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Welcome to Reception

Mrs Morley's Class 

W/B 11th July 2022

This week the weather was getting hot,hot, hot! In class we talked about how to stay safe in the sun and how to keep healthy in the heat. The children created sun safety posters with safety rules. We designed and created our own kites. 

Our text this week was ‘Julian is a Mermaid.’ A lovely book about a boy who wants to be a mermaid. We talked about how everyone is different and unique. We created our own mermaid tails in the craft area and then wrote sentences about what makes us unique and different from others.  All our provision this week was based around mermaids. Some of the children brought there own mermaid books they like to read at home to share with the class. 

In Maths this week we recapped our understanding of doubling and halving numbers to 10. We completed summer themed activities to help secure this learning. 

The children worked so hard when writing a letter to their new teacher to tell him all about them. The children are ready for Year 1. 

Please stay safe in the sun this weekend everyone. Next week, risk assessments will be in place for the first few days when we might have extreme heat. Keep reading dojo messages for any updates. 

Mrs Dolman and the reception team 

W/B 4th July 2022

,This week we read the lovely poetry book ‘Commotion in the Ocean.’ The children learnt about different sea creatures. We have been busy weaving colourful fish to help improve our fine motor skills. We used non fiction books and watched videos to learn about creatures of the ocean. We wrote key questions we want to find out about them and researched them on the internet. In our writing sessions the children created fact files about their ocean creature of choice. 

We listened to the story ‘A Place for Plastic.’ The moral of the story is about the damage that plastic is doing to our beautiful oceans. The children found someone had put plastic rubbish in our water tray and the sea creatures where wrapped up in it all. Their challenge was to clean up the plastic and recycle it. The children also wrote key sentences in our writing area about recycling and pollution.

The children also took part in a games session with KABS. They played fun games to help build listening and attention skills. The children loved this session.

To finish off the week we will be enjoying our time at the whole school summer fair! 

Have a great weekend everyone

Mrs Dolman and the Reception team. 

W/B 27th June 2022

This weeks theme in Reception was Pirates! We read and listened to the book and song Portside Pirates. The children spent the week learning the song and actions as well as a sea shanty song. The children used different materials to make pirate hats and eye patches. We looked at different types of maps and what a treasure map can be used for. The children designed their own treasure maps with symbols. In our math's area we hunted for treasure to match number bonds to 10. We even made glittery gold playdough for our jewel creations to be made. In the construction area the children were making a huge pirate ship with a flag. As they were playing they were singing our two pirate songs of the week.  The children wrote some fantastic pirate stories in our writing sessions. 

During the week the children completed the sponsored colour run. To earn the money we had raised the children ran around the field and try to dodge the teachers throwing the coloured powder.  The children loved this and were multi-coloured  for the rest of the day. Thank you to our families for the sponsor money collected. 

Thank you to everyone for the summer fair donations today. 

Have a great weekend!

Mrs Dolman and the Reception team

W/B 20th June 2022

This week is a very busy week for Reception. The children have had a very sports filled week.  They continued with their PE sessions and continued to improve their dance skills. 

On Thursday we had our whole school sports day, the first in a while! It was a great success and the crowd who came to watch really helped to support the children. The sun was out and fun was had by all. Reception took part in a sprint and fun run. Well done to Blue team for being this years winners!

We continued the sports theme in class. During our learning this week the children read non fiction books about sporting heroes. They learnt about different sports and famous British sports people. In our  writing  we wrote a letter to Ellie Simmonds to ask her some questions the children wanted to know about her and her sport. Everyday the children joined in daily sports activities on the playground. To help with our understanding of the world the children looked at playground games from the past.  

We had a very exciting day on Tuesday as Reception visited Farmer Teds for Reception’s first school trip! Before we left we talked about what we might see at the farm. The class were so excited on the coach going. When we got there the children took part in different activities including grooming a pony, petting guinea pigs, watching a sheep show and touching a beard dragon lizard, snake and cockroach. Later in the afternoon, we of course found time to play on the playground and bounce on the huge jumping pillows and have a dance with Shaun the Sheep in the beautiful sunshine. 

Have a great weekend everyone! 

Mrs Dolman and the team


W/B 13th June 2022

This week, Reception read a lovely story ‘Billy’s Bucket’ about a little boy who just wants a bucket for his birthday but ends up with a very special magical bucket. When he looks inside he is taken to underwater worlds and sees beautiful creatures. 

In Literacy, we looked discussed  the different sea creatures and settings in the story. We looked at videos and pictures of the coral reef to help write a description of an underwater scene. The children watched a video about what a marine biologist does. We have used had a big focus on handwriting and name writing, ensure capital letters and formation are correct. 

In Maths, we will be looking at how to share an amount equally. The children completed various activities including sharing gems between dragons, shells between buckets, toppings between pizzas and sweets between children in our Maths sessions. 

The children explored floating and sinking this week. Using the water tray they predicted if an object would float or sink and then recorded their findings. 

In PE this week, the children had a dance lesson and learnt some rock and roll dancing to Elvis and Cliff Richard. Sports week is next week and the children have also been working hard practising their events and trying to improve each day. 

The children were also getting creative on our art table making oil pastels scratch art to create underwater pictures. 

After last weeks jigsaw lesson thinking thinking about ways to look after our bodies. We looked at the importance of nutrition and a balance diet. The children sorted foods and drink in healthy and unhealthy groups and discussed what a good lunchbox would contain. 

Have a great weekend everyone.

Mrs Dolman and the Reception Team. 


