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Welcome to Year 5JK - Mr Kearney's Class

WC 22.05.23

 Our final week of Summer 1 term and I am really proud of how much the children have achieved.

In maths, we have been reflecting shapes more than once through vertical and horizontal lines. The class are increasing in confidence identifying mirror lines. We then moved onto our new topic of measurements. Children have been converting metres to centimetres and vice versa.

In English, class are planning and writing their independent writing based on the Nowhere Emporium. The children have written the next four plot points to create their own version of the story. Some wonderful imaginations and ideas!

In Spanish, children were learning the names of the planets and adjectives to describe them.

In Science, children have been learning about water resistance and how different shapes might move through the water at different speeds depending on their shape. We have also completed forces topic. We concluded by looking the mechanisms: levers, pulleys and gears. We carried out a mini investigation to see what would happen to a leaver if we moved the pivot closer to the object we were lifting. We also carried out a true and false quiz.

On Friday, our class represented Australia in the Eurovision assembly! Thank you for helping the children to learn Kylie Minogue's Locomotion, there were some great voices and dance moves.

Have a great half term break.

Mr Kearney

WC 15.05.23

 A very busy week for Year 5JK!

Following the class being introduced to translation, we have furthered pupils understanding using practical resources.

In maths, children have been learning about reflection. They used a mirror line to flip polygons and draw the reflected image. They class have been much more confident with this type of transformation. Well done! 

In geography, we have been researching mountain climates to find similarities, differences and why it differs the further up the mountain you go.

In RE, Father Dan visited us to share why he is a Christian and discussed other beliefs. He also discussed the trinity and what it is, linked to our RE topic this term.

In PATHS, the class had a mental health practitioner visit to talk about mental health and taught us several different coping techniques. It was great to see the children really engaged and responding in a very positive way.

In art this term we are focusing on painting and mixed media portraits. This week's lesson was called poem portraits. 

Have a great weekend

Mr Kearney

WC 08.05.23

Another shorter week, we hope you all enjoyed celebrating the coronation with the long weekend!

The children have worked really hard this week.

In English, the children have continued their work on the nowhere emporium. They have been reflecting on the story, how characters might be feeling and how they know this from the language used in the text.

In geography, we have continued our topic of Mountains. This week, children labelled the different features of mountain ranges and then chose 3 of the words to research to find the definition using books and computers.

In maths, we have been familiarising ourselves with terms and reintroduced terms polygon, regular and irregular and 2D shapes. This is helping us to build a foundation for our continued topic of Geometry. The children did brilliantly working through the interactive board to identify the right shapes and terms. We also worked on arithmetic skills. These are key skills they need to help them in all areas of maths.

In science, we have continued our work based on forces. The class made paper aeroplanes to understand the effects of air resistance and took to the outdoors to test them out. The children had great fun and got a little competitive.

In Spanish, the children have been creating questions and answers about someone's identity such as hair and eye colour. It is great to see the children becoming more confident with their conversations. 

Have a fantastic weekend

Mr Kearney

WB 01.05.23

 A shorter week this week for Year 5JK, but this didn't stop the class from working hard and achieving lots!

In English, we have continued work on The Nowhere Emporium text.

In maths, we have worked on identifying angles within quadrilaterals. The children have showed great enthusiasm for this topic and it is great to see the class becoming more comfortable with the geometry topic. 

In Geography this week, we have  completed our second lesson on mountains, focusing on those in the UK.

In Science, we have introduced our new topic, forces. We have begun to investigate gravity, looking at how air resistance plays a part in objects falling to the ground.

The class have also been preparing for the coronation celebrations. Having completed a special lesson writing a letter about why they would be a suitable King or Queen. The children have also created their own crown in preparation for the coronation assembly held on Friday.

Have a great weekend!

Mr Kearney

WB 24.04.23

 What a great second week back into our Summer term. 

In English, a strange door appeared in the class. Using drama the children acted out how they might approach the door and used FANTASTIC feelings to imagine what might be behind it! This is linked to our new book ‘The Nowhere Emporium’.

In maths, our continued work on Geometry saw teamwork in full flow as the class measured and drew angles and lines. 

