing operations and used BODMAS to remind them of this when completing calculations. 
Year 6 have continued their Arrival writing, This week they have enjoyed learning about idioms and sharing their favourites that they have heard at home! They applied these in a play script which presented to each other, demonstrating their fantastic drama skills! 
Over the past couple of weeks, the children have been working with FUNDA coaches as a Cohort, FUNDA have been working with them to improve their team work shills through a collaborative activity. The children worked in their house colours to complete challenges in order to complete a Jigsaw. 
We also had an inspiring assembly from Brychall academy, one of our local High schools. They demonstrated how the children will apply their Stan and Rhea powers in further education. We have lots of excited children eager to attend their open evening!

All children have completed their first lot of homework too, so earned a prize from Miss Brown! Keep up the great work Year 6. 


W/b 11/09/23

This week the children have been settling into their routines and busy timetable and showing how resilient they are. 
In maths this week the children have been refining their knowledge of place value, working with numbers between 1 000 000 and 10 000 000. We looked at reading and writing numbers to 10 000 000 using place-value counters, numerals and words as well as rounding and comparing numbers to 10 000 000
In English we were using Shaun Tan’s ‘The Arrival’. This picture book is a beautiful representation of the difficulties a migrant might endure when moving to a new place. We used thesauruses to help us 
build a bank of synonyms and looked closely at our basic skills when describing plot points in the story. 
Some of our children have been taking part in swimming lessons where they are becoming more confident in the water and working towards being able to swim 25m unaided. Others have been taking part in PE lessons where they have been working on their communication and teamwork skills during a variety of activities. 
Year 6 had they first session with LFC Foundation as part of the #iwill campaign. They loved working with Rob to come up with an issue that they feel needs addressing for young people. We cannot wait to see how much progress they make over the coming weeks.

We are very proud of your efforts this week, have a wonderful weekend everyone.

The Year 6 team x


Spring 2

19/02/24- School re-opens
07/03/24 World Book Day
06/03/24 National Careers Week
08/03/24 International Women's Day
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28/03/ 24 School closes for half term