Grange Valley Primary & Nursery School

  1. St Helens ONE
  2. National Support School

Dianne Holcroft , Executive Headteacher for Grange Valley Primary School and Wargrave Primary School, is a National Leader of Education. National Leaders of Education (NLE) are outstanding headteachers or principals who use their skills and experience to support schools in challenging circumstances.  This designation automatically makes the school a National Support School in recognition of the fact that the staff are likely to work alongside the NLE in any support they provide.

Grange Valley has a very successful record of working with other schools, the local authority,  headteachers, groups of teachers and individual teachers in improving teaching and learning, pupil attainment and achievement. In addition to leading their own schools,

NLE's work to increase the leadership capacity of other schools to help raise standards.

Schools seeking advice or support, guidance or help of any kind can contact Dianne Holcroft for an informal discussion via the school office on 01744 678300.