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Welcome to Reception

Miss Clewes' Class 

WB 22nd May

In Literacy, our topic has been Healthy Living. The Healthy Living team visited us and we have become healthy heroes- achieving our own certificates. We designed our own healthy living posters as well as learning about leading scientists in medicine such as Edward Jenner. We know all of the different aspects for how to stay healthy and designed our own healthy plates.

In Maths, we have perfected our knowledge of doubling and halving. We explored domino doubles and wrote these as number sentences. 

We have thoroughly enjoyed our summer disco and enjoyed spending time with our friends on the final week of Summer 1!

I can't believe we only have 1 more half term left Reception before you soar to Y1. 

Have a lovely break, Miss Clewes.

WB 15th May

In Literacy, we have been using non-fiction texts to learn about the parts of a plant, how to plant a sunflower and the correct growing conditions. We have written a set of instructions in our books. We have written our predictions of which plants would grow. 

In Maths, we have practised our number bonds to 10 and also explored different coin amounts. 

We have researched the country of France to celebrate Eurovision and learned lots of new facts for this project. We have also participated in a Eurovision inspired dance lesson with Miss Jones. Next week we will perform our French nursery rhyme to the whole school. 

Have a lovely weekend! Miss Clewes. 


WB 9th May 

In Literacy, our key text was 'Stickman.'  The children made their own stick people and wrote narratives using their imagination. The children have a firm favourite in this author- Julia Donaldson. 

In Maths, we have focused on odds and evens. The children are really understanding this numerical pattern now and have sorted numicon and tens frames into an odds and evens table. 

In phonics, we are writing longer words such as chimpanzee!

In PE we have started our athletics topic. In PATHS we have explored advanced compliments and being kind to our friends.

See you all next week, Miss Clewes.

WB 2nd May

In Literacy, we have explored our key text 'Rameena's Ramadan.' We have written all about the differences between the Christian faith and the Islamic faith. We have created our own mosque silhouettes. 

In Maths, we have focused on number bonds to 5 and created number sentences based on the number family approach. 

In Phonics, we have focused on reading and writing sentences. 

We have also focused on allergies and asthma to celebrate allergy awareness and World Asthma Day. 

On Friday, we celebrated King Charles III's coronation. We sang "Reach for the Stars" for the school, created party decorations and decorated our own cupcakes as well as learning all about the coronation through different books. 

Have a lovely long weekend Reception filled with coronation celebrations, Miss Clewes.

WB 24th April

In Literacy, we have had another week exploring non-fiction texts to learn about the Frog Life Cycle. Our fiction book this week has been "Teeny Weeny Tadpoles." We had our own class tadpoles to observe and labelled the frog life cycle. 

In Maths we have practised greater than and less than. Our Mr Smile crocodile puppet has taught the children how to use the greater than and less than signs. 

In Phonics, we have learned new tricky words some, come and love.

We are growing in our independence skills and completing activities such as making own snack. 

Have a fabulous weekend Reception, Miss Clewes. 

WB 17th April

A super first week of our summer term has been had by all Reception children. The children have loved telling staff everything they got up to over the Easter break. 

In Literacy, we have discovered a range of non-fiction texts to support our learning on Mini Beasts. We have labelled different mini beasts and wrote our own mini beast fact files. We have also made mini beast habitats after finding out the best conditions for them to live in. 

In Maths, we have been practising the composition of numbers. Children particularly enjoyed using concrete materials, i.e. multilink cubes, to work out their part wholes. 

In Phonics, we have begun Phase 4 learning. Children have learned new tricky words: said, so, have and like. 

In PATHS, we have begun our learning on the importance of sharing and its impact on our emotional wellbeing. 

As part of our British Values celebrations this week, we have been using our voting station. Children have loved voting for which story they would like Miss Clewes to read at story time!

Have a lovely weekend! Miss Clewes.

WB 27th March

In Literacy, we have been reading the traditional Easter story as told by the Christian faith. We have written a prayer to God. We loved seeing the Easter bunny and talking about how we celebrate Easter with our families.

We celebrated Easter through our Crafty Easter event with parents. It was so lovely to see the children having such a fabulous time making crafts with the people who mean the most to them. We hope parents enjoyed it! Reception are certainly in the Easter spirit now. 

In Maths, we have explored the story 'One is a Snail, Ten is a Crab.' We have explored addition through counting two groups together. We have also started to count in 10s. 