W/B 6th June 2022

This week, Reception started off the week with our 'Party on the Playground' as we celebrate Queens Platinum Jubilee. The children looked fabulous wearing red, white and blue. We started off the day with a dance class! Reception were given the decade 00's. We learnt a dance routine to Las Ketchup and practised marching around the hall. We had lots of fun outside playing different games  including bat and ball races, archery, basketball and javelin throwing. The children worked great together as a team and showed good competitiveness! We had a special Jubilee lunch with the whole school in the hall. As a school we all created royal themed scarecrows. Receptions entry was based on the Queen walking with her beloved corgi dogs. 

In PE this week, we have started to learn bat and ball skills. The children practised balancing the ball while moving and hitting the ball as far as they could. 

Some children in Year  attended the Fun Club after school, this week they got out into the environment and collected natural items to create a piece of art work. The children then created their own stick frames to frame their artwork master pieces. 

In Maths, we have been learning about addition and subtraction. The children were given problems involving numbers to 10 to solve. First deciding if it was an addition or subtraction problem and used various vocabulary for adding and taking away to explain how they worked it out. 

 Our theme this week in class has been to learn all about Summer. The children read lots of non-fiction texts about the season. They created sun safety posters to learn about how to keep themselves safe in the sun. We explored our local environment to look for signs for Summer. The children used their senses to listen, smell, hear and see signs of Summer. The children explored how shadows are made and how they can change. They went out onto the playground and drew around objects and each others shadows. 

To end the week the children had a calming meditation before learning about how to look after their bodies. 

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Dolman and the Reception team. 


W/B 23rd May 2022

This week, Reception have read non-fiction books about being healthy and have discussed how to live a healthy lifestyle. We created our own healthy living posters to showcase around school giving our peers lots of information. On Monday, the children created their own obstacle courses in our PE teams and monitored how our heart rates changed during the exercises. On Thursday, we made delicious strawberry and banana smoothies. They went down a treat for our healthy snack. We have also enjoyed an assembly with the Healthy Living team to discuss how being healthy means looking after our teeth, eating healthy foods, exercise and looking after our minds. 

As a school, we have celebrated  cultural diversity this week. Parents and carers were invited into Reception as we learnt all about the French culture. The children learnt a little bit about the country France and located it using a map and a globe. We completed activities including flag colouring, tasting French foods, Eiffel Tower building and learn some basic French phrases. It was so nice to have so many parents and grandparents in class to share this experience with.  In Maths we have used a doubling machine. We added the same amount into each side of the machine and double the amount came out of the bottom. 

We also welcomed Mrs Dolman into Reception this week as we ensured a smooth transition as I begin my maternity leave. I would like to say, what an absolute wonderful year I have had with the children. They have been a truly amazing class and I have loved being their teacher this year and watching them learn, grow and progress. I hope to see you all soon. 

 Have a lovely half term and the rest of the school year.

Mrs Morley x 

W/B 16th May 2022

This week, Reception have read non-fiction books about plants and flowers learning about what they need to grow. We started our own science experiment at the start of the week. The children planted cress seeds in cups of soil. Some of them will have sunshine and water and some of them won’t. The children have predicted which ones will grow. We’re going to keep a close eye on them over the next week. 

The children have planted some beautiful Marigolds and Violas on our playground as we learn how to help plants grow. Doesn’t our playground look lovely and colourful? In our Literacy books, we wrote a step by step guide of how to plant flowers. 

Our PE lesson this morning focused on relay racing, now that we have learnt how to make our running as fast as we can. 

Reception have recreated beautiful artwork in the style of Georgia O’Keeffe this week, Georgia was an artist from America who loved the paint close up pictures of flowers and mix different shades together. 

At Grange Valley, we celebrated Cultural Diversity. We kick started the week with some African drumming as we celebrated Cultural Diversity. We learnt that Djembe Drums are made in Africa out of wood, rope and goats skin. The children used their hands to make the sounds of lots of African animals. Some of us got to be conductors to control the tempo of the music as our friends played.  

We also had a wonderful art exhibition on display in the hall all week, celebrating art techniques from around the world and different cultures. The children were so excited to have their work displayed. Reception class created 3D lions on a canvas with an African Plaines background. They looked wonderful! 

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Morley x 

W/B 9th May 2022

This week, Reception have read the story of Stickman. We started the week, enjoying listening to the story outside in the forest area. The children explored what they could feel, hear and see whilst outside, just like Stickman. The children placed the story in the correct order, discussing the beginning, the middle and the end. 

Reception explored the forest area further to find different sized sticks and used different materials and joining techniques to create their own Stickman. We discussed which was better to join our sticks together. Pipe cleaners, sellotape or glue? They looked wonderful. 

In the story, the Stickman floats down the river. We explored with classroom objects and made predictions if they would float or sink. We enjoyed testing our predictions in the water tray. 

In Maths, we have used our Numicon to sort odd and even numbers. We could see that the odd numbers all have an odd one on top, whereas the even numbers are nice and even on both sides.  In our Maths books we looked at passengers on the train, to see if their was an even number. 

Our PE lesson this week was all about running. The children practiced running in straight lines and learnt techniques to make their running faster, such as moving your arms and nice long strides. 

On Friday, Jacob very kindly brought the butterflies that he had at home into school to release them with all of his friends.  Just look at those smiles, full of awe and wonder. Thank you for sharing this with us Jacob. It has made us very excited for our own class caterpillars to turn into butterflies. 

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Morley x 

W/B 3rd May 2022

This week, Reception have read Rameena's Ramadan as we learnt about the Muslim celebration of Eid. We learnt about the how Eid is celebrated with family, fireworks and feasts. The children created their own mosque paintings using a stencil and sponge painting. We mixed purple and blue to create a night sky. 

