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Welcome to miss Daniels' Reception blog

WC 20.11.17

Well done to Star of the Week, Jessica! Jessica is a delightful member of the class, who always tries her best. This week she has worked really hard in maths and our learning all about money in the Toy Shop. 

Merit Award:  "I try to tell the truth even when it is hard." Gold - Oliver Foreman Silver- Zinar Inal Bronze - Tia Patel

Class Awards: Reader -Bobbie Murray Writer - Emily Ireland  Maths - Millie Mousdell

Weekly Attendance: 96.21%

This week the children have enjoyed learning all about old and new toys. We have discussed how we can tell if toys are from the past by looking at what they are made of. The children sorted different toys into groups for the materials that they are made from, we sorted them into wood, plastic and metal groups.

The children were encouraged to develop their independent writing skills by describing their favourite toys at home. We had lots of interesting words and we had to guess what toy each other was thinking about. It was lots of fun!

 In Maths the children have enjoyed learning about money in our Toy Shop role play area. We took on the roles of a shop keeper and a customer and the children developed their language related to money. They looked at different coins and are beginning to recognise them by looking closely at the number that is written on them. 

Have a good weekend

Miss Daniels and Miss Boardman x

WC 13.11.17

Well done to Star of the Week, Sam! Sam has come on leaps and bounds since starting Reception and we couldn't be happier with the progress that he is making. Keep it up Sam.

Merit Award:  "I know that we the same and we are different - to be both is okay." Gold - Mason Marsh Silver- Leyla Yigit Bronze - Evelyn Cain

Class Awards: Reader -Jessica Kay Writer - Harry Gorton Maths - Eva Nodwell

Weekly Attendance: 95.17%

This week we have celebrated Anti-Bullying Week in school and Reception have focused their learning around The Rainbow Fish. The children loved listening to this story and they developed their vocabulary and discussion skills. We decided to write kind words about our friends and stick them on each other so we could see all of the lovely things that our friends thought about us.

As we were reading the Rainbow Fish we noticed that our class fish had gone missing. Reception became police officers and wrote Wanted posters to put up around school for the other teachers and children to help us find him. The children sounded out describing words for the Rainbow Fish and wrote words such as; sparkly, colourful,  fish, friendly. Luckily, we found our fish by the fish tank in our library area. 

In Maths this week we have introduced the children to addition. We have been adding two groups together to find a total and some of use have learnt to write addition number sentences. Wow! Practice adding groups together at home, can you make a total of 10 with different amounts? 

We have also created our own Rainbow Fish with paints and glitter this week. The children have lots of messy fun making them!

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Daniels and Miss Boardman x

WC 06.11.17

Well done to Star of the Week, Ruby. Ruby has made tremendous progress since starting in Reception. She is growing in confidence each day and we are so happy to see her writing developing. Keep it up Ruby!

Merit Award: "I co-operate with others in work and play:"  Gold - Scarlet Ashall  Silver-  Oliver Porter  Bronze - Taylen Baker-Wilson

Class Awards: Reader - Tia Patel  Writer - Harrison Grime  Maths - Francesca Morton-Auer

Weekly Attendance: 93.79%

Thank you for all of your contributions to the Christmas Shoe Boxes. The St Helens Rotary Club picked them up on Monday and they were amazed that we had managed to fill 62 shoe boxes, that will be sent off to the Ukraine. Thank you for helping us to make a difference to children and people who are less fortunate than us. 

This week the children have enjoyed learning about Guy Fawkes and The Gunpowder Plot. We have learnt that Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament in 1602. The children acted out the story and created their own props to support their role play. In our Literacy lessons we wrote about our favourite part of the story and some of us wrote the characters names. We also learnt the following rhyme about why we celebrate bonfire night, see if you can say it together at home:

'Remember, remember, the fifth of November, gunpowder, treason and plot, 

I see no reason, why gunpowder treason should ever be forgot. '

In Maths this week, we have learnt how to measure objects in order of height and length. We placed the images of rockets in order from smallest to largest and the children drew images of their own rockets in size order. We learnt that we can measure objects using different units of measure, such as cubes, pencils and hands. We had lots of fun measuring each other with our hands and also with unifix cubes. 

