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Welcome to Year 4SA - Mr Ashton's Class

End of Year

We would just like to say a huge thank you for your support and cooperation this year. Myself and Mrs Larner have loved every minute of working with such a fantastic class. You have helped the children grow and progress throughout the year. As a class, we have enjoyed a wonderful year together. Have a fantastic Summer and thank you for making this year so enjoyable.


What a great start to the week. We had our Year 4 trip to Walton Hall Gardens. The children loved taking part in team building activities, parachute games, petting zoo and the park. It was a lovely, warm day. In English the children finished their balanced argument about whether animals should be used as entertainment. The children used a Year 4 writing checklist to help include different objectives. In Maths we finished looking at angles and lines of symmetry. The children have also completed their Science topic. They answered the question 'Can you really 'feel' music?' Some of the Year 4 children also enjoyed a football tournament at Ruskin Drive. The team played really well and showed great sportsmanship.


This week in English the children finished off their balanced argument topic by creating their own balanced argument about using animals for food. In Maths we have been looking at acute, obtuse and right angles. In Science we conducted an experiment looking at the relationship between volume and distance. During break times, we have been playing lots of Tennis and other games to celebrate Wimbledon. On Friday, the whole school celebrated our Summer Fair. It was great to have all of the activities and stalls after missing it last year. We were so lucky to have such a great attendance!


This week the children started their new topic in English looking at a discussion text. We are going to be looking at for and against arguments about 'Should animals be used as entertainment'. In Maths we are focusing on area of different shapes and will be moving onto angles. On Monday, we also looked at our Design Technology topic. Our final piece will be making biscuits so we designed our different biscuits and also the packaging that they come in. During Science we looked at volume and vibrations. This looked at the decibels of different noises. In P.E we have focused on rounders. The children have learnt the basic rules of rounders and applied this during a game. We luckily had lovely weather for our colour run. The children absolutely loved seeing their friends run around the field and be able to take part in covering them in paint :).


This week has been National Sports Week. During playtimes, we have been taking part in a range of sports activities that have been delivered by our sports leaders in Year 6. We have also had a fantastic sports day that took place on Thursday afternoon.  The children had a fantastic time taking part in their sprint and class race. As well as Sports Week, the children have completed their writing assessment about a narrative story and also completed their biography about Harvey Milk (from our Pride story). In Maths, we completed our measurement topic by looking at perimeter and km/m. We converted meters to kilometers and vice verca. During reading and georgraphy, we have continued to look at Europe. We focused on capital cities of Europe.


This week the children have finished their biography about Harvey Milk. We have learnt so much about the pride book. In Maths we have been looking at measurement. We have looked at mass (kg and g), volume (l and ml) and length (cm and m). Homework will be focusing on this. In Geography we created fact files about different countries in Europe. In Science, we labelled parts of the ear and discussed how sound travels. We have also been practicing for Sports Day. Please look at the message on ClassDojo about Sports Day and follow our rules so that the day runs as smoothly as possible.


To start our final half term, we had a fantastic Jubilee celebration on Monday. The children took part in garden games, scarecrow making, crafts, dance of the decades and a lovely Jubilee lunch. In English we started our topic looking at the book 'Pride'. The children will be working towards writing a biography. In Maths we are looking at find and comparing the mass and volume of objects. In our foundation subjects we have started topics such as sound in Science, Europe in Geography and cricket in P.E. We are looking forward to our final half term in Year 4. This week we had our first session with KABS. Adam worked with the children on their teamwork, communication and resilience skills. He was so impressed at how the children worked together and never gave up.


This week the children have been finishing off their foundation topics. We have answered our assessment questions around Islam, electricity and coal mining. The children have particularly enjoyed the coal mining topic, especially our trip to the library. They have in depth knowledge about the history of Haydock and St Helens mining. We have also finished off our money topic in Maths. The children have produced a journal around their book Gullivers travel. On Monday, we had a fantastic afternoon focusing on our Maori culture. The children enjoyed their parents coming in to school to our culture workshop. We created Maori masks, headbands and even showed off our Haka that we had learnt in dance.

