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welcome to MRs Sharrock's Year 4 blog


Week Beginning 6/2/18


In Science this week, Year 4 learnt about ‘food chains’. The children looked at a variety of different food chains and discussed how they were constructed and what the arrows represented in each of them.  The children enjoyed labelling the different parts of each one, identifying producers, predators and prey.  We had lots of fun creating own food chains which included lots of different vocabulary. Well done Year 4!


In Geography, we looked at the Prime Meridian and time zones. The children discovered that the term ‘meridian’ comes from a Latin word that means’ midday’ and that the Sun crosses each meridian halfway between sunrise and sunset. We learnt that the Prime Meridian is the line of longitude 0°E/W. We used atlases and globes to locate the Prime Meridian; subsequently we were able to see which countries it passes through. Finally, we learnt about the significance of time zones (including day and night). The children enjoyed using a ‘times around the world poster’ to support them in calculating the time in different locations around the world.


This week was our assessment week at swimming. The children have progressed amazingly over the past five weeks and many managed to achieve their 10 or 25 metre certificate. Congratulations to all the children for their efforts and a huge well done for such outstanding behaviour.


Have a great half term everyone!

Dates for your diary

School Re-opens Monday 19th February

21/2/18 - Y3 & Y4 Sky Try Experience (am)

23/2/18 Valentine's Disco £2 entry fee (refreshments on sale)

 Please remember that PE is every Tuesday (make sure you bring your PE kit into school)

Brass is every Thursday (please remember your instrument)




Week Beginning 28/1/18


This week, Year 4 children have worked really hard solving word problems involving fractions. All the children can confidently identify an improper fraction, mixed fraction and equivalent fraction.  Some have been challenging themselves to change fractions into their simplest form and explain how they have knew this.


In Science we have been learning about the functions of teeth and exploring whether animals have the same type of teeth as humans. The children had fun identifying teeth of Herbivores, Carnivores and Omnivores. We asked the question, does the diet of animals affect the teeth they have?

Later in the week we learnt about scientific questions and chose different scientific enquiries to answer them. The children then set up their own fair test to find out if any of our daily drinks cause tooth decay. Don’t worry, the children didn’t use real teeth, instead of teeth, we used boiled eggs with shells on as this is similar to enamel on a tooth. The children have been making careful observations this week and have been accurately recording their observations using scientific language.


Have a great weekend everyone!

Dates for your diary


The final payment for our PGL residential is now due.  Please remember to send in your payment card.

21/2/18 - Y3 & Y4 Sky Try Experience (am)

 Please remember that PE is every Tuesday (make sure you bring your PE kit into school)

Brass and Swimming is every Thursday (please remember your instrument and swimming kit)




Week Beginning 22/1/18


Another busy week!


In Art this week, Year 4 continued with our unit ‘British Art’. We looked at artwork created by Thomas Gainsborough and discussed how his landscape work became famous because of his quick, light coloured paintings.  The children analysed lots of his paintings, focussing on what was in the foreground, middle ground and back ground.  We then studied a piece of his art called ‘Mr and Mrs Andrews’, the children split the painting into a grid, this helped them to emphasise the colour and content of that particular area. The children then recreated their own section of Gainsborough’s famous painting.


In English we started our new unit ‘Chronological Reports’. As a stimulus, we have been reading a book called Henry’s Freedom Box by Ellen Levine. Using the story, the children discussed different words and phrases that capture the reader’s interest and imagination. Year 4 was extremely eager to hear the rest of the story to find out what happened to Henry’s family when they were sold at the slave market. I am looking forward to next week to hear the children’s response to the rest of this inspiring story.


Have a great weekend.


Attendance - 97.58%



Dates for your diary

1/2/18 - Y4 Highland Games at Lansbury Bridge (children have been informed)

21/2/18 - Y3 & Y4 Sky Try Experience (am)

 Please remember that PE is every Tuesday (make sure you bring your PE kit into school)

Brass and Swimming is every Thursday (please remember your instrument and swimming kit)


Week Beginning 15/1/18


What a busy week!