We watched a virtual tour of a mosque in Leeds. We discussed the similarities and differences between a church and mosque and used our trip to St James’ church at Easter as reference. Can the children tell you some of the similarities and differences? 

Reception also had a TEAMs meeting with Reception class and Miss Butt from Wargrave as she has just celebrated Eid with her family. Miss Butt shown us her beautiful Mendhi patterns on her hands and explained how she has a lovely pink prayer mat which says her name in Arabic on it. When she was fasting in the middle of Ramadan she would wake up at 3am to have something to eat. Can the children tell you what fasting is? At the end of her prayers she says Ameen, which is very similar to how we say Amen at the end of our prayers.

On Friday, we tasted figs and dates, which are traditional foods eaten at Eid. The children touched, smelt and licked the figs and dates before deciding if they would like to eat them. We recorded our votes for each on the board. It’s safe to say I won’t be buying figs or dates for our weekly snack anytime soon! 

In Maths, we have focused on number bonds to 5, concentrating on children being able to recall these number facts independently. We have challenged ourselves as we introduce word problems and introduced the children to bar models. We also used large scales to weigh some gifts that people receive during Eid to celebrate the end of Ramadan. The children discussed how the heavier presents made the scales go down. 

In Music, we learnt that notes have letter names. We listened to pitch growing higher and lower and played chime bars to the 1,2,3,4,5 song.

We practiced our throwing skills in PE this week. The children used an over arm and under arm throw to see how far their bean bag could travel and discussed which throw is the most powerful.

Reception also had a lovely treat watching an Oliver Twist pantomime.

Have a lovely weekend
Mrs Morley x 

W/B 25th April 2022

This week, Reception have read The Teeny Weeny Tadpole by Sheridan Cain. In this story, the tadpole desperately wants to be able to jump like its Mummy.  He keeps practising and he eventually grows bigger and is able to jump. The children have discussed times when they have had to persevere and keep practicing.  

 We have been lucky enough to have our own tank of frog spawn and tadpoles in class. Reception have been observing them this week, watching them closely as they grow and develop into frogs over time. The children have observed them so closely, that they have been able to move their bodies to demonstrate the changes they go through in their life cycle.  In our Literacy books, the children placed the life cycle of a frog in order and labelled each of the stages. 

This week, we enjoyed our PE lesson with the Saints coaches outside. The children focused on jumping from two feet, one foot and long jumps. 

In Maths, we looked at which numbers are greater than others. We used Mrs Alligator to help us as she always likes to eat the greater numbers. In our Maths books we looked at the symbol to use when showing which number is greater than or less than which is < or >. 

We concentrated as we created our own frog puppets, using sewing needles and thread. Once they were created, we used them to support our singing of 'Five Little Speckled Frogs.' 

Reception were so intrigued by the large crane they could see on our school grounds. We discussed how it was taller than the trees and houses and looked similar to a giraffe. We went to watch as the crane lifted our new portacabin into their positions. We couldn’t believe how strong they were.

Have a lovely weekend
Mrs Morley x 

W/B 19th April 2022

Welcome back to our Summer term in Reception. I hope you have all had a wonderful Easter break. It has been lovely to hear all of the lovely things that the children got up to during the holidays. 

This week, Reception have loved learning about minibeasts. The children have used non-fiction books to find out more information about minibeasts. We explored in our forest area, looking under rocks, logs and in the mud. We found so many, but our favourite find was a newt! The children then used the new information they had learnt to write their own minibeast fact files in their new Literacy books. 

The children created their own minibeast sculptures using salt dough. We used different techniques to make them, such as rolling, folding and pressing. We left them to dry over night and then painted them using the correct colours. They look wonderful. 

Reception have learnt about mini beasts habitats and couldn’t wait to make their own in our forest area. Bugs love homes with leaves, sticks and mud to make it nice and cosy. 

We enjoyed our first PE lesson with the Saints coaches this morning. The children played lots of different games, moving their bodies in different ways, focusing on their listening skills. 

Reception loved their first music lesson with Mrs Mason. They explored with the Glockenspiels as they played nursery rhymes, listening to which chimes were loud and quiet.

Have a lovely weekend
Mrs Morley x 

W/B 28th March 2022

 This week Reception have read the Easter Story. We have discussed that Easter is a Christian celebration. We enjoyed a lovely Easter celebration assembly from Year 1 telling us all about the true meaning of Easter. They told us how Easter is celebrated differently around the world

We had a lovely Easter craft morning and the children had with our families, set up by Mr Swann and Mrs Bacon. There were lots  of wonderful Easter egg entries  for our competition this week and Noah from Reception class won from EYFS.  A huge well done to everyone for working so hard. 

In Literacy, we have wrote our own prayers as we learnt about the Easter story. The children thought about what they are thankful for. They produced wonderful writing applying our phonics.

We had a wonderful morning we had at St James’ Church. We had a tour by Mrs Holloway, who told us all about the alter, organs and how Easter is celebrated within the church. All of the children were fantastic on the walk and showed wonderful respect when inside the church. I am so proud of them all. Thank you to our parent helpers for making the walk to the church possible. 

There was lots of purple in our Reception class on Friday as we raise awareness for Autism. We discussed when people have Autism their brains work a little differently and that’s what makes the world a wonderful place as we are not all the same.

On Friday, we had a special visitor come to see us…the Easter Bunny!The children were so excited and he left us all a cream egg. 