Have a lovely week off and well deserved break!


This week we celebrated our Arts and Culture week! The children learnt a new dance with Emma based around our chosen culture of Maori. We also took part in an African drumming session which the children loved. During the week, the children had the chance to show off their own aboriginal art work through our art exhibition. In our English lessons we edited our leaflet all about our own civilisation. During Maths we moved onto money and solving money problems. In P.E we continued to practice our athletics for sports day. The children have really enjoyed learning about coal mining in History and particularly how it was so important within Haydock. This week we looked at the miners strike and why it was so important. 

Next Monday afternoon, (23.5.22) we will be having a 1 hour parents workshop within class. This will focus all around our Maori culture that we have been learning about. The children will show off what we have learnt and take part in different activities. 


This week the children have finished their Weslandia topic. We created our leaflet for our own civilisation using fronted adverbials, conjunctions and expanded noun phrases. In Maths, we finished our decimal topic looking at dividing by 10 and 100. We remembered the rules using our place value charts. In Science we took part in experiment to see which circuits worked an which did not, and why! In P.E we have continued with athletics looking at throwing, sprinting and long distance running. We have also been getting ready for our art exhibition by creating our Aztec art features. Our exhibition will be on show everyday next week.


This week the children have finished off their non-chronological report about their own civilisation. They have used a checklist to create their own non-chronological report about different parts of their civilisation including crops, sports and language. In art the children created their own mood boards using pictures and photographs. On Wednesday, the children had a pantomime all about Oliver Twist. On Thursday, we had a trip to Haydock Library to talk all about our coal mining topic and the history of Haydock. The children then used their knowledge to look at the different coal mines within St Helens. In Science the children were experimenting by creating circuits and finding out how to fix broken circuits. Year 4 are also taking care of some caterpillars and hoping that they grow into butterflies so that we can then release them during the Queen's Jubilee celebration.


This week in Year 4 we have been focusing on a range of conjunctions in English. We also created a map of our own civilisation and looked at leaflets to create our own persuasive introduction. In Maths we have moved on from tenths to hundredths. The children have really enjoyed starting their coal mining topic. We looked at why coal is so important. During Art, we began our weaving topic and used different types of coloured paper, as well as creating our own tye dye. In our whole class reading lessons we have continued with our story of 'How to Train a Dragon'.


During our first week of the Summer term, the children started their new English topic looking at the book 'Weslandia'. They are going to build up to creating a non-chronological report about their own world! In Maths we started our new topic about decimals. We looked a tenths. In Science we will be looking at electricity this half term. The children enjoyed our first R.E lesson about the religion of Islam and we compared it to other religions. During Computing we designed the layout of our own website using Microsoft PowerPoint. We will be creating our own website page later in the topic. In P.E we are looking at athletics this half term and will be practicing for Sports Day! Year 4 also had a visit from Catch 22 to talk all about internet safety.


In our final week, the children have planned and created their narrative story. In Maths we finished off our time topic. The children used their knowledge to solve different time problems. We have also completed our other topics in R.E, Science and Geography. The children also had a great time watching Year 1 perform their Easter assembly. On Friday we wore purple to celebrate everybody being different!

Please have a lovely break and enjoy time together. The children have worked extremely hard this half term!


This week the children have enjoyed reading our class novel 'How to Train a Dragon'. We have been focusing on this in our reading sessions and also linked it into our English. They have enjoyed creating pieces of narrative writing about the dragons and using lots of description. In Math we have be focusing on time. The children have been changing times from 12 hour clocks to 24 hour clocks and vice versa. In our DT lessons the children have loved making bread with Mrs Buckner. They designed their bread, using salt dough to practice and then finally made their finished product on Friday. In P.E we used our Tennis skills that we have been learning over the past couple of weeks to rally with our friends in a game like situation. We also had a lovely Art assembly from Miss Sheffield were we got to show our our lovely Picasso art topic from the previous term. 


