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Welcome to Year 6 - Miss Whelan's Class  

WB 11.07.2022

How did this happen? We have just finished our second last week as primary school pupils!

This week we have enjoyed working in teams with the Year 5 children where we worked on creating our very own theme park. It was wonderful to work with others, share our thoughts and ideas and use our individual skills to help achieve a target as a team :-) If only we had the money to open our own theme park...it would be the best one in the world.

This week in art we sketched ideas for a still life study. We are now confident  to draw with attention to form line and layout, we can draw observing with care and we know that our sketches are not the finished article and we can do several attempts to make changes to it. We have made so much progress in this area :-)

We are excited for our final week in GV but also a little bit sad.

Stay safe in the sun this weekend everyone.

The Year 6 team x

WB 04.07.2022

This week has been an exciting week for most of our Year 6 children as they took part in their transition for their move to high school :-) The children that remained in school were amazing and worked wonderfully with our younger children across the key stages. 

This week, our Key Stage 2 classes took part in a ‘play in a day’ where they each prepared and performed a section of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The children had so much fun preparing for this, laughing and working hard all at the same time.  Wow! We were blown away by the confidence and positive attitudes of our children and it was a joy to watch. Well done everyone! ⭐️

Not long to go now Year 6 ;-)

Enjoy the sunshine everyone :-)

The Year 6 Team x

WB 27.6.2022

We have one colourful week in Year 6 this week and we have loved every minute of it :-)

We took part in the PTFA organised event this week when the field became a rainbow of colour and we took on the explosive course. We have never been so happy to be covered in paint :-) It reallyy was such a positive experience for all involved and we are very grateful for all of your kind donations. Please remember to continue sending in your donations, we cannot wait to see how much we managed to raise.

We also had more excitement this week when  Mrs Holcroft surprised us with a HUGE inflatable on the field. Thank you we were able to burn off plenty of energy on this.

Hoping you all have a great weekend :-)

The Year 6 team x

WB 20.6.2022 

We have enjoyed lots of celebrating this week :-)

Many of us experienced a wonderful day when we donned a cap and gown and took to the stage to accept our graduation certificate from Children's University. This was a very special day where our loved ones came to watch us with pride as we received an award for our hard work with extra curricular activities. We even had a number of GOLD certificate winners!

The celebrations did not stop there, as our long awaited  Sports Day took place.  We were all very excited to be part of this and gave it our all in our class events. The weather was amazing, the atmosphere was amazing and we had the most amazing time taking part in our final Sports Day at Grange Valley. We made memories to last us a life time.

Have a nice weekend everyone :-)

The Year 6 team x

WB 13.6.2022 

 This week was the week we have all been waiting for.. PGL week! On Wednesday, we went to Boreatton Park, Shropshire. When we got there, we were taken to our rooms. We were staying in the mansion house and we were thrilled with new home for the next few days! We engaged in a range of activities such as the giant swing, abseiling, climbing  and raft building. We also engaged in lots of team building activities such as the puzzle maze, capture the flag and our evening campfire. All of Year 6 demonstrated fantastic team work, resilience and problem solving skills whilst we were away. Their behaviour was fantastic, they were respectful and each child had a smile on their face for the whole 3 days! They had a fantastic time and we are sure that the memories made will stay with them for a lifetime! 

 For now, it's  time to sleep ;) 

 The Year 6 Team x


WB 06.06.2022

Well that was an enjoyable first week back :-) We continued celebrating with the nation and took park in our very own Party on the Playground Platinum Jubilee Celebration! We were fully engaged and thoroughly enjoyed our dance workshop where we explored dance and music from the 50s! We had our pulses racing when taking part in garden games such as archery and javelin and we even created our own scarecrow as part of the scarecrow competition. This was a harder task than we anticipated but we pulled together as a team and produced a scarecrow to be proud of.

Many children participated in the bake off and crown competitions and we enjoyed looking and assessing the entries before sitting down to relax into our royal lunch :-)

The children had a lovely time celebrating and I am sure it will be a day that they look back on and remember fondly.

Enjoy the weekend everyone,

The Year 6 team x

WB 23.05.2022

What a great final week of this half term we have had in Year 6!