In geography we set up our mountain information station for the class as we started our new geography topic. We started with the children using their mapping skills, labelling the mountain ranges found in Europe.

In science, the class learnt about asexual reproduction in plants. The pupils were given cuttings from a plant to see if the plant will self reproduce.

In computing, children learned about vlogging and how this is used by content creators on the internet to attract audiences. The children learned how to make a vlog and what techniques can be used to make it interesting.

In PE this term we are learning all about athletics. This week, children worked on their technique when running and throwing.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the bank holiday.

Mr Kearney


WB 17.04.23

 Welcome back! This week sees the beginning of our Summer term and the children have all worked very hard this week.

In English, the children have continued their work on 'I believe in Unicorns' and after completing all plot points based on the textthe class are planned and wrote their own version of the story this week.

In maths, children have been learning about geometry, particularly focusing on the use of a protractor. This has been a tough new skill but it is fantastic to see the children never giving up!

In History, the class have concluded their history topic ‘Britain at war’. In this lesson, the class researched how Liverpool was targeted during World War Two and created a fact file poster. We will begin our new topic in Geography of Mountains next week.

In PSHE, we learned about body image and understanding that everyone is different. We also learned about emergency aid, talking about what to do in an emergency situation and CPR.

Thank you for all of your hard work and perseverance this week Year 5JK.

Have a great weekend

Mr Kearney



What a brilliant final week of Spring term 2!

This week the children have worked really hard and shown some great progress in lots of topics.

In English we continued our work on 'I believe in Unicorns'. The children completed work based on verbs, metaphors, similes and relative clauses and recreated the community book save.

In maths, we concluded our work on percentages and started our geometry topic. We have focused specifically on angles and will continue with this topic after the Easter holidays. .

In food technology children made their very own bolognaise sauce based on their learning throughout the term. It was great to see the class taking such great care in the preparation and cooking of ingredients...it tasted delicious!

In Spanish, children have continued learning about clothing, specifically looking at how to describe what we wear using verbs. 

In computing we have learned about you tubers and how they make money. The children have looked at different types of content created for the online platform. 

In science, we have continued our topic of living things and their habitats. This week, we have focused on sexual reproduction in animals, matching up the statements with pictures to describe mammalian reproduction.  

In PSHE we focused on understanding the effects of alcohol. Children pieced together a jigsaw puzzle with statements of how alcohol can effect behaviour and health.

We also had a fantastic author visit this week. Author Mark Sanders and his dog Bandit visited us. He read Monty and the land of Dinodogs.

I am really proud of how hard everyone has worked in our Spring term.

Have a great Easter break and I look forward to seeing you all in the Summer term.

Mr Kearney

WC 20.03.23

This week, the children have been busy working very hard indeed.

In English, we started our new book after concluding war poetry. Children had an experience day using ww2 items to begin our new book for English ‘I believe in unicorns’

In maths we concluded our work on decimals by applying our theory to real life situations. We then introduced percentages building upon our learning of fractions and decimals. Children used 100 squares to challenge their partner to convert between them.

In dance the children carried out a lesson based on Oliver Twist. 

In Spanish we worked on creating sentences based on clothing. The children enjoyed playing a game which helped them with sentence structure and matching up items with the right vocab.

In History, we recapped the work we did on PALS last week and continued looking at WW2, using sources to expand our knowledge of what the Battle of Britain was and what the turning point for Britain was. 

For music this week we had a wonderful morning assembly. The drummer plumber visited to discuss music and answer questions from the children.

Well done Year 5JK!

Have a great weekend

Mr Kearney

WC 13.03.23

Another great week for Year 5JK!

In English, we concluded our work on war poetry. The children wrote their own emotive poems based on the pieces they have learned about over the past 2 weeks.

In maths, we finished up our work on decimals, focusing on adding and subtracting. It has been great to see the children's understanding of decimals improve over the term and confidence with decimals increasing. Our next topic will be percentages starting next week.

In History, we learned about the St Helens PALS. The children learned about what local soldiers experienced during the war. We looked at The Great War Diary of St Helen Pals, the 11th Battalion South Lancashire Regiment, following their journey through France and Flanders from 1914 to 1918.