Have a lovely half term break, we look forward to seeing you all in two weeks. 
Mrs Morley x 

W/B 21st March 2022

 This week Reception have read One Springy Day by Nick Butterworth. We have also looked at lots of non-fiction books about Spring as the season has officially changed. 

We have been for a lovely Spring walk around our school grounds this week. The children looked for different signs of the new season. We found lots of new growth, including buds on the trees and flowers sprouting.

In the creative area we have been busy using water colours as we closely observed some daffodils to paint. The children enjoyed learning how to use the water colour paints and exploring with how the paints are different to what we usually use in Reception. 

We we have been busy making bird feeders outside. The children recalled our learning about Winter, when birds migrate to another country. Now that is Spring, birds will migrate back to the UK as it is getting warmer. We hope our bird feeders give them lots of energy after their long journey. 

In PSHE, Mr Swann explained that washing our hands is important to keeping us healthy. He showed us how quickly germs can spread around our classroom. We practised washing our hands, singing happy birthday two times to make sure they were squeaky clean. 

Have a lovely weekend,  

Mrs Morley x

W/B 14th March 2022

 This week Reception have read the traditional tale, Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The children were so engaged with the story as they explored in the role play area with different sized chairs and bowls for the bears. 

In Literacy, the children have created their own story maps for Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We looked at changing parts of the story. Instead of porridge, they had pizza and instead of bears they were lions. 

We enjoyed making different sized furniture for the three bears in the construction area and also using different materials in the creative area. The children worked together as a group to create their pieces, discussing how to join pieces together and make them stronger.  Daddy Bear's chair was made out of recycling boxes, Mummy Bear's chair was made out of lolly sticks and Baby Bear's chair was made out of straws. Can you find something large, medium sized and small at home?

In Maths, we have explored the story One is Snail, Ten is Crab as we began to count in 10's. The children found the 10's using a 100 square. Did you know that 20 is two tens and 40 is four tens? 

For our snack we enjoyed some yummy porridge just like the bears in the story. The children used the microwave and picked their own toppings from chocolate, jam and sugar to make it just right for them. It was yummy! 

On Friday, we had Blue and Yellow day as we show our support for Ukraine. All children brought in generous donations, which will be going to the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal. 

Have a lovely weekend,  

Mrs Morley x

W/B 7th March 2022

 This week Reception have read the story, The Emperor's Egg by Martin Jenkins. The children have loved this story and we have learnt so many facts about Emperor penguins. Did you know that Daddy penguins keep their egg balanced on their feet and tucked into their tummy's for two months to keep them warm? The children have used non-fiction books and the internet to learn more about penguins. I wonder what other facts the children can tell you?  

We have located Antarctica on the map. The children noticed that Antarctica does not have a flag for us to put on our world map, this is because it is a continent, not a country. We also looked at a great explorer of the past, Captain Scott, who ventured to Antarctica in 1902 to try and find the South Pole. Unfortunately, he had to turn back before he got there as the weather was so cold. Next, we looked at one of Mrs Morley’s favourite explorers; Sir David Attenborough as he has travelled to lots of places around the world including Antarctica. We watched snippets of his Frozen Planet documentary which was so fascinating. You can watch it on BBC iplayer here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/group/p05q4j5c

In the creative area, we have made penguins using recyclable tubes. The children know 4 different species of penguins; Emperor, Rockhopper, Chinstrap and Humboldt. Can the children tell you what type of penguin they have made? 

This week Reception have been so lucky to have parents and family members come into school to discuss their jobs as we celebrate World of Work week. We have had talks from a Probation Officer, Paramedic, Sales Manager in the fitness industry and an Emergency Medical Dispatcher. It has made us all think about what we would like to do when we’re older.

On Friday, we had a wonderful assembly with some police officers telling us all about their important job keeping people safe. We were lucky enough to have a seat in a real police car and turn on the lights and sirens. 

Have a lovely weekend,  

Mrs Morley x

W/B 28th February 2022

 This week Reception have read the story,  Rumble in the Jungle by Giles Andraea. We looked at different jungle animals and their compared their body parts. In Literacy, we looked at describing words as we wrote sentences about our favourite jungle animals. Reception have performed the Gazelle poem from Rumble in the Jungle, thinking of their own actions to the words. Can they perform it for you at home?

We have been very creative this week, as we used oil pastels to draw our favourite jungle animals. The children also used a collage technique to create their own jungle scene using different shades of green. 

Reception have explored with number 9 this morning. We looked at writing 3 x 3 = 9 which means 3 lots of 3 equals 9. Did you know that 9 is a square number?  This week we have also used whole part diagrams to find how many ways we can make the number 9. Can the children tell you which ways they found?

On Tuesday, we enjoyed yummy pancakes for our snack to celebrate pancake day. We practised our flipping skills ready for tonight. Lease send pictures and videos of your children enjoying their pancakes. My favourite topping is strawberries and Nutella. What are yours?

On Thursday, we celebrated World Book Day. The children look wonderful in their costumes.  Everyone made an amazing effort. We had some wonderful entries for our Book in a Box competition and we enjoyed parading our costumes in assembly for the rest of school to see. 

Have a lovely weekend,  

Mrs Morley x

W/B 21st February 2022

 Welcome back to the second half of our Spring term. The children were eager to return to school, see their friends and share what they had been up to in the half term break. 

This week Reception have read the story,  Dear Dinosaur by Nicola O’Byrne and Chae Straithe. In this story Max and Rex write letters to each other. We looked closely at the features of the letter and the use of questions. The children were so excited to receive a letter at home from Rex the dinosaur. We couldn’t believe he knew all of their names! We have wrote wonderful replies to him in our Literacy books this week.