It has been a very busy week full of some amazing writing, art, maths, a parent workshop and a trip to our local high school :-)

Outwood Academy invited us to take part in the Olympics and it is safe to say that the children stepped up to the challenge. There wasn't a rested body remaining by the time we made it back to GV. The children really enjoyed this and were rewarded with certificates for their outstanding participation. It was a great warm up for our upcoming Sports Day :-)

In writing, we looked at the skills needed to produce a formal letter of complaint. We discussed the features of such letters and created our own success criteria as an aid. 

In art we were looking at developing our skills in: design, drawing, craft, painting and art appreciation; we designed a hat, created zentangle patterns and subsequent prints, painted in the style of an impressionist painter and explored the piece ‘Nighthawks’ by Edward Hopper.

Have a wonderful week off Year 6, you certainly deserve it :-)

The Year 6 team xx

WB 16.05.2022

This week we have enjoyed celebrating our Cultural Diversity Week with the highlight of the week being an African drumming session. The children took part in a workshop led by a highly skilled and experienced drummer who provided Year 6 with a fully immersive learning experience through the positive power of drumming. The work was without a doubt both entertaining and educational and it was a great way of introducing the children to a culture they did not have much experience with.  The drum circle created an atmosphere that drew the children in and taught them djembe rhythms in an exciting and energetic way.

The children were able to wander around the Art Exhibition and not only be proud of the art they produced but also admire the artwork of the children from the other classes. Everyone should be extremely proud of the final pieces :-)

In PE, the children have continued working on how to lead others in warming up, learning why it is important and working actively across whole sessions. They have been listening actively, respecting the opinion of others and contributing ideas. Keep up the great work Year 6!

Enjoy the weekend everyone.

The Year 6 team x


WB 09.05.2022

This week has been a tiring week for our Year 6s but we could not be prouder of them :-) They have carried themselves with great esteem and have shown how resilient they are as learners.

Monday through to Thursday was set aside for the 'grueling' SATS and in order for the children to have a break from the pressure of their mornings we enjoyed some downtime in the afternoons. We showed off our creative side in a number of ways when we collaborated with one another to come up with some ideas for our new reading caravan as well as using our artistic skills to complete a piece of African art for our upcoming Art Exhibition. Wait until you see this on show :-)

The children enjoyed a picnic of treats on Thursday afternoon and then were full of surprise On Friday when the ice cream van showed up :-)

All well deserved I am sure you will agree.

Enjoy your weekend everyone.

The Year 6 Team

WB 03.05.2022

This has been another jampacked week for Year 6. We have been in full swing with our preparation for the upcoming SATS next week and we are feeling confident and calm about them all. 

As part of our Jubilee celebrations, we used our writing skills to create letters to the Queen. These letters are going to be sent to her and we cannot for a response from her. I am sure she will be impressed with the quality of these letters.

Every class has been given caterpillars to care for over the coming weeks with the hope to release beautiful butterflies at our Afternoon Tea celebration. This will be a fabulous symbol of hope for everyone's future.

Remember your homework this week is to RELAX and take time to enjoy the things you love with your family and friends. Have a fabulous weekend everyone.

The Year 6 Team x


WB 25.04.2022

This week we welcomed Adam from Kabs  Fitness back again. Adam has been  working with the children to help them develop physically, intellectually, socially and emotionally, enabling them to fulfil their aspirations thus improving their life chances and it is safe to say that every single person loved the session.

In maths this week we have been looking at graphs and averages and learning to present and interpret information in different ways. We explored mean, calculating mean in different situations and using the mean to find other information. We revised bar graphs, pictograms and tables, then spent several lessons drawing, reading and interpreting pie charts and line graphs. 

Another great week Year 6, well done everyone.

Enjoy the long weekend :-)

The Year 6 team x

WB 19.04.2022

We have enjoyed a lovely first week back and the children have all returned to school with a willingness to continue working hard in order to achieve their goals.  

In Maths, we used our previous learning once again to help us progress in our learning about position and movement. In our first lesson we reviewed negative numbers on horizontal and vertical axes and looked at describing the position of objects in relation to a common starting point. We began to use a coordinates grid from different starting points and recode the coordinates of the points, moving on to using all four quadrants and translating and reflecting objects. A bit of algebra even managed to creep in again :-) 

In PE this term we are concentrating on Athletics and this week we were looking at how to lead others in warming up, understanding its importance and working actively across whole sessions. Throughout this unit we will be concentrating on how to enjoy competing and challenging ourselves to improve and always give it our all.

We are very proud each and every one  of them this week.