Year 4 have worked their socks off this week! We have been using fraction walls to help recognise and show families of common equivalent fractions. Some children used their multiplication and division facts to help them.  We also used picture representatives to help identify mixed number fractions.  The children were really competitive to demonstrate wether the numerator and denominator could be changed into its simplest form. Well done Year 4!


In Computing we continued with our unit on ‘Animation’. The children had great fun using 'Pivot Animation Software' to create a stick figure that could run, jump, or perform gymnastics. They were very patient making slight changes to make their stick figure appear to move, this was achieved by moving the handles on the stick figure slightly, which added a new frame. The children discovered that when the figure moved, a grey version of its previous positon was in the background, this helped to show how much the figure had changed (onion skinning).  When all the frames were complete, it was great to see the children play their entire frame in sequence to test the animation. I am looking forward to next week when the children add other characters and backgrounds to their animations.


Have a great weekend.


Attendance - 96.0%




Week Beginning 8/1/2018


Happy New Year and welcome back Year 4!


This week Year 4 were really excited to find a parcel which had been left in our classroom addressed to the children. Inside, we found our own Paddington Bear, a suitcase, a lovely diary and pen set. The children are really looking forward to taking Paddington home with them and writing about all the fun adventures they have together.


The children came back to school eager to learn. It’s a good job; we have had a really busy week and the children have given 100% towards their learning.  In Maths we started our fractions unit, counting in hundredths and sixths. Some of the problems have been tricky, but the children have continuously tried their best, particularly identifying mixed fractions on a number line.


On Thursday, Year 4 continued with their weekly brass session followed by our first swimming lesson. The children had a great time and they were praised by the swimming instructor on their super behaviour and great listening skills. A huge well done everyone!


Have a great weekend everyone.


Attendance - 97.9%


Week Beginning 18/12/2017


What a fantastic Autumn term we have had in Year 4!


This week the children have enjoyed lost of treats such as a cinema afternoon watching Paddington, our KS2 Christmas party and our own class party games and buffet! Thank you to everyone who donated food, the children were truly spoilt. 


Year 4 have worked extremely hard this term in all areas of the curriculum. I am looking forward to see what adventures and memories we will make next term. I am particularly looking forward to our residential to PGL.


Thank you very much to all who gave cards, gifts and well wishes to myself, Mrs Taylor and Mrs Ramsdale, we were all very overwhelmed with your kindness and generosity! Thank you!


We hope you have a wonderful break. See you in 2018!




Week beginning 11/12/17


What another busy week in Year 4.


This week the children continued with multiplication and division in Maths. Children are becoming morning confident using formal written methods to solve two and three step word problems.  Next term we will be looking at fractions


In Geography, children learnt about Queen Elizabeth and the modern royal family. Working together, children took part in a quiz and they matched statements and descriptions to the individual.  We then discussed what we would do if we ever met the Queen and we shared what question we would ask her. The children used the questions to write a letter to her majesty the Queen.


On Thursday, Year 4 had their weekly brass lesson.  They are really enjoying these sessions and are developing lots of skills. Mr McIntyre is extremely pleased with the progress the children are making. Well done Year 4! 

On Thursday night, Key Stage 2 performed their evening showing of The Grinch. For those of you who were able to attend, I'm sure you will agree that the children were amazing and did themselves proud.  Thank you to all the children who came back to perform.


We had lots of fun on Friday when we watched the Christmas puppet show. The children (and adults) thoroughly enjoyed it. In the afternoon, Year 4 went to Christ Church and took part in lots of fun, games and dressing activities.


Attendance: Year 4 achieved 96.32%


Dates for your diary

18.12.2017 - KS2 Christmas Party (pm)

20.12.2017 - Break up for Christmas



Week beginning 4/12/17


What a very festive week Year 4 has had!


We had a great time watching KS1 performance this week 'A King is Born'. We think that they did a fantastic job.  Key Stage 2’s performance ‘The Grinch’ is on Wednesday, please remember to get your tickets.


On Thursday, our Key Stage 2 Dancers and Pop Choir attended Christ Church for a festive Carol Service. The children performed for their families and friends, revealing what they have been learning over the past few weeks. The children were truly amazing.  A wonderful time was had by all.