This week in English we have started our new topic about narrative writing. The children have looked at different features of narrative writing. In Maths we finished our topic of fractions. We looked at adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominator. In Geography Mrs Buckner has been teaching Year 4 all about dams and their advantages/disadvantages. The children have really been enjoying their computing topic. During this week we used pivot animator to create different animations. For Science week the children investigated changes in matter. We created an experiment changing solids to different states of matter. On Friday we showed our respect to Ukraine and wore blue and yellow to represent their flag. The children learnt all about Ukraine, their situation and were given sunflower seeds as this is Ukraine's national flower.


This week we have continued our topic about newspaper articles in English. We have looked at the features, focused on using direct speech with the correct punctuation and even linked this to the news. We looked at questions that we are worried about between Russia and Ukraine, and we used newspaper articles to answer our questions. During this week it has also been world book day. We made our own book front cover, book marks and took part in a reading lesson were we looked at the book 'The Day the Crayons Came Home'.  During this week we really enjoyed World Book Day. The children loved dressing up as their favourite characters and going to the book fair. In Maths we have continued with fractions. We have looked at equivalent and simplifying fractions. We have also looked at animation in Computing. The children learnt about the history or animation and made their own flip charts. 

W/C 21.2.22

During this week, we have began to looking at Newspaper articles in English. We are going to be creating our own newspaper articles about Rivers.  In Geography we looked at different rivers in England and found them on a map. This will link to our Geography topic.  In Maths we are focusing on Fractions. The children have been looking at equivalent fractions. We also started our new P.E topic which is Tennis. The children looked at holding the racket correctly. In R.E we focused on Jesus and Christianity. The children spoke about temptations and sacrifices.

W/C 7.2.22

This week we have finished off our English unit about non-chronological reports. We planned and wrote our very own non-chronological report about Anglo-Saxons using sub-headings, prepositions, subordinate clauses and paragraphs. During this week it was also Internet Safety Day. We looked at how it is important to stay safe on the internet and play games in the correct way. This week has also been Children's Mental Health Week. Each day we have focused on a different area including 'Move It Monday', 'Teamwork Tuesday', 'WOW Wednesday', Thoughtful Thursday' and 'Feel Good Friday'. 

Have a lovely half term!

W/C 31.1.22

This week in English we have been focusing on using prepositions and subordinate clauses to talk about what Anglo-Saxon villages and Anglo-Saxon people would have been like. In Maths we have been drawing, reading and interpreting bar and line graphs. We have been really focusing on drawing our own bar and line graphs accurately. In Science we carried out an experiment to change a solid to a liquid. The children then wrote up their experiment.  We have also had a fantastic pyjama day to celebrate National Storytelling Week, where we created our own stories. We also celebrated the year of the Tiger for Chinese New Year and took part in a range of activities for NSPCC Number Day.

W/C 23.1.22

This week the children have started a new English topic looking at non-chronological reports. We have looked at a range of non-chronological reports and picked out the different features. In Maths we finished our multiplication and division topic by looking at word problems. We then moved onto our new topic which is 'graphs'. We focused or reading and drawing different graphs or information. In History the children have continued to learn about Anglo-Saxons. We linked our reading to this and looked at what their settlements were like and the clothes that they wore. In Science we continued to look at states of matter. The children helped with an experiment to look at different changes of state such as solid, liquid and gas.


This week the children have been working really hard in Maths. They have been using the partitioning and bus stop methods to help solve division problems. In English we have been learning about features of a diary and planned, wrote and edited a diary entry about Leon's trip to the circus. In R.E we have been learning about the 5 K's of Sikhism. We have continued our health and fitness topics in P.E. We have also welcomed Mrs Buckner to our classroom, who will be helping teach the children different topics. Mrs Buckner started by teaching the children about coding within Computing.