Have a lovely weekend everyone :-)

The Year 6 team x

WB 28.3.2022

In maths, we have been developing our understanding of volume as it relates to cubes and cuboids. We worked with concrete materials initially to expose the meaning of volume thoroughly before using the formula to find the volume of cubes and cuboids and have been working on solving some tricky multi-step word problems using division and multiplication.  

In PE, we took advantage of the nice weather and took to the outdoors where we needed to navigate successfully across and through obstacles whilst blindfolded. In order to achieve our objectives we had to; give clear instructions, stay focused and keep a partner safe. This unit has been our favourite by far!
Our Learning Council debate this term was centred around the question 'Should we ban junk food for all children?' This is always a great opportunity for the children in KS1 and KS2 to  work together. It was wonderful to watch our Year 6s interact with children from across the school, listening and sharing their thoughts and ideas about the probing question.

......and that's a wrap for our Spring term, see you all after the well-earned Easter break everyone :-)

The Year 6 team x

WB 21.3.2022

Year 6 enjoyed a busy week this week with the fine weather putting an extra spring in everyone's step :-)

In Science, we continued our learning about Light and loved investigating how refraction changes the direction in which light travels. We learned that refraction creates illusions and because light bends when it travels between air and water, objects seen through these materials look bent or distorted. Show your parents Year 6!

The children worked hard to create a set of instructions in English this week, which resulted in me wanting to experience an abundance of strange and wonderful things. They included some humour in their writing and made it thoroughly enjoyable to read. Keep up the fantastic work Year 6!

We were also treated to a lovely Art assembly with Miss Sheffield and it was lovely for some of the children to showcase their art skills and talk about what they are most proud of.

Enjoy the sunny weather this weekend everyone x

WB 14.3.2022

This week we has been British Science Week and we have been celebrating this in many ways throughout the week. We started off with a whole school assembly delivered by Mrs Kamczyk, where we discussed 'Growth' -the theme of the week. Later in the week, we welcomed our local high school in to deliver a science session to us, where we concentrated on the Biology strand and looked at how we could build a model circulatory system. 

WB 07.3.2022

This week we enjoyed celebrating 'World of Work Week' and had the pleasure of hearing from some very interesting visitors. We heard from roofer Mr Maguire, who worked in the construction industry for 44 years, and loved hearing about his journey after following in the footsteps of his dad. Mrs Wiswell, MBE was another visitor of ours and she explained how hard work and asking for help have stood to her throughout her exciting career. Both visitors discussed their careers with pride and certainly gave our Year 6s some food for thought. 

During a PE session this week, we made use of the climbing frame and ropes, where we were required to put our critical thinking skills as well as our physical agility into action. This has been one of our favourite sessions of the year!  

WB 28.2.2022

What a lovely week we have had this week in Year 6 . We celebrated  World Book day by coming into school dressed as our favourite book characters and then during assembly we enjoyed a giggle as we watched  ‘The day the Crayons Quit’ performed by all of our teachers. 
In Music this week, we were introduced to disco music and thought about the question 'How does music improve our world?' We listened to Disco Fever, talked about the song together and then explored its musical style, we even tried to perform some of it with our Glockenspiels.

In Maths, we have been working hard on using algebraic expressions to find missing numbers. We are again seeing the importance of having sound times tables knowledge and know how important it is to keep practising these.

Well done to two of our girls who had their art work presented in the Youth Open Art Exhibition at the World of Glass. A fantastic achievement.

WB 21.2.2022

Year 6 have had a lovely start to this half term! 

This week we enjoyed a fun PE session with the coaches from Saints. We had to work together to accomplish what we initially thought was a simple task. Great effort everyone ⭐️

The children were able to show off their map reading skills and road safety knowledge this week during a session with Elaine from the Road Safety &Travel Awareness Team in St Helens.

This week, Our Computing lesson this week linked perfectly with Ms Brown’s #wakeupwednesday post. We discussed bullying and cyberbullying, picking apart the similarities and differences between the two. The children spoke empathetically about how both can impact people and everyone promised to do their best to always be kind in person and online.

WB 7.2.2022

This week, Year 6 have loved taking part in Wellbeing Week! They have engaged in activities for Move it Monday, Teamwork Tuesday, Wow Wednesday, Thoughtful Thursday and Feel Good Friday! Year 6 enjoyed writing notes of gratitude to their peers and other members of our school community. They even delivered some daffodils as a random act of kindness!