On Thursday evening, children from KS2 Pop Choir took part in Parish Church Christmas Sing in St Helens.  It was an amazing event and a great opportunity for our children to learn a different body of work and perform it with other local schools. We were accompanied by a brass band and led by Dr. Kerem Sleith.


On Friday afternoon, we all had our school Christmas dinner! It was lovely to spend some time with the children celebrating the festive season together.


On Friday, our school celebrated Around the World at Christmas. We had lots of fun learning all about how Christmas is celebrated in different countries. Each class chose a different country, Year 4 learnt about Christmas traditions in Italy, this linked nicely with our International Partner School in Rome.  We then had some very special visitors to exchange our information with.  Year 1 came to share what they had discovered about Christmas celebrations in Spain.  The children were so excited; it was wonderful to see them eagerly discuss what they had learnt.  Year 1 even taught us how to sing a Christmas song in Spanish.  What a fabulous morning!



Attendance: Year 4 achieved 98.28%


Dates for your diary


13.12.2017 - KS2 Performance - The Grinch Who Stole Christmas AM and 6pm Performance

15.12.2017 - Year 4 trip to Christ Church Haydock

15.12.2017 - Christmas Jumper/Hat Day (bring in £1)

15.12.2017 - Puppet Show in School

18.12.2017 - KS2 Christmas Party (pm)

20.12.2017 - Break up for Christmas


Week beginning 27/11/17


What an extremely busy week!


In English this week, Year 4 continued with our author and letter unit.  We used the book Meerkat Mail by Emily Gravett as a stimulus to help identify the features of a postcard.  We compared postcards and letters and discussed what was similar and different about them.  The children then wrote some fantastic postcards of their own remembering that it was a recount, in past tense with lots of descriptive language.  On Thursday, the children had a lot of fun exploring the layout of letters. They used different coloured shapes to help with the structure and content of their own letter to the author David Walliams. This helped them to identify what information was needed in each section. I am looking forward to putting our computer skills to the text next week when we type them up.


In History we learnt about Queen Anne and why she was important in creating the United Kingdom of Great Britain. The children had a great time showing what they had discovered by working together, taking part in a quiz. It was great to see what they knew about her coronation and her influence on Great Britain.


This week the children have worked really hard on this year’s Christmas Performance ‘The Grinch’. Rehearsals are going well and I am sure it is going to be a huge success. Don’t forget to get your ticket!


Thank you to all who managed to attend our PGL Residential meeting this week. I hope you found it informative and useful. Please don’t worry if you couldn’t make it, all the information has been sent home with your child. If you have any queries or questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of the Year 4 team.


Have a great weekend!


Attendance – 95.21%


Dates for your diary   

6.12.2017 - Christmas Bingo and Enterprise Sale 5-6pm

7.12.2017 - Pop Choir Christmas Sing at Parish Church (children to arrive at 5:30pm, The concert is 6.30pm – 7.45pm. Tickets can be ordered through school).

8.12.2017 - All around the world at Christmas - Y4 will be learning about how they celebrate Christmas in Italy

13.12.2017 - KS2 Performance - The Grinch Who Stole Christmas / am and 6pm Performance

15.12.2017 - Christmas Jumper/Hat Day (bring in £1)

15.12.2017 - Puppet Show in School (am)

15.12.2017 - Y4 Christ Church Visit (pm)

18.12.2017 - KS2 Christmas Party

20.12.2017 - Break up for Christmas  


Week beginning 20/11/17


In Year 4 this week the children started our new unit Authors and Letters. We had a lovely morning exploring and discussing a variety of books by the author Roald Dahl.  The children learnt more about a blurb and what sort of information it provides the reader.  The children then wrote their own blurb for the fantastic story Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  Year 4 used fantastic persuasive phrases to encourage the reader to step inside and be part of the wonderful adventure.


On Wednesday, we had a great time writing letters to our international partner school in Italy. Each child in Year 4 introduced themselves to their pen-pal, telling them all about their hobbies, favourite food, favourite bands and lots more.  We then designed some lovely Christmas Cards to go with the letters.  The children were very excited to be sending our package and hopefully we will receive some mail of our own very soon.