This week in English the children have continued their 'Diary Entry' topic. We  continued to look at different features, focusing on the book of 'Leon and the Place Between'. In Maths we have been multiplying by 10, 100 and multiplying 3 digit numbers. We started out new History topic this week looking at the Anglo-Saxons. The children created their own timeline and looked at who the Anglo-Saxons were. We had a fantastic immersion day on Thursday, focusing on our book 'Leon and the Place Between'. The children were invited to a circus, where  they took part in different circus activities such as eating popcorn, juggling and designing their own circus costume. In Reading we have been focusing on the book of 'The Rhythm of the Rain'. This is a story that links to our previous Geography topic.


Welcome back everybody! I hope you had a lovely break.

This week in English the children started their 'Diary Entry' topic. We looked at the features of a diary and located them in examples of texts. In Maths we are continuing with multiplication and division. In Science our topic this half term is 'States of Matter'. During our new Sikhism topic in R.E we discussed what peoples different beliefs and values are. We came up with our own beliefs and values, and looked at how we can represent them in day to day life.


We have had a lovely final week in school. We had a special visit from Father Christmas, who brought us some lovely presents.  We also created our cards and calendars to give to our loved ones. There were some lovely and thoughtful designs. We also had our party day were we ate some delicious snacks, played party games and created lovely pictures. The Year 4 staff would like to thank you for your support and hard work over the Autumn term. Have a lovely Christmas and a well deserved rest!

W/B 6.12.21

This week in English we have continued looking at Explanation texts. We have explored using subordinate clauses and cause and effect sentences. In Maths we have looked at dividing by 'sharing'. We have had a very exciting week in school this week. 'Dylan's Reptiles' came to visit us and showed us lots of different animals such as snakes, millipedes and bearded dragons. This was through our project with Liverpool Community were we have been looking at a range of topics such as animal cruelty. We also watched a puppet show about the Christmas story. On Friday we had our Christmas jumper day. We took part in the National Santa Dash and made our Christmas cards.

W/B 29.11.21

This week we had a very special visit all the way from the North Pole. Our elf (called Archie) came to celebrate advent with us. He has been playing some funny tricks on us. In English we started our new topic looking at explanation texts. We explored the features of explanation texts and compared it to instruction texts.  In Maths we continued to solve word problems using multiplication and division techniques. In Reading we have looked at poems about the digestive system. In our Science lessons we explored food chains and made our own. The children used language such as producers, consumers, prey and predator to explain what is happening in different food chains. On Friday we had a visit from Father Christmas. We wrote letters to tell him what we would like for Christmas.

W/B 21.11.21

This week in English the children planned and created their own persuasive advert for 'The best tomb in town'. They used a range of persuasive features. In Maths the children focused on using multiplying and dividing to solve word problems. In R.E we have continued to learn about Christianity. The children looked sacred texts, religious festivals and religious rules that Christians follow. In Geography we have been focusing on 'The Water Cycle'. Mr Platt taught the children about turning dirty water into clean water. The children were very impressed with the filtration process. We then discussed if we could drink our water without adding the correct chemicals. In our LFC community project session we made posters and designed masks, which we decorated with 'stop animal cruelty' pictures. We can wear these when we go on our trip to Lyme Wood Pit. We will keep you informed about the trip.

W/B 15.11.21

This week in our English, the children made their own Egyptian jewellery. The children used colours, sequins and patterns, then persuaded Mr Ashton to buy them using emotive language and other persuasive techniques.  In Maths we have now moved onto division. We have been dividing objects into groups. Homework this week is using times and divide to solve word problems. In Computing we have began to learn how to edit photos using Microsoft Word and Publisher. The children are going to make their own comic strips.

Thank you for all of your support this week with testing and keeping everybody safe.