We have made our own dinosaur fossils this week by imprinting our toys into salt dough. We learnt all about Mary Anning who was an important fossil hunter from 200 years ago. She helped to discover the remains of an Ichthyosaurus. Did you know that fossils are special rocks that hold the remains of creatures that lived millions of years ago? 

We had a Road Safety session with Sam on Tuesday. She taught us how to make sure we’re safe when crossing the roads by holding hands with a grown up and to always stop, look, listen and think. We also discussed staying safe in the car, wearing our seatbelt and listening out for the click to make sure it is fastened properly. 

This morning we had a virtual tour of the dinosaur section in Liverpool World Museum. We saw dinosaur eggs, the Skelton of a Megalosaurus and even some fossilised dinosaur poo! I recommend a trip to Liverpool on the train to visit in person, and the museum is free entry. 

Have a lovely weekend,  

Mrs Morley x

W/B 7th February 2022

 This week Reception have red the story, Little Red Riding Hood. This was a familiar story to the children and they enjoyed retelling it and acting it out with each other as our role play area was Grandma's cottage.  Reception wrote their own speech bubbles for Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf and they worked very hard to apply their phonics to their writing.  In the creative area we all decorated a card for Granny in the story to say get well soon. The children have amazed us with how much their letter formation has improved this half term.  We were also busy making fairy cakes to give to a member of our family to cheer them up. Reception carefully followed the instructions and weighed out the ingredients. 

After reading Little Red Riding Hood this week, it has made us think about Stranger Danger! We discussed that a stranger is someone that we do not know and should not talk too unless we are with our grown ups. There can also be safer strangers who we do not know, but are there to help us such as; police officers, nurses and lolly pop ladies. 

As a school we celebrated Children's Mental Health Week. The week started off with Move it Monday, were we completed 1 minute of running on the spot, star jumps and running a laps of the playground. Physical exercise is such a good way to keep our minds healthy. We then had Teamwork Tuesday as we helped each other to zip up our coats. Teamwork makes the dream work! Next was Wow Wednesday were we used magnifying glasses to have a close look at the world around them and we have encouraged them to reflect on what makes them go WOW. Thoughtful Thursday was next were Reception thoughtful, kind words on love hearts and stuck them on other classroom doors to spread the love. We ended the week with Feel Good Friday were we celebrated that all the children in Reception can zip their coats up independently. This has been our challenge for the half term and the children have showed great perseverance and persistence. 

Have a lovely half term break, see you all on Monday 21st February. 

Mrs Morley x

W/B 31st January  2022

 This week Reception have learnt all about China as we recapped our learning from Nursery about the Chinese Zodiac story. This year is the year of the Tiger. Mr Swann set us a challenge in  Monday mornings assembly; to find out which year we were born in for the Chinese New Year. We have a class of Monkeys (2016) and Roosters (2017). Mrs Morley and Miss Welding are the horse and Miss Cardwell is the snake. He also set us a challenge to use chopsticks to eat with at home. Reception loved this challenge and enjoyed receiving 5 Wow Dojo points. 

The children have loved exploring with Chinese artefacts this week. We have discussed the difference between China and London as we used our learning from last week with the Naughty Bus to compare the two places. We have learnt some great facts about China. You can share this video that we watched at home. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FqZBIjKmls0

My washing machine has eaten some of my socks at the weekend and it left me with an odd number.
In Maths, the children have helped to pair socks and find other odd numbers. We have even noticed some on our playground. We have also used oridinal numbers as we raced like the animals in the story of the Chinese Zodiac to discuss the positions 1st, 2nd and 3rd. 

To celebrate Story Telling Week, we enjoyed two lovely stories with our Reception friends at Wargrave. On Thursday, we all came to school in our pyjamas, for Bedtime Stories. We enjoyed stories from Mr Swann and Miss Dove and finished off with some yummy biscuits and hot chocolate. There were lots of characters from our favourite books hidden around school and we enjoyed hunting for them. 

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Morley x

W/B 17th January  2022

 This week Reception have read the Naughty Bus by Jan and Jerry Oke. We noticed that our very own Naughty Bus had been up to mischief in the night. He drove through some beans, through toothpaste and drawn on our tables. 

During one of our carpet session, we wrote key words for different parts of the story. The children are working hard to apply their phonics knowledge independently. Our role play is a bus station and a bus this week. We are having lots of fun, paying for tickets and sitting on the bus together

We asked for lots of cardboard boxes to make our own double decker London bus. It was under construction all week. When it was completed, we took it on its travels around Grange Valley. We saw Mrs Mavers on the way and she was so impressed with our creation.

Reception also went on a virtual bus tour of London. London is the capital city of England. We saw lots of famous landmarks, such as Big Ben, the London Eye and Buckingham Palace where Queen Elizabeth II lives. We gave her a big wave.

Have a lovely weekend, 

Mrs Morley x

W/B 17th January  2022

As we are reading the Magic Train Ride this week we went on an adventure to lots of different lands. Can the children tell you the places we visited? You can listen to our story as a song here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8eSxrPzoZY0 

We learnt how trains have changed over the years. Our favourite trains were he Flying Scotsman and the high speed trains. We also shared pictures of some of our own train journeys. 

Our PHSE topic this half term is all about Dreams and Goals.
Reception completed a series of challenging tasks, such as staying in the lines when colouring, cutting in a straight line and making shapes with lolly sticks as we develop strategies to help us achieve our goals.