Raffle tickets are being sold in school (£1 per strip) The winner receives a Kevin and Katie’s Christmas Adventure book, and two plush toy carrots to go with it. 


Have a great weekend!

Attendance – 95.67%


Dates for your diary  


30.11.2017 - Robin Hood Pantomime in school

30.11.2017 - Year 4 PGL Meeting 3.30pm Y4 Classroom

6.12.2017 - Christmas Bingo and Enterprise Sale 5-6pm

7.12.2017 - Pop Choir Christmas Sing at Parish Church (children to arrive at 5:30pm, The concert is 6.30pm – 7.45pm. Tickets can be ordered through school).

8.12.2017 - Y4 Christ Church Visit (pm) - Due to availability of the Mini-bus, this has changed to 15th December pm

8.12.2017 - All around the world at Christmas - Y4 will be learning about how they celebrate Christmas in Italy

13.12.2017 - KS2 Performance - The Grinch Who Stole Christmas / am and 6pm Performance

15.12.2017 - Christmas Jumper/Hat Day (bring in £1)

15.12.2017 - Puppet Show in School

18.12.2017 - KS2 Christmas Party

20.12.2017 - Break up for Christmas  





Week Beginning 13/11/17


What a very busy week!


Thank you to everyone who attended parents evening this week.  I hope you are as proud as I am with how well the children have settled and progressed so far!


This week the children have worked really hard on their writing.  On Tuesday, we wrote our own disaster story using the book 'Flood' as a stimulus.  The children really showed off their writing skills by using lots of effective sentences in their own stories. It was fantastic to see lovely similes, metaphors and weather imagery in their writing, as well as detailed and short sentences to create suspense.  It is obvious that the children have thoroughly enjoyed this unit.  Well done everyone!


We had a great afternoon on Thursday when we continued with our DT unit ' The Great Bread Bake Off'.  This week we discussed 'market research' and what would need to be considered before developing a new product.  The children thought that it was important to research products that are already on the market to make sure that you aren't repeating them and to see where the gaps in the market are.  I think the children's favourite part of the afternoon was the bread analysis.  We had great fun investigating and analysing the texture, appearance, taste and smell  of a range of existing products made by Warburtons.  At the end of the session we summarised our findings with the view of developing a new product.


Great work Year 4!


Attendance – 97.00%


Dates for your diary



20/11/17 – Road Safety Week


30/11/17 – Robin Hood Pantomime in school



Week Beginning 6/11/17


In mathematics this week the children have continued to explore multiplication. We have been learning our 6, 7, 8 and 9 times table. The children have used arrays, number lines and number sentences to help them recall and represent these times tables.  Some children have been using commutative law and inverse operations to help solve or check their answers to  word problems.


This week we have also been learning more out about Remembrance Day. On Thursday, the children wrote some lovely poppy poems with Mrs Fowler.


In DT, we started our new topic ‘The Great Bread Bake Off’. We learnt about events from the past that have shaped the way bread is made and sold today and discovered that Warburtons were and still are pioneers of the bread industry. The children enjoyed discussing key events that led to the success of the Warburtons brand and successfully placed key events in chronological order on a time-line.  I know the children are excited for our next lesson on bread analysis! Please make sure you return your permission slip by Wednesday.


We had a great end to the week. Year 6 performed a lovely Remembrance Service for the whole school, family and friends.  Some Year 4 children went to Haydock High School to read poems, readings and lay a wreath at their Remembrance Service.  Year 4 were praised on their wonderful reading skills and excellent manners.  Well done everyone!


Have a lovely weekend.


Attendance – 98% Joint WINNERS this week with Y1! Well done!


Dates for your diary


10/11/17 – Remembrance Assembly – 9:15am Family and friends are welcome to join us.


13/11/17 – Parents Evening Week (Looking forward to seeing you all)


20/11/17 – Road Safety Week


30/11/17 – Robin Hood Pantomime in school



Week Beginning 30/11/17


Welcome back!  We hope you had a great half term break. It has been wonderful to see so many of the children’s home learning projects for our ‘Riotous Royalty’ history topic.  I’m sure you will agree that they are absolutely brilliant.  Thank you all for the hard work you have clearly put in to this.