Year 6 also celebrated Safer Internet Day and we created posters teaching others how to be safe on the internet. 

Have a lovely half term everyone!

WB 31.01.2022

This week,  we have had a fantastic time finding out about the Ancient Greeks in history. We completed a scavenger hunt around the classroom to find artefacts linked to myths and legends.  The children have also researched how the Ancient Greeks have influenced us in todays society with the introduction of theatre, the Olympics and democracy.

In PE, we have been continuing our dance topic and practising new moves to match music from the 1920’s. We are moving through the decades each week; next week we will be looking at 1930’s style dance. 

In English, we have been writing a dual narrative based around Hansel and Gretel.  The children have worked very hard and we are so proud. 

Another great week. 

Well done Y6 


W.B 17.1.2022


We've had another visit from Catch 22 this week. We discussed the importance of staying safe online and what we should do if anything ever happens. The children had some very sensible answers and showed some wonderful maturity.

In PE, we continued looking at dance from different decades. This week we focused on the Charleston and we got the chance to showcase our 'freestyle' moves to the music. 

In history, we have started to look at Ancient Greece. We investigated how we can know so much about this time period using the landscape and physical objects to influence our ideas.


Another great week with some great learning.


Well done Year 6.

W.B 10.1.2022

Year 6 have continued to work hard this week. We’ve looked at how we can persuade people in our writing by using exaggeration and how a hyphen can create compound adjectives. Our research skills have allowed us to find out many wonderful things about Brazil. Ask us why you should visit!

There have been some wonderful discussions surrounding the Five Pillars of Islam during RE. We considered why they are all so important to Muslims and which of the five we think would be the most difficult to follow. The children shared their sensible, mature ideas and I was very impressed.

In Science, we have challenged our knowledge of circuits and the scientific symbols used for electrical components. We had to draw our own circuits using the correct symbols. We can’t wait to use the equipment and conduct our own experiments next week!

We’ve had a great week - lots of hard work and different challenges.

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Reddaway

WB 5.1.2022

Happy New Year!

Welcome back everyone! I hope you've all had a lovely Christmas break and are ready for the year ahead.

Year 6 have started 2022 fantastically well. In Maths we've been looking at dividing decimals. We've used previous learning to help us with this, which is wonderful to see!

In English, we have started to look at persuasive texts. We have been using our analysing skills to explore the different writing features they use.

Our new Science topic is 'Electricity'. We've challenged ourselves to see what we can remember about electricity and also explored the ways in which it has impacted our life today.

It's been lovely to have the children back to school. Keep up the good work!

Miss Reddaway


It's been a brilliant ween in Year 6! We loved our wild animal visit and had a fantastic time learning about new animals and challenging ourselves to go outside of our comfort zone. 

We were a little tentative at first but we felt so proud of ourselves and we were really glad that we 'gave it a go.'

Have a lovely weekend! 

WB 2.12.2021

This week, Year 6 have been working extremely hard to find the place value of decimals. They have also been comparing decimals to fractions and working out which one is bigger. 

In Science, Year 6 have enjoyed researching different animals and learning about how they adapt and evolve to survive in their surroundings. Children worked together and presented their findings to the rest of the class.

Keep up the hard work everyone!

WB 22.11.21

The highlight of Year 6 was definitely our LFC Foundation project. As part of the #iwill campaign, children decided what they would like their project to be. They sourced their own materials and designed T shirts with positive messages on to spread love and harmony within our community. 

Well done Year 6!

WB 15.11.21

It's been another great week in Year 6! 

This week has been antibullying week. We have all pledged to say #OneKindWord to make a difference to other peoples' day! 

The children in Year 6 have been discussing the best ways to eradicate bullying. After a zoom call with Mollie from the LFC Foundation, Year 6 proceeded to create their anti-bullying projects. We had so many ideas and plans! Some Year 6 pupils even wrote an anti-bullying rap! Great work everyone!

Keep working hard! 

W/B  01.11.21

What a great start to Autumn 2 term!

We have started looking at explanation texts in English. We've been practising how to write in a formal tone and used relative clauses to give more detail in our sentences. In Maths, we have been looking at fractions with different denominators and how we can use our knowledge of common multiples and common factors to help us solve calculations. There's a little dance we can use to help us!

For computing this half term, we will be developing our spreadsheet skills. We've been fascinated at how clever a spreadsheet is if we programme if properly. 