In RE, we continued learning about Jesus. The children wrote a news article based on miracles performed by Jesus.  

We concluded our week with our second trip to the library on Friday. This week, the focus was world war two. Children got to try on a gas mask and ask plenty of questions about what life was like during the war.

Have a great weekend

Mr Kearney

WC 06.03.23

We are already half way through Spring term 2 and the children have been working very hard indeed.

In English, we have continued our learning on war poetry. We looked at figurative language using the abbreviation SHAMPOO, similes, hyperbole, alliteration, metaphors, personification, onomatope and oxymoron.

In maths, we have continued work on decimals and money focusing on addition, subtraction and ordering.

In history, we looked at why WW1 started. The children ordered events and then chose two causes that they thought were the most important reason for the start of WW1 and explained why in detail. 

 In science, compared similarities and differences between life cycles.

In PSHE, we had our PATHS lead Lisa visit our class to introduce a new topic area ‘Dealing with Gossip’.

In RE, we learned about Jesus miracle, the calming of the sea.

We also had our first of two visits to the library learning all about WW1. The children enjoyed discovering more about the topic as part of their history unit and took part in a brilliant WW1 workshop!

Have a great weekend

Mr Kearney

WC 27.02.23

 What another fantastic week for Year 5JK.

We celebrated world book day this week, with some fantastic outfits from all of the class and staff and a brilliant booky breakfast with parents on Friday morning! It was great to see the effort and creativity in all of the children's costumes.

In English, we have been learning about features of poems, looking at rhymes, metaphors, onomatope and similes. The topic of our poems has been war.

In our first history lesson this term, we discussed several wars that involved Britain. The children made predictions about the chronological order of the events based on clues from the information. Children also discussed the meaning of the key words: war, democracy, allies and truce.

In maths, we have continued work on decimals. The class used place value grids to order the numbers in ascending and descending order.

In RE, we continued our learning about miracles. Father Dan came in and spoke to the class about different types of miracles.

Have a great weekend

Mr Kearney

WC 20.02.23

Welcome back to Spring 2 term!

We have had a very busy start to the term this week. We celebrated pancake day with an assembly where teachers got to demonstrate their pancake flipping skills!

The children have started their assessments for English and maths. We also started our new maths topic decimals. It was especially great to have some of the parents come to see how we teach maths in our parent workshop on Thursday.

In science, we started our new topic, Living things and their habitats. Children learned about life cycles and spent time in groups classifying animals.

In RE we started our new topic of Christianity - Jesus. This week we have looked at miracles and what the word miracle might mean. 

In design and technology, this term we are covering the topic of food. This week, children learned about seasonal foods in preparation for some tasting and designing sessions later in the term.

 Have a great weekend

Mr Kearney

WC 6.02.23

Our final week of Spring 1 term.

In English, we have continued with our book Percy Jackson. We have looked at how language can indicate change in location, mood and emotions, the use of descriptive and formal language and have begun planning for our own extended narrative.

In maths, we have concluded our work on fractions. The children have worked very hard this half term using lots of different ways to work with fractions and it has been great to see the effort and successes on a tricky topic. Well done Year 5JK.

In reading, we have worked on the book #Goldilocks which teaches the children about the importance of being careful with social media behaviour and how use of social media can have consequences.

In art, we have continued with learning about installation art, creating our own interactive installation using every day classroom and school equipment and making it into installation art!

In RE, we had our final lesson on Hinduism, looking at truths, playing the two truths and a lie game together and relating this to how the truth might guide us, as Krishna guides Hindus.

We had our final lesson of swimming on Thursday. It has been brilliant to see the children grow in confidence in the water.

Have a great half term and see you in Spring 2!

Mr Kearney


WC 30.01.23

It has been national story telling week this week! In assembly, we looked at stories from across the world and on Tuesday, we held a bedtime reading story event where children could come to school in PJs.

In English, we have continued our work on Percy Jackson, We have looked at the Camp Half-Blood map from the book and used preposition phrases to build a descriptive passage for it. We have also looked at predicting what might happen in future chapters, writing in the style of the author and started to look at a range of cohesive devices.

In maths, we have continued our work on fractions and it has been fantastic to see the children able to use different methods and being successful in their understanding. 