W/B 8.11.21

The children have continued our persuasive writing this week. We have tried Ancient Egyptian food and used our persuasive writing techniques to write about it. The children have also completed their writing assessment. They have wrote a narrative story about a 'ghostly shed'. In Maths we have continued learning our timestables. In Geography and Reading, Mr Platt has been teaching the children about the Water Cycle. This week we have had some very important assemblies. We have had a visit from the local PCSO's to discuss road safety and Year 6 have delivered their Remembrance Day assembly.

W/B 1.11.21

In our first week back, the children have started looking at persuasive writing in English. We will be writing a persuasive advert about 'The Best Tomb in Town'. This week we looked at the different features including slogans, rhetorical questions and appealing language. In our Singapore Maths we have been focusing on timestables. The children are showing a real improvement in their timestables recall. This week the children have started their new topic of gymnastics in P.E. They were so excited about this and it did not disappoint! They had a brilliant lesson. We have also started a new topic in Geography about 'The Water Cycle'. Mr Platt demonstrated experiments with the children to show liquids, solids and gas. We have also looked at Bonfire Night safety to ensure the children are safe when enjoying fireworks.

W/B 18.10.21

In our final week of the half term the children have finished off their subtraction topic in Maths. We have looked at exchanging hundreds and tens when subtracting. The children have also created their final quiz on Scratch using their knowledge of programming. On Tuesday the children absolutely loved their barn dance. 

I would just like to say thank you for your support this half term and for a lovely first parents evening. The children have been fantastic and worked so hard in their first weeks of Year 4. 

The children have really enjoyed performing their Harvest assembly this week. Here is the recording


W/B 11.10.21

This week the children have continued looking at poems in English. We have focused on Tetracty poems. These poems require each line to have a different amount of syllables. We have also performed our Harvest assembly for parents and the rest of the school. The children have also enjoyed learning about Black History Month. We have focused on the story of Rosa Parks and why she was so influential.

W/B 4.10.21

This week is English the children have started their poetry topic. We have been learning about 'Kenning' poems. These look at giving clues about something without telling the reader the answer. The children have made their own poems about Autumn and used objects that they found on our Autumn walk. We have also started to practice our Harvest assembly which we will be videoing so that parents can watch. In Maths we have started our addition and subtraction topic, using the column method. In R.E we have been focusing on Diwali. The children have been learning about why Diwali is important and creating their own Mehndi and Rangoli patterns.

W/B 27.9.21

This week the children have continued their instruction writing. We planned, wrote and edited our instructions about 'How to mummify our best friend'. Linking to this is History we have been building our own pyramids and writing facts. In Maths we finished our place value chapter and focused on rounding to the nearest 10, 100, 1000 (this is the homework for this week). The children have also really enjoyed continuing our Computing topic using Scratch to create a quiz. This week we looked at changing the characters size and colour when answering a question. 

W/B 20.9.21

This week Year 4 have continued their place value topic in Maths and instructions topic in English. We have also been reading 'The Legend of Podkin One Ear' in our reading sessions and answering questions about the book. The children really enjoyed hunting for living things in our Science lesson. We then used classification keys to group different living things, mainly focusing on invertebrates.

W/B 13.9.21

This week Year 4 have started their English topics about instructions. We have been looking at instructions about 'how to mummify your best friend'. The children have looked at organisational and language features of instructions. We have then focused on commas in a list and coordinating conjunctions to help when writing instructions. In Maths we have been focusing on place value. The children have used counters and the dienes to show thousands, hundreds, tens and ones. In P.E we had a football session focusing on dribbling and also received a special visit from a Liverpool Football Club member, who discussed how we can improve the community.

W/B 6.9.21 

We are so glad to be back in school! The children have had a brilliant first week back. This week we have focused on 'The Rule of Law' in English. In Maths we have been focusing on timestables and column addition/subtraction. We have also started our Ancient Egyptians, Living things and their habitats and Scratch topics. 

Autumn Notices