We enjoyed lots of other activities related to Bonfire night this week. On Monday the children made chocolate apples and decorated them with sprinkles to make them look like fireworks. In the creative area the children experimented with colours as they created their own firework paintings, rockets and sparklers; they were all so individual and unique to look at. We also explored using the computer software '2CreateAStory' to paint pictures of the fireworks that we watched over the weekend. 

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Daniels and Miss Boardman x

WC 30.10.17

Well done to Star of the Week, Harrison. Harrison has worked so far this year and we are very proud of the progress he is making in his phonics lessons and also with his name writing. Keep it up  Harrison!

Merit Award: "I treat all adults and children with respect:"  Gold - Millie Mousdell  Silver-  Riley Swift  Bronze - Tia Patel

Class Awards: Reader - Amelia Haselden  Writer - Zinar Inal  Maths - Bobbie Murray

Weekly Attendance: 93.79%

This week we have enjoyed learning all about Halloween and having a spooky week in Reception. We have dressed up in costumes and the children loved telling us all about their trick or treat costumes. We also bobbed for tangerines and carved our own pumpkins. 

In Literacy we read the story Room on the Broom. We discussed that this was a rhyming story and focused our learning on continuing a rhyming string. The children thought of horrid ingredients for the witches potion that needed to rhyme such as a bat, a cat, a rat, a mat. The children are now confident in thinking of their own rhyming strings. 

On Thursday we performed our phonics assembly for our parents and grandparents. We are so proud of how well the children did in the assembly. Thank you to everyone that came to watch and listen to our presentations. Please follow this link for our phonics song to sing at home: 

Friday was our Ugly Bug Disco and the children's costumes were fantastic! They all danced the afternoon away, played party games and enjoyed yummy hot dogs and juice.

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Daniels and Miss Boardman x

WC 16.10.17

Well done to Star of the Week, Emma-Faye. Emma-Faye has developed so much since the start of the year, and we are so proud of how well she is progressing in her Literacy and Maths. Keep it up Emma-Faye.

Merit Award: "I can suggest one way to make our school a healthy one:"  Gold - Esmae Lake  Silver- George Grime   Bronze - Kyle Walford

Class Awards: Reader - Oliver Porter  Writer - Leyla Yigit  Maths - Kyle Walford

Weekly Attendance: 91.03%

This week in Literacy, we have read the story Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The children enjoyed role playing with the props and masks. We all worked so hard to use expression and change our voices for the different characters in the story. Our favourite voice to do is Daddy Bears big, growling, voice. 

We also made porridge this week. The children enjoyed being independent and making it themselves. We discussed how to be safe when we are using different equipment for cooking. The children added the oats and milk to the bowl and then placed them in the microwave for one minute and them chose a yummy filling of either strawberries, nutella, syrup or jam.

On Wednesday we enjoyed a lovely walk to the Library in the afternoon. The children had a fabulous time, and they were so sensible walking down the busy main road. The children had the opportunity to explore in the library and listen to stories. Each of the children received a 'Time to Read' book from the library for you to enjoy together at home. 

We also enjoyed watching Year 1 and 2 perform their Diwali assembly this week. The children in Reception loved being able to see some of their older brothers and sisters performing on the stage. 

Have a lovely half term break, see you all on Monday 30th October

Miss Daniels and Miss Boardman

WC 09.10.17

Well done to Star of the Week, Harry. Harry has been working unbelievably hard with writing his name and he is always practicing independently when accessing continuous provision. Keep it up Harry.

Merit Award: "Being brave: overcoming feelings of fear."  Gold - Kian Milser  Silver- Eva Nodwell   Bronze - Emily Ireland

Class Awards: Reader - Sam Pitchford  Writer - Chyna Davies  Maths - Jessica Kay

Weekly Attendance: 96.68%

This week in Literacy, we have read the story of The Little Red Hen. The children have enjoyed listening to this story and joining in with the repeated refrains in the text. One of our activities this week was to develop our cutting skills and stick the story in the correct order from beginning to end and we can all confidently retell the story. We have also played lots of rhyming games and continued a rhyming string for the characters in the story, e.g. hen, pen, den. Towards the end of the week we decided to make bread just like the Little Red Hen, we all helped to need to dough and we enjoyed dipping it in warm vegetable soup. 