In science, we have tackled the topic of reversible and irreversible changes to materials. We experimented with different melting chocolate, burning a candle, putting bicarbonate of soda into vinegar and toasting bread to find out which changes were reversible and irreversible!


Well done Year 5JK

Mr Kearney

WC 23.01.23

Another great week for Year 5JK!

As part of National Handwriting day, which took place on Monday, the class had the opportunity to have a go at writing in Japanese. They traced letters first and had a go at writing in freehand.

In English, we have started our new text Percy Jackson and the Lightening Flash. Children have used grammar splats, and investigated suffixes to write their own ode...'Ode to an imposter'. Children have also used modal verbs to write in the first person and compared paragraphs to identify changes in moods. 

In maths, we have continued our work on fractions, creating fraction walls to try and further cement children's understanding.

In art, the children have been learning about art installations and have worked together to begin to creating their own art installation and use some ‘explosive’ techniques with materials like powder paint, glitter and liquid paint to create it.

In geography, we have continued our learning about the Rainforest, looking this week at indigenous tribes and creating an information sheet about the Awa tribe. We have also been keeping an eye on our Rainforest in a jar to see how it is growing.

As swimming continues on Thursday afternoons, it is fantastic to see the children's confidence and skills in the water growing each week.

Have a great weekend

Mr Kearney

WC 16.01.23

It's the end of week 3 of Spring 1 term and the children have been busy.

In geography, we have continued learning about the Rainforest, making our own miniature rainforest in a jar. We are excited to see how it grows! We have also been learning about different animals and plants that live and grow in the rainforests.

In maths, we have been continuing to focus on fractions, finding equivalent fractions using pictorial images.

In English, we have been working on creating our own persuasive advert based on our book The Lost Thing. The children have analysed example adverts, looking out for techniques used in advertising, such as use of persuasive and imaginative language, modal verbs, descriptive words, reviews and rhetorical questions to write their own  persuasive advert.

In RE, we have continued learning about Hinduism, this week looking at the celebration Holi. The children learned about what the Holi festival is, it's religious meaning and activities that take place each year to mark it. The children then paired up and carried out TV News style interviews asking and answering questions about Holi celebrations.

In PSHE we have looked at dreams and goals. Children were introduced to lots of different careers and asked to think about what their dreams and goals might be for their own futures.

In Spanish, we have been learning about types of fruit and vegetables and practicing discussion, asking each other what our favourite fruit and vegetables are.

Another great week for Year 5JK.

Have a great weekend.

Mr Kearney

WC 09.01.23

Another great week in Year 5JK!

In maths this week, the children focused on creating fractions using division and converting improper fractions to mixed numbers and vice versa. We have also started to look at equivalent fractions. 

In English, children have been enjoying reading The Lost Thing. Based on this, we have looked at how to use subordinate clauses to begin sentences, using modal verbs and adding extra information using relative clauses.

In science this week, we continued our learning from the last half term looking at properties and changes to materials. We used different methods to separate materials, such as sieving, boiling and magnets. 

In RE, the children are continuing to learn about Hinduism. This week, the children looked at Hindu beliefs about Krishna and what stories about Krishna might teach us. 

In geography, children have continued to learn about Rainforests. This week, we focused on the different layers of the rainforest and what we might find in them. We will make out own mini rainforest in a jar based on what we have learned.

On Thursday afternoon we had swimming lessons and it was great to see the children continuing to grow in confidence in the water. 

Have a great weekend

Mr Kearney


WC 2.01.23

It was great to welcome back the children after their Christmas break and hear all about the fun they have had on their time off. 

In maths this week, the children focused on line graphs. This involved interpreting information. understanding what the X and Y axis represented and answering questions based on some scenarios provided. 

In English, the class concluded their work on Robot Girl, focusing on introduction, suspense writing, problem setting and resolution writing. They thoroughly enjoyed the twist in the story.

In R.E children completed lesson one of their new topic this half term, Hinduism. 

In Geography, we were also introduced to our new topic area, Rainforests, where children learned about the locations of Rainforests.

A short and productive week, welcome back!

Mr Kearney

WC 12.12.22

Well done Year 5JK on a fantastic Winter 2 term...our first full term together is now complete!