In PE we continued with our ball skills as we worked through different throwing techniques.
We practiced an over head throw, chest throw, shoulder throw and under throw. 

In our music session, we played musical instruments along to our story of the week, Magic Train Ride. We changed the pace of the instruments to fit with the story.

Have a lovely weekend, 

Mrs Morley x

W/B 10th January  2022

What a fantastic week we have had in Reception. So much inquisitive learning, it has been amazing! 

This week our theme is Space, as we read the story Man on the Moon by Simon Bartram. In this book the man on the moon has an important job to keep the moon clean. Our role play is a space station this week. The children loved engaging with it and looking out for aliens. Finn kindly brought his telescope in from home for us this week as we learn about space. We were able to use it to see he moon in the afternoon as it comes out much earlier in the Winter. 

We learnt about a significant person linked to our space learning; Katherine Johnson. She was an inspirational mathematician at NASA, who used her love of numbers to help the astronauts get to the moon for the very first time. The children enjoyed writing key facts about Katherine Johnson and learning all about her interesting job!

In Expressive Art & Design, we have created amazing pieces of art in the style of Jackson Pollock today to create our own galaxies and planets. Jackson Pollock likes to drip, pour and splatter lots of different colours onto larger canvases. You can view some of his art work here: https://www.tate.org.uk/kids/explore/who-is/who-jackson-pollock

In Maths we are learning all about the number 6. We are learning to subitise (recognise the amount without counting) numbers to 6 as we play different games. We used the infants playground to play snakes and ladders. The children used the dice to jump up the hopscotch and also give each other exercises to do. Can you practise subitising at home?

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Morley x

W/B 5th January  2022

Happy New Year everyone! We hope you had a wonderful Christmas break with your families. It was lovely to welcome the children back to school on Wednesday. 

We enjoyed sharing all of the wonderful things we got up to, especially sharing the news about our presents from Father Christmas and our delicious Christmas dinners. 

Our story this week was One Snowy Night by Nick Butterworth. In this story the animals noticed huge snowflakes fall passed the window. The children developed their cutting skills as they created their own snowflakes. We also went for a walk around the playground to look for signs of winter. We noticed all the plants have now died, some of the puddles had frozen, and all of the trees were bare. 

The children enjoyed competing some Winter Wonderland yoga with cosmic kids. You can complete it at home by clicking on this link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DP9jd1Ug2y4 

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Morley x

W/B 13th December 2021

In our final week before Christmas, we read the story The Jolly Christmas Postman. The children used catalogues to pick which toys they would like and cut them out to stick on a piece of paper. Our role play area was turned into a post office this week and the children loved role playing together to send letters and parcels to one another.  

We found our nearest post box on Google Maps and pieced our own map together and used a BeeBot to give instructions to find the Post Office. We used directional language such as forwards, right turn and left turn. We had a lovely walk to the post box to send our letters to Santa and we even saw the postman on the way. Reception listened carefully the whole way and were very safe. 

Reception learnt how Christmas is celebrated around the world. Our favourite traditions were in India and Brazil. In India people make 3D paper stars and decorate their houses and in Brazil people go to see a large Christmas tree floating in a lagoon. We found theses countries on the map and made note of what we had learnt. Can you child remember how many light bulbs are on the tree in Brazil?

Our parents sent in pictures of the children's first Christmas and told us about the traditions they  have  in their families. The children enjoyed playing a guessing game with the baby pictures. 

Christmas party afternoon started off with some fun party games. Musical statues, bumps, chairs and pass the parcel, followed by some yummy party food treats. We had a special visit from Santa. He brought us all an early Christmas present. They have all been put in children’s book bags.  

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, 

Love Mrs Morley. 

W/B 6th December 2021

In Literacy, we read continued to learn about baby Jesus as we recorded our Nativity. The children each took on a role of the characters, learnt their lines, practised dance moves and learnt lots of lovely Christmas songs. 

This week we met author, Sean Perkins. He read his new book, Oscar and Ben and even brought them in to help tell the story. It was so much fun.

We have been practising our cutting skills as we cut out the toys we’re asking Santa for on our lists this week.

On Wednesday, we had our EYFS reindeer day, which got off to a fantastic start. We made reindeer food ready for Christmas Eve and made yummy reindeer hot chocolate. The children made reindeer hats and reindeer decorations for their Christmas trees at home. We had some real life reindeers come to school. The children were so close to them. Their names were Floss and Nala. The elves told us we’re all on the good list. 

We celebrated Christmas jumper day on Friday and also enjoyed a yummy Christmas dinner for lunch, followed by hot chocolate and a Christmas movie. 

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Morley. 

W/B 29th November 2021

In Literacy, we read the The Nativity Story as we began to practise our own nativity roles in class. We learnt all about he birth of Jesus. Reception have enjoyed creating a story map and put the events of the story in the correct order.

The children have also discussed how churches are special places for Christian’s and we discussed what a  Bible is. The children used Google Maps to find our local churches in Haydock. We found, St Mark's Church and Christ Church. 

At the start of the week, we were greeted with some beautiful frosty weather. Reception helped Mrs Gribben to make our playground safe. We enjoyed exploring in the frost and snow for a short while before we came inside to get toasty warm.

In PE we practised jumping on a range of apparatus and at the end of our session we challenged everyone to jump as high as they could!

Reception were so excited to see a visitor in our classroom this week. We have named him Eddie and he brought us some advent calendars and we enjoyed decorating our Christmas tree in class yesterday and decorating each other with the tinsel.

We had a special visitor on Friday  afternoon! Father Christmas with his sleigh. Reception sang him a beautiful song and he told us all we were on the good list. We’re so excited for Christmas now.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Morley. 