In English this week the children continued with our ‘Write Stuff’ unit. On Tuesday, we had an experience day; the children had great fun imagining that they had to urgently leave their home, taking with them six objects, due to a monstrous storm that was quickly approaching.  The children thought about how they would feel, what inner thoughts they would have and which items they would take with them.  It was lovely to hear about some really sentimental objects the children cherish. We used this experience to help create some fantastic complex sentences, similes and repetition sentences for effect. 


The children had a great end to their week at our Ugly Bug disco.


Keep up the hard work Year 4!


Well done!

Attendance – 95% Hopefully we will achieve 100% soon


Dates for your diary


10/11/17 – Remembrance Assembly – 9:15am Family and friends are welcome to join us.


13/11/17 – Parents Evening Week


20/11/17 – Road Safety Week


30/11/17 – Robin Hood Pantomime in school



Week Beginning 16/10/17


As part of our Science unit 'Animals and Their Habitats' and our Geography unit 'The Water Cycle', Year 4 went to Sankey Valley Visitors Centre.

Here we discovered more about the water cycle in our local area. We identified the local water course on a map and learnt about the cause and effect of water pollution.

Children discovered a lot during our trip and created a poster back at school to warn people about this global problem and what we can do to help.

The children had a great time comparing habitats on a global scale and discussed how animals adapt to their surroundings.


Have a wonderful half term.  See you when we return on Monday 30th October.


Attendance – 98% Hopefully we will achieve 100% next term 


3/11/17 - Deadline for orders for school photographs

3/11/17 – Ugly Bug Disco during school day - £2 per child for disco ticket, refreshments including hotdogs, sweets and drinks will be on sale at the disco.

7/11/17 – Deadline for Christmas shoebox donations. Please bring in either a toy, toiletry item or stationary item along with 50p.

13/11/17 – Parents Evening week



Week beginning 9/10/17


In Maths this week we started our new unit adding and subtracting within 10 000.  The children have worked hard on ‘finding the sum’ adding without renaming, adding with renaming and adding using mental strategies.


Some children found it useful to use concrete objects such as base ten, number discs and place value grids to help them understand the concept of renaming.  This helped the children understand why we needed to rename at each step. Year 4 did a great job of explaining the process of renaming by matching each stage of the expanded notation with its appropriate visual.


By the end of the week, the children were confidently adding numbers with up to 4 digits using the formal written method of column addition. Some children were able to estimate and use inverse operations to check answers to a calculation.


Excellent work Year 4. Well done!

Attendance – 97.84%


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Week Beginning 2/10/17


What a fun week!

In Geography this week, Year 4 discussed the question ‘Where Does Our Water Come From?’ We learnt that the water cycle is a closed cycle and there is no more or less water in now than there ever was; the same water goes around and around.

We also discussed possible problems with such a system. The children suggested that there may be a demand for water in areas where supply is low or unreliable, or waste water needs to be cleaned before it is suitable for drinking.

The children enjoyed watching a video clip explaining how water is treated and cleaned ready for drinking. Following this, Year 4 explored different ways in which they could set up their own filtration system by choosing different materials to help clean muddy water ‘sewage’. 

Finally we compared the children’s filtered water to a glass of freshly poured tap water and agreed that our filtered water still wasn’t safe to drink as the last step on the video clip added chlorine to kill off the bacteria that we could not see.

I think we will stick to the lovely fresh water we are lucky to get from our taps!

Great work Year 4!

Week Beginning 25/9/17


We have had a very busy week in Year 4!

On Wednesday, Grange Valley had a very special visitor. Each class spent some time with Jacqui Gray, the author of My Magical Garden.  Following her visit, Year 4 created some fantastic mindfulness poems, using emotive language to create an effect.  We continued with our English unit of persuasive writing and had lots of fun making persuasive posters.  Our aim was to persuade Year 3 to help save the rainforest and provide them with facts as to why the rainforest is so important.

We also had our first brass lesson with Mr McIntyre, he complimented Year 4 on their excellent behaviour and attitude to learning.  The children enjoyed getting to know their instrument, the sound it made and how to hold their instrument ready to perform.

Well done Year 4!

Attendance - Year 4 achieved 98.33%