There have been lots of Christmas activities this week which has been great to see the children enjoy after all of the hard work they have put in so far this year. The children's performance at their Christmas concert was fantastic and it was brilliant to get to see the KS1 performance too. A big thank you to all parents and carers who came to watch the performances. Your support is appreciated, as always!

We celebrated with our class Christmas party with lots of games, dancing, and fun and said goodbye to our mischievous elf Chippy! 

On Friday, the whole school and parents got together to celebrate the meaning of Christmas and hold our final celebration assembly.

This term I have been proud to see the children's progress in both their learning and behaviours as a class. The children have made fantastic progress in all subjects, but especially in Maths and English. I am looking forward to seeing this continue in 2023. I would also like to say a big congratulations to Year 5JK for receiving the attendance award this half term!

Year 5JK please enjoy a well-earned break over Christmas! You have all worked incredibly hard and I'm so proud of you all. Make lots of memories with your friends and family, I can't wait to hear all about your holidays when we come back to school.

See you in 2023!

Mr Kearney

WC 5.12.22

The class got into the Christmas spirit this week, with the Christmas tree lighting taking place on Tuesday, PJ and hot chocolate on Wednesday and Christmas jumper day on Friday.

The class began learning their songs in preparation for the KS2 Christmas show. 

In English we were introduced to our new book Robot girl, which caught the interest of all students after reading the front cover and the blurb and making predictions of what might happen. 

In maths this week we moved onto reading timetables and reading and interpreting information on a time table. This tested the children's knowledge of time and recapped their learning as well as challenging them. 

Well done on a great week Year5 JK

Mr Kearney

WC 28.11.22

In maths this week we continued our focus on short division with an introduction to long division method as well, enabling the children to make a choice on which method they prefer to use.

In English this week, we concluded our work with Curiosity, with the children writing an application to NASA including their own design for a Mars Rover and justifying why their design should be used on the next mission.

In science, the class looked at soluble and insoluble materials, The children were introduced to the scientific words: solution, soluble and insoluble. They also readdressed the terms fair test and variables. They had fun helping carry out the experiment.

We had a visit from Oakwood Academy discussing what the children can look forward to after Grange Valley.

The elf Chippy has landed in 5JK. Delayed due to poor map reading skills! If only he was in our Geography lessons last half term.

Mr Kearney

WC 21.11.22

This week in our reading comprehension we have been looking at several types of poetry to broaden our understanding and develop the children's vocabulary. This has included looking at the works of Shakespeare and Benjamin Zephaniah.

In English, we have continued with our class text Curiosity. Children revisited features of a newspaper report, watched videos of the Curiosity landing and the reaction from Kennedy Space Centre and Time Square. The children then wrote a report based on these videos using information from the class text. 

In maths we have been continuing our focus on division, primarily using the short division method. 

LFC continued their interesting work, the children really enjoyed it and we have been lucky enough to have a visit from a team GB athlete who shared her story with us and how she managed to make it. We even completed a fitness circuit!

Well done on another great week

Mr Kearney

WC 14.11.22

This week has been assessment week for the pupils, which has been intense, and children have worked very hard. The children completed three maths papers, a reading paper and a spelling test. It was great to see all children trying their best and from this I can see the areas the children have really understood well and the areas for development for the class.

With all this going on, the children still produced excellent art pieces based on space and continued their work with the Liverpool foundation.

In history, the children completed their work on sources and discussed the question ‘Why have the Vikings gained such a bad reputation?’. They identified Viking and Saxon sources and compared how they differed.

As part of Children in Need, children completed a doodle t-shirt and using their fantastic imaginations, created some wonderful ideas.

Well done Year5 JK

Mr Kearney

WC 7.11.22

This week, Year 5JK practiced very hard to deliver a wonderful Remembrance Day assembly. 

In maths this week, we learnt how to multiply 2, 3 and 4 digit numbers by a single digit. Children have been using place value counters, bar models, column method and expanded column method to do this. You can see examples of this in the pictures below.

