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International Links

October 2023 - Year 3 UK and Spain Link - Traditions at Christmas Project

As a school, we have recently reconnected with our link school in Spain. Year 3 are going to start completing projects over the rest of the year together with their Year 3 class.

We looked up the school on Google Earth and could see how different the environment and school building looked like compared to ours.

In the Autumn term, Year 3 created a information pack all about how we celebrate Christmas in England and sent it to Spain. We have just received their project to explain their traditions. We looked at the similarities and differences. The main one we discussed was how the traditional foods we both eat are very different.


September 2022 - Year 1 UK and Spain Love to Read Project

The new cohort of children in Year 1 met their pen pals in our Spanish link school via a video link. It was a chance for the children to meet and look at their classrooms. The children has lots of questions to ask each other and support was given with the translation by the linking teachers. During this video call the class each choose their favouirte class story to share with their international connecting class. Year 1 were so pleased to understand some of the words that was read in the Spanish traditional story.  This Year 1 link will be continued through out the year. Class have since shared pictures of Halloween celebrations in the schools.  



February 2020 - Erasmus Connecting Classroom Project (Link with school in Tanzania) - Whole School

Grange Valley Primary School and Wargrave Primary School were involved in a project to connect our schools with a school in Tanzania. Mrs Dolman and Mrs Smith are  working on the project. Mrs Smith visited the school in Tanzania for a week in February. Children at Grange Valley prior to the visit created work to help support the children in Tanzania with their learning of English and Math's. The exchange programme was to support gender equality in schools. The teachers who work in the school in Tanzania will be visiting our schools in June.

(COVID 2019 has impacted and haltered the completion of this activity but will be continued when possible) 


July 2019 - Lapbook Place Knowledge Project - Year 4

The children created a lapbook all about England with a focus on St Helens. The children are waiting for the lapbook from our link school in Spain. The children will then be using these lapbooks to compare the differences between places. 


April 2019 - Celebration Cards Project

Our Year 4 children continued their pen pal project by sending celebration cards to the children in our link school in Spain. The photos show the two classes receiving their cards. 

December 2017 - Pen Pal Christmas Exchange - Year 4

The children in Year 4 were really excited to receive replies from our international partner school in Italy.  Before Christmas, our Year 4 children wrote a letter and made a Christmas card for their pen-pal in Grotteferreta Primary School.  The children in Italy responded to our letters and it was fantastic to see the excitement on the children’s faces receiving their mail.

July 2017 - French Assembly - Year 1

The children have been learning French for the last 6 weeks with Mrs Folwer. To show off all their new knowledge the children told the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears in French to the whole school and parents. They have also learnt a days of the week song and head, shoulders, knees and toes in French. Well done Year 1 for working so hard.


June 2017 - Cultural Week - Whole School

Each class choose a country to learn about for 1 week.

Reception: A country a day

Reception: Kenya

Year 1: Spain

Year 2: France

Year 3: Australia

Year 4: Italy

Year 5: India

Year 6: China


The children made and tasted traditional food, learnt the language, researched famous landmarks and facts, learnt traditional dancing and on the last day all classes showcased their learning by converting their classroom into a restaurant from that country.  It was a fantastic day and the excitement around the school was brilliant! Classes where decorated with flags, art and had traditional music playing. The restaurants created demonstrated the traditional food the children had made, menus with lists of traditional dishes and currency stated. Examples of activities demonstrated included Y1 created a bull ring in their class to show traditional sports and performed flamenco dancing.  Y2 performed a gymnastic dance to recreate famous landmarks found in France, made travel posters and created an Eiffel tower structure in the middle of the class. Y3 presented their aboriginal art and Y4 made homemade pizza. Each class shared their learning in a whole school assembly and the Year 5 created a success criteria to judge each class on their learning and chose a winning class. 

May 2017 - Skype chat with their pen pals in Spain - Year 1

The children in Year 1 learnt how to ask questions in Spanish e.g What is your favourirte pet? What is your favourite sport? etc to ask their pen pals face to face on Skype. The children asked the questions and then answered their Spanish friends questions. Both schools sang songs to each other in their languages. Year 1 learnt a song called Hola. The children also exchanged their favourite story books.

June 2017 - Pen Pal project - Year 4

Year 4 are currently taking part in a pen pal exchange with some wonderful children in Italy. Children from Class 3A and 3E, Grotteferrata Primary School made some lovely postcards and posters telling us all about Italian life. In response, Year 4 have spent some time researching popular destinations in the UK and have made travel guides for the children in Italy (see below). We will add more photographs when Class 3A and 3E receive our exciting mail.  Have a look at the pictures below which show our exciting morning.

Year 4's fantastic travel guides!

March 2017 - Pen Pal Project - year 1

Year 1 are currently taking part in an Etwinnings pen pal exchange with our lovely Spanish friends at CEIP Dion Casio, Merida, Spain. Their blog is 

Below are some photographs and a short video of the children in Spain receiving Year 1's letters and our children receiving theirs. The children loved writing their letters and learning a small amount of Spanish to include in the letters. Furture projects have been planned with this school. Keep checking the page for updates.

Please watch the video on the link below.

Below is a video showing our children receiving the letters from Spain.