I'm looking forward to another busy half term learning lots of different things.

Keep working hard Year 6!

Miss Reddaway

W/B 17.10.21

Well we have had a fun-filled week! 

On Tuesday, we had an 'Art Day'. We studied the work of Frida Kahlo, found out about her life and her inspirations. We practised sketching different facial features and developed our paint brush strokes before creating our own self portrait art work. 

In English, we have written our own free verse poems all about autumn. It was wonderful to see such creativity shine through as children explored their ideas of an 'Autumn World'. We also finished our learning about the circulatory system by looking at the impact that different drugs and alcohol can have upon our body.

I was so impressed with your 'West Side Story' dancing. You've worked so hard and it was amazing to see your final performance. You should all be really proud of the choreography you've learnt with Emma but also created for yourself.

It's been a busy half term but you have all worked so hard Year 6.

Enjoy your break - it is well deserved!

Miss Reddaway

W/B  10.10.21

This week, Year 6 have had a brilliant time learning all about iambic pentameter in English. We’ve learnt that it’s a technique that poets use to give their writing a beat. We got to use this rhythm to rap iambic pentameter after inspiration from the Hip Hop Shakespeare company.

We have also been learning about Black History Month. Our important figure was Martin Luther King and we had some fantastic discussions about how influential he has been for many people across the world. We’ve created our own ‘I have a dream’ speeches after listening to Martin Luther King deliver his to thousands of people.

In Computing, we have finished creating an animated story using Scratch. It’s been fantastic to see the children’s ideas and skills (and their sprites) develop over the last few weeks.


Another super week with fantastic learning! Well done Year 6,

Miss Reddaway

W/B 04.10.21

I have been so impressed with Year 6 and their poetry writing this week. We've been studying Ottava Rima poems and then had to write our own all about an animal we would find in The Americas. We had to stick to a strict rhyming pattern and syllable count for each line - which was tricky - but we did a fantastic job!

During Science, we got to direct and star in our own TV adverts all about 'healthy living'. We had to think of creative ways to share the message about eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly. 

I'm so proud of how hard Year 6 are working throughout the curriculum but Maths has definitely been challenging us! This week, we had to tackle chunking for division! We've practised and practised and we are proud to say, we can do it! 


Well done for another super week Year 6. Keep making us proud!

Miss Reddaway

W/B 20.09.21 

This week, we’ve continued studying the Circulatory System and its importance in the human body. We’ve looked at the different parts of the heart and even drank a blood smoothie! Each ingredient in the smoothie presented a different element of our blood.

We also had our first session with Liverpool FC this week too. We were discussing how Covid has affected our lives. The children had fantastic ideas and showed their maturity when talking about sensitive topics.

Maths has been challenging this week! We’ve been looking at the order of operations (BODMAS) and creating our own expressions. There’s been some fantastic conversations during partner work as we’ve tried to solve problems from Miss Reddaway.

I’ve been so impressed with the perseverance during some challenging learning this week.

Well done Year 6,

Miss Reddaway

W/B 13.09.21

 We've had another busy week of learning in Year 6 and started a new Geography unit all about the Americas and an English unit for writing instructions. It has been fantastic to see the children explore the different countries in the Americas and realise it is far bigger than the U.S.A, which is only ONE of the 35 countries! In English, we have been deconstructing information texts and looking at the features of this text type. I can't wait to hear your ideas for how we will survive a zombie attack!

On Tuesday, we used our democratic rights to vote for our Year 6 school councilor. A big well done to all of the children who put themselves forward but only one person could take the role and that was Lily. I'm sure you'll do an amazing job!

Well done for trying hard in all our lessons this week Year 6.

Have a lovely weekend, Miss Reddaway.



W/B 6.09.21

What a great start to life in Year 6! The children have really impressed Miss Reddaway and Mr Robinson with their positive attitude to learning already. In Maths, we have been investigating the value of digits in numbers up to TEN MILLION!! For English, we have been focusing on the British Value of ‘Individual Liberty’. We’ve written short moral stories about how we can make our own life choices (as long as we don’t break any rules!) During Science this week, we have started to look at the function of the circulatory system and its important parts.

We've had a busy but fantastic week and we're already looking forward to next week!

Summer Notices

 06.06.22 Jubilee Party- children to come to school in smart party clothes in red, white and blue colours.

23.06.22 Sports Day- starting at 1pm