In English lessons, we continued to complete work based on Curiosity by Markus Motum. We have been learning how to use  -er / -or suffixes to change word types, discussed synonyms for abstract nouns and used suffixes to convert verbs to nouns. Children also completed their writing assessment based on the video Dreamgiver.

Lesson 2 of RE focused how the Qur’an teaches Muslims to lead their lives. Children also learnt that Allah has 99 other names. Children were asked to choose one of them and justify why they made that choice.

In history, we discussed why the Vikings had gained such a bad reputation. Children were introduced to what a source is and learnt that sources can have biased views depending on who wrote it. Children looked at sources to see if they could distinguish between a Saxon and Viking account of the same event.

The children began to create their t-shirt designs with the LFC based on the area they wanted to campaign for.

In art, following on from last weeks lessons, the class used their collagraph plates to make a collagraph print.  

Finally, thank you to all parents and carers who attended parents evening. It was nice to meet you in person.

Have a great weekend.

Mr Kearney

WC 31.10.22

Welcome back to all children, I hope you all had a restful half term. This week, we began several new topic areas. In history, we have started looking at the Vikings and in the first lesson we found out where they came from and why they came to Britain.

In English lessons, we have been using the new book Curiosity by Markus Motum. We have been using model verbs, main and subordinate clauses and formal and informal language.

In maths, we have continued our work on multiplication and division. This week we have been looking at square and cube numbers, multiplying by 10, 100 and 1000 and multiplying 2 and 3 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers. Please ensure your children are using TT Rockstars at home to help their understanding.

In RE, we have begun looking at the Islamic faith. We started by introducing the 5 pillars of Islam and why they are so important for the faith.

We are concluding our art topic based on space. Children gained inspiration from Ties Albers's piece 'Moonwalk'; considering how drawing can be developed through printmaking and creating a collagraph printing plate.  From that the children planned their own futuristic artworks and painted a background using the collagraph plates.

We also had The Liverpool foundation return and continue their work with the class looking at social campaigning.


Mr Kearney

WC 10.10.22

The penultimate week of the term has been busy, and the class have begun to show good progress. In English, we have completed the class text and the children are preparing to write their final piece, a biography based on Philippe Petit. To help the class prepare, the children have been learning about adverbs and adverbial phrases, particularly adverbs of time. Children were taught through the features of a biography with focus on writing in the past tense and writing in the third person.

In art, children have been introduced to different drawing processes. These include:
line drawing, continuous line drawing (using just one line), tonal drawing (using shading or inks to illustrate different tones) and drawing on different backgrounds and textures.

In maths, the class have moved onto a new area of learning ‘multiplication and division’. The children have been learning about the mathematical terms: multiples, factors, and common multiples. Children have been using counters to create arrays to help their understanding.

The LFC foundation attended the class this week and explored the many areas the foundation helps to create a better society. We identified several topics that are good and bad for the society. We then voted on an area within society we would like to focus on and raise awareness.

In science, the class did an investigation using a globe and a torch to show why we have day and night. The keys teachings showed that the earth rotates anti-clockwise, and the tilt of the earth and its orbit all play a key role.

In music, children compared two rock songs and identified common features within both. The class were also introduced to the concept of the pulse within a song.

In PE, children continued to develop their basketball skills and have shown great improvement since the beginning of term.

It has been wonderful to see the growth in all areas of each pupil and I am sure this will continue.

Mr Kearney

WC 3/10/22

Week 5 has concluded, and the class have been working hard in all areas. This week has been the start of Black History Month and Year 5 have been learning about Ruby Bridges and her role in integrating schools in the USA. The children will also be learning about Paul Stephson, community worker, activist and longtime campaigner for civil rights in the next few weeks as part of celebrating this event.  

In English this week, we have continued to do work based on our class text ‘The Man Who Walked Between the Towers’. This week children have learned about figurative language including similes, metaphors, personification, and hyperboles. They have also used expanded noun phrases to describe how Philippe was feeling at certain parts of the story. The children had lots of fun in their role plays as witnesses to his tightrope walk across the towers.  

In maths, Year 5 have learned about subtraction methods and how to subtract using number lines, and concrete materials including place value grids and the column method. Children have been learning how to exchange to help them subtract.  

In geography, the class continued to develop their understanding of mapping by learning about four and six grid references. The children had to plot and identify markers using the references.  