W/B 22nd November 2021

In Literacy, we read the story Zog  by Julia Donaldson. We learnt all about dragons and labelled their body parts. In the story, the dragons move through Year 1, Year 2, Year 3 and Year 4. We decided to find out what it was like in those classes in our school. We had a teams meeting with Mrs Kruze, Miss Golding and Miss Brown to discuss what they do in their classes. Our chats made us really excited to move through school and learn lots of new things. 

 This week, Reception have been practicing their tricky words that we have learnt so far in phonics. We are working so hard to read them automatically.

In Maths, Reception have enjoyed learning all about the number 4 this week. We looked at two shapes with four sides and four corners. A square and a rectangle. We sorted the shapes into hoops to discuss their properties. 

We learnt about Knights, as we noticed Sir Gaddabout in the story of Zog. We learnt what a Knight is and what important jobs they used to do. The children role played a knighting ceremony with each other and created their own Knights. Here is a video that we watched in class to explain the role of Knights. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9LDqw1dFMk

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Morley. 

W/B 15th November 2021

In Literacy, we read the story Supertato by Sue Hendra. The children each bought their own vegetables in to make their own superheroes. They look incredible. The super vegetables we created must have been hard at work through the night, as they captured the evil peas in some jelly, just like in the story! I wonder what the peas were up to?

The super vegetables must have forgotten about one of the peas as one  morning we found a note from the Evil Pea. He had frozen some our toys, he must have locked them in the freezer. We experimented with different ways to free our toys. We banged then with hammers, used warm water and salt.

Using the construction toys, they children created their own story settings and used the iPads to record their own Supertato stories. I think we have some the film makers of the future in our class. 

In Maths, Reception have enjoyed learning all about the number 4 this week. We have focused our learning the different ways to make 4. Can you children tell you how to make it? 

This week was also Anti-Bullying week. The theme was One Kind Word. We used our circle time to think of kind words to say about our friends. It was so lovely to hear what the children had to say about each other.  

In PE we had our second gymnastic lesson focusing on jumping. We created different shapes with our bodies as we jumped off the end of the benches. The children discussed how to jump and land safely by bending their knees. 

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Morley. 

W/B 8th November 2021

In Literacy, we read the story Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson. We acted out the story together and enjoyed taking on the role of the different characters and creating the different scenes from the story. One morning we were so excited to see that the witch from Room on the Broom had left us a cauldron full of potion ingredients. We had to listen carefully to her message to find out what to do. First, shake in the mermaid scales, second, pour in the dragons blood, third, squeeze in the frog slim,  next, sprinkle in the fairy dust. Then, tip in the unicorn magic. Finally, pour in my secret ingredient. We watched the reactions take place between the different ingredients as it began to bubble and fizz in the cauldron. The children used the rest of the morning to write their own potions. 

In Maths, we learnt to subitise the number 3. We recognised the amount without counting.
We noticed that 3 is usually represented in a diagonal like on a dice but it can appear in different ways. We may notice 3 as three ones, or a two and a one. How do you see the number 3?

The Community Officers came into school on Monday to discuss Road Safety Week. We discussed how important it is to stay safe when on the roads and when walking to school. We practised our road safety skills outside as we took on the role of a Lollipop person, drivers and pedestrians. 

We also had a visit from some of the Saints coaches. Saints men and women teams won the Grand Final back in October. The trophies were brought into school for us to see. They were so big and we learnt that they're very expensive. 

In PE we had our first gymnastic lesson focusing on jumping. We jumped in hoops, off benches, over hurdles and on spots, it was lots of fun and we had lots of sweaty heads.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Morley. 

W/B 1st November 2021

In Literacy, we learnt all about Autumn. We looked at non-fiction texts, and read the story ‘After the Storm’ by Nick Butterworth. At the start of the week, we went for a lovely Autumn walk around the school grounds to look for different signs of Autumn. We found red, yellow and brown leaves, berries, puddles and lots of mushrooms.

In Maths, we looked at the number 3. We played noughts and crosses as we learnt about the number 3. Can you play at home and get 3 in a row? A triangle is also linked to the number 3 as it has 3 sides and 3 corners. 

We are working hard to write our names with the correct letter formation. Lots of us can write our first names independently and are now focusing on our surnames. 

In PE today we learnt a dance routine for ‘How’s the Weather Today?’ Can the children show you the actions?

We also made art work outside in the style of Andy Goldsworthy. He likes to use natural objects to create beautiful pieces. What do you think of our natural art?

We have learnt a song all about Autumn this week. Our favourite part is ‘apples in the basket, pumpkins in the box.’ Here is the link to listen to the song at home. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xXvVvAFEQQ

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Morley. 

W/B 18th October 2021

Our text this week was The Little Red Hen by Jonathon Allen. We learnt the repeated refrains of the story and acted it out in small groups, taking on the roles of each of the characters. We learnt that wheat is made into flour and then goes into lots of different foods such as bread, pasta and pizza. We enjoyed making our own delicious pizza's and had a yummy pizza party for snack!  .


We had lots of fun at our Barn Dance on Tuesday, were the children dressed as cowboys and cowgirls to show off their dance moves. We had lots of fun! 

This afternoon we looked at the other classes display boards created for Black History Month. We voted for our most inspirational person, although we couldn’t vote for our own display, it looks like we may be winning.

Have a lovely half term. See you all on Monday 1st November.  

Miss Daniels. 