In Maths we have been looking at 2D shapes, we have learnt the names of the shapes and discussed how many corners and sides the shapes have. We discovered that there are lots of familiar shapes in our environment and we all became 'Shape Hunters' to look for 2D shapes in every day objects. As we explored school for the shapes we wrote down the objects that we found and information about the number of sides and corners they have. We also enjoyed playing with the chalk outside to practice drawing shapes and creating different pictures using the 2D shapes. 

As we have been celebrating Harvest this week, the children wanted to build a combine harvester with our junk modelling. Thank you to everyone who helped us by sending your boxes in. The children had great fun with it and developed their vocabulary immensely as they discussed the different parts of the combine harvester and changed their approaches to building it. 

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Daniels and Miss Boardman x

WC 02.10.17

Well done to Star of the Week, ZInar. Zinar has really enjoyed our Autumn theme this week and has worked incredibly hard with his Literacy and Maths activities this week. Keep it up Zinar.

Merit Award: "I can sya how I can improve the world around me."  Gold - Amelia Haselden  Silver- Leo Larsen-Osborne   Bronze - Millie Mousdell 

Class Awards: Reader - Oliver Porter  Writer - Mason Marsh  Maths - Kyle Walford

Attendance: 96.90%

This week we have been learning all about Autumn and the children have loved being explorers and using their senses to engage in the environment around them. On Monday we went for an Autumn walk down the lane at the side of school. We took clipboards, paper and pencils with us to draw pictures and write down all of the signs of Autumn that we could spot. It was a very windy day, so it definitely blew away the cobwebs. 

In Maths this week we have been counting different autumn objects and matching them to the numbers. We are focusing on recognising numbers to 10 and 20. It is a target for all children to recognise numbers to 10 by Christmas if they cannot already.  This week Miss Daniels couldn't remember what we had found on our Autumn walk, so we decided to write list's in our Literacy  lessons. We worked together to write lists of the Autumn objects we collected on our walk. We listening carefully for the initial sounds in words and we used our robot arms to sound out words to help us write.

On Wednesday we celebrated 'No Pens Day'. We took the time to focus on the children's communication skills, including speaking and listening. We emjpyed takling party in Peer Massage and Yoga. We performed puppet shows with each other to develop our language, and we also looked at famous paintings to discuss what was happening in them and how they made us feel. 

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Daniels and Miss Boardman x

WC 25.09.17

Well done to Star of the Week, Emily. Emily has settled into our school so well and made lots of new friends. We are so proud of the progress she is making already. Keep it up Emily.

Merit Award: "I listen to others."  Gold - Ruby Carter  Silver- Harrison Grime   Bronze - Chyna Davies 

Class Awards: Reader - Oliver Foreman   Writer - Francesca Morton  Maths - Tia Patel


Welcome to our blog. This is where we will give you an update of the wonderful things we have been learning and exploring with this week.

We are so proud of how well all of the children have settled into a busy school routine. It's hard to believe that we are already half way through our first half  term in school. Have a look at some of the things we have been up to over the last three weeks.

This week in Literacy we have been learning all about Super Powers, we read stories about super heroes and acted like them in our classroom. In our writing books some of us have been sounding out the words of the super powers using our robot arms and alphabet mats to help us form our letters. Some of us are working hard to hear the initial sound in a word e.g. f for flying, s for strong. This something that you could work on with your children at home. 

in Maths we have been learning how to make patterns with objects and how to complete repeating patterns. In class we made patterns with coloured teddy bears, with playground objects and with each other. What other patterns can you make at home this weekend?

As we were learning about Super Powers this week, the children decided that they wanted to learn how to fly, and that's exactly what we have done. Take a look...

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Daniels and Miss Boardman x