The class have begun their art topic based on space. Children began looking at illustrations from the ‘Space race’ era; exploring how imagery was used and how it influenced art and design; learning the term retrofuturism and evaluating images using knowledge of the formal elements. 

Well done Year 5JK on another great week!


WC 26.09.22

Week 4 completed! Well done Year 5JK. This week has been another busy one with groups of children going out over different days to take part in Bikeability. The purpose of this course is to ensure children can cycle safely on the road. Well done to all who took part! Everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves, despite the heavy downpours and chilly temperatures.

Back in class, we have been reading ‘The man who walked between the towers’ in English. The children have enjoyed the story so far and have been learning several SPAG features including adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions, subjunctives, metaphors, similes and personification. These features will continue to be developed as the children read through the story.

In maths lessons, we have started to develop children’s understanding of addition methods. Children have been learning how to add using number lines, using concreate materials including place value grids and the column method.

In science, as part of children’s topic about earth and space, they have learned about the moon. They have studied how the moon is a satellite of earth and how it rotates on its axis. They also learned about the phases of the moon using the key vocabulary waxing, waning, gibbous and crescent. To help understanding, the children created the phases of the moon using Oreo biscuits.

In other lessons children have been focusing on handwriting, developing their understanding of apostrophes for contractions, and working on arithmetic skills.

Well done Year5 JK

WC 19.9.22


Another busy week in Y5JK. 
On Tuesday, we had a very exciting visit from Thomas the gorilla. We as a school were informed about how human interaction had affected his life and learned about what we could do to help. As a result, we have been planning to write a persuasive letter this week based on reasons for and against zoos. This has involved debate, using persuasive features and identifying letter features. 
In Maths this week we have been focusing on number patterns with five and six-digit numbers.  The children have been introduced to key vocabulary including: ascending, descending, greater and less. Children have been using place value grids to support their understanding and have been creating number lines to justify their thinking. It was great to see the improvement in children's understanding as the week progressed.
In other areas we have looked at feelings in Spanish, compass points in geography and in RE children have been learning about truth and forgiveness.  
Pupil of the day has begun in the class linked to the PATHS programme, if your child is chosen, please add a compliment to the sheet that they bring home. 
Enjoy Grand Final weekend...this applies to most of the class :-)

WC 12.9.22

This week has been extremely busy and the children have worked hard in all areas. In Maths, we continue to focus on place value and comparing and ordering 5 and 6 digit numbers. 

In English, the children have concluded their work on 'Leon and the place between'. All children planned, edited and published a piece of extended writing based on the book. 

In Music, children were introduced to the Bon Jovi song Living on a Prayer. They discussed the music genre, instruments used and whether they liked the song. 

In Geography, children were introduced to ordinate survey maps. As a class we discussed why these maps are used and completed an activity based on the symbols found on these types of maps. 

In Science, we learned about the orbits of the planets around the sun...they thought it was out of this world! 

We elected our school councilor, Harrison. I was blown away by all the children who participated in the election and the speeches they delivered. You can Harrison's speech below, a great example of British values in action.

Mr Kearney

WC 5.9.22

Wow! What a great first week we’ve had in Year 5. We have been busy setting our class expectations of behaviour and learning which will be a focus throughout the year.

We kicked off the week with our Circus immersion day. The children had lots of fun!

We have begun our writing about the class story ‘Leon and the place between’. Children have used persuasive sentences to create invitations and have completed a setting description focusing on SPAG features, nouns, adjectives and the writing technique ‘Show not tell’.

In Maths we have been learning about place value and ordering six-digit numbers. It has been great to see all children trying their best.

What a great start to the year.

Mr Kearney

 Summer Notices

23/04/23 - St George's Day

01/05/23 - Bank Holiday

03/05/23 - Y5 Cricket

04/05/23 - Asthma day

06/05/23 - Kings Coronation 

08/05/23 - Kings Coronation bank holiday

15/05/23 - National walk to school day

23/05/2023 - School Disco


Jewellery: As per the school policy, jewellery is not permitted as part of the uniform. Where earrings are not able to be removed, please ensure they are covered with plaster.