W/B 11th October 2021

Our text this week was In Every House on Every Street by Jess Hitchman. We learnt about all of the different rooms in our homes and what they are used for. We found out that not all houses have the same rooms. Reception loved their walk around our local community today. We saw lots of different types of houses; bungalows, apartments, terraced houses, semi detached and detached houses. Can you discuss what type of house you live in at home?

As we celebrate Black History Month across school, Reception learnt about Marcus Rashford. We learnt that Marcus was born in Manchester, England which is close to where we live in St Helens. Marcus is a very good footballer who plays for Manchester United and England. During the pandemic, he wrote a very important letter to the Prime Minister, asking for all children to receive food whilst they were at home. What a wonderful person. Reception worked hard to put a display together to share with the rest of the school. We wrote thank you letters, designed our own healthy lunch box and created a 3D lunch box using recyclable materials. 

Reception found lots of number two in the environment and counted two objects. Can you find the number two in your house? I would love to see.  We also learnt that 1 and another 1 makes 2 and wrote it as a number sentence, 1+1=2. 

We had another great PE lesson this week. To warm up we moved our bodies like jelly beans. Can the children show you how to move like a jelly, runner, broad and baked bean? Our main game was called Cone Zone! We worked in our groups to collect as many cones as we could to put them in our hoops.

Have a lovely weekend, 

Miss Daniels. 

W/B 4th October 2021

Our text this week was Super Duper You by Sophy Henn. We looked at the timeline of our own life journeys. To help our learning, we looked at pictures of the children as a baby, as a 2 year old and as they are now in Reception class. The children loved sharing their pictures with their friends, they have all changed so much. 

We also looked at lots of different inspirational people this week including, Mo Farrah, Mother Teresa and Stephen Hawkins.  Reception focused on Tessa Sanderson. She was born in Jamaica and moved to Britain when she was 9 years old. She was the first black women to win a medal in the Olympics. Reception practiced throwing the javelin on the playground and we also used Google Maps to find Jamaica. 

Reception's maths focus this week was all around the number 1. We went on a number one hunt and looked for the number one and one object on its own. Can you find the number one at home?

Reception loved their PE lesson this week. To warm up we moved our bodies like cars. We pretended to be an electric car moving slowly, reversing, going round a roundabout and super fast like we were on a motorway. Our main game was called Dinosaur Eggs. The children used large clips to clip the eggs from the middle of the hall in their team colours. Blue team were the winners with a total of 10 eggs. Well done blue team.

Have a lovely weekend, 

Miss Daniels. 

W/B 27th September 2021

Our text this week was Giraffes Can’t Dance. by Giles Andre. At the beginning of this story, Gerald isn't very good at dancing. We discussed the things that we can't do yet, but will practice, such as name writing, swimming, football and back flips! We know that if we work hard and keep practising, we can do anything.

Reception had a special delivery today; an invitation from Gerald asking us to go to to the Jungle Dance. To make sure we have the best dance moves, we looked at some dances from our story. We Waltzed like the warthogs, Tango’d like the lions, Rock and Rolled like the hippos and did the Cha Cha like the chimpanzees. Swipe through to see our dance moves!

In Maths this week we are learning how to sort things by their attributes such as colour, shape, animals.

In PE, we played a game of Rats and Rabbits. The children had to run to the other side of the hall without being caught, negotiating their space. We cooled ourselves down with some belly breathing.

Have a lovely weekend, 

Miss Daniels. 

W/B 20th September 2021


This week Reception have read The Great Big Book of Families by Mary Hoffman. We learnt that all families are different, some are small and some are big, some have two Mummy's and some have lots of cousins, aunties and uncles. Reception loved sharing pictures of their families with each other. All of our families are different, but they are all filled with lots of love.

In Maths this week, we have explored with 2D shapes to make faces. We discussed their properties, such as how many corners and sides they have. Can you recognise any 2D shapes at home?

Reception loved their first PE session with the Saints coaches. They had excellent listening skills as they followed the instructions.

Have a lovely weekend, 

Miss Daniels. 

W/B 13th September 2021

This week in Reception, we read the story The Way I Feely by Janan Cain. The children used picture cards to copy emotions and look at their faces in the mirrors. We learnt the names of lots of new feelings, such as jealous, frustrated and disappointed. Can your child tell you what it means to feel blue? We discussed that it is okay to feel all different feelings as they don’t last forever. The children spoke about what makes them happy, sad and angry and how our bodies change with our feelings. The  children created their own faces in the creative area, cutting and sticking different facial features to make different expressions. 

To link with our feelings, we also took part in Yoga in class. We realised that Yoga helps to make us feel calm and relaxed. Can the children tell you any of the poses from our Yoga session? 

During  Time to Think and Talk we discussed “If you could make a class rule, what would it be?” We had lots of lovely ideas such as helping each other, be happy and also play with a hoola hoop every day (my favourite rule!) 

A great full week in Reception.  

Have a lovely weekend, 

Miss Daniels. 

W/B 6th September 2021

What a wonderful first week we've had in Reception. The children have been super stars. They have adapted so well to a new environment, new adults and new friends. 

We learnt lots of new friends names and introduced ourselves to everyone. During our carpet sessions, we played some lovely circle games; Pass the Smile, Hot Potato and Music Maker.  Can your child tell you about them?

Reception made the most of this glorious September sunshine. Our Forest area provides us with some lovely shade to keep cool.

The children have also ate their lunch in the big school hall. This is such a big achievement and they should be so proud. We all used our manners when asking for our lunch, have learnt to clear our own plate and select our own dessert. 

I am so proud of you all. Keep it up! 

Have a lovely weekend, 

Miss Daniels. 

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