We took part in our first forest school session this week. We listened to fire safety rules and toasted marshmallows. 

Have a wonderful Easter break Reception. I am so proud of you all. I can't believe we've completed two terms of Reception. Only one to go! See you soon, Miss Clewes.

WB 20th March

In Literacy, we have explored one of our favourite texts of the year "Goldilocks and the three bears." We have written alternative endings to the story, created new chairs for baby bear using different materials and followed a recipe to make yummy porridge.

In Maths, we have focused on weight and capacity. We have participated in hands on, practical learning to bring our understanding of these concepts. 

In Phonics, we assessed our learning this half term and Miss Clewes is so proud of our progress.

The children loved listening to Plumber Drummer and finding out all about his drum kit, made from guttering! Check out our class twitter for a video. 

Have a superb weekend, 

Miss Clewes.



WB 13th March 

In Literacy, we have been reading non-fiction texts to support our learning on Spring. We have learned all about the season of Spring and linked back to our learning on Autumn and Winter. We went on a Spring walk and wrote a recount of the signs of Spring we saw. 

In Maths, we have focused on number bonds to 10. We loved the number bond rap and remembered which two numbers add together to make 10. "1 and 9, looking fine." 

In Phonics, we have learned how to read words ending in "ing". 

In Jigsaw as part of our Healthy Me topic, we looked at the importance of sleep, spoke about our bedtime routines and listened to popular lullabies. 

This week we have celebrated British Science Week by completing a science workshop delivered by Casey's mum. The children learned about how science works and conducted their own experiments. They used pipettes and a chemical indicator. They learned how to identify an acid with a colour change and then learned what happens when an acid reacts! They learned lab skills and new science vocabulary.

I have also loved speaking to all parents at parents evening and celebrating the children's successes. 

Have a lovely weekend, Miss Clewes.

WB 6th March

In Literacy, our key text has been "The Emperor's Egg." We have loved using non-fiction texts to find out about penguins and write fact files. We have also enjoyed comparing the expeditions of Captain Scott and David Attenborough in Antarctica. 

In Maths, we have explored the number 10. This week, our focus has been ordering numerals to 10 and number formation. 

In phonics, we have been practising longer words with digraphs in and also sentence conventions. 

We visited Haydock Library on Monday for an "I love libraries" session. The children loved learning about how a library works and exploring their own chosen fiction and non-fiction books. 

In PATHS this week, we have been complimenting ourselves and realising how truly amazing we are on our "This is my SELfie sheet."

In Jigsaw, we have been learning about healthy and unhealthy foods as part of our Healthy Me topic. 

This week we have also learned all about Fair Trade and created our own banana milk shakes following a Fair Trade recipe to celebrate Fair Trade fortnight 2o23.

I look forward to parents evening next week to celebrate the children's successes with you all. 

Have a fabulous weekend! Miss Clewes.

WB 27th February 

What a super fun filled week we have had!

In Literacy our key text has been "Rumble in the Jungle." The children have loved writing descriptions on jungle animals and also making their own jungle collages using the creative skills of ripping and layering. 

In Maths, we have focused on 1 less than. The children have worked on number lines identifying 1 less than given numbers. We also found out that our number of the week 9 is an odd number! 

In phonics we recapped sounds air and er and read double letter/ longer words. 

Our World Book Day celebrations have been fantastic! We have come to school dressed as our favourite character, visited our school book fair, listened to author Fay Evans read her story and had our grown ups from home in for a 'Booky Breakfast.' 

Check out our amazing World Book Day costumes below! Miss Clewes.

WB 20th February

Reception settled back in after half term and couldn't wait to tell me all about what they had been up to!

In Literacy, our key text has been "Dear Dinosaur." We have written letters to the t-rex in the story, explored dinosaur poo to investigate if the dinosaur is a herbivore, carnivore or omnivore and also made our own dinosaur fossils inspired by Mary Anning. 

In Maths, our children are progressing with their understanding of the composition of numbers. We loved learning all about number 9 and said 3+3+3=9. We liked printing number 9 number block with paint. 

In phonics we recapped sounds ai, ee, igh, ow, oi, and ear. 

In Jigsaw we spoke about our favourite sports and how they keep us healthy. In PE we practised spatial awareness. 

We are so looking forward to World Book Day Celebrations next week!

Have a lovely weekend, Miss Clewes.

WB 6th February

In Literacy, our key text has been "Little Red Riding Hood." We really enjoyed acting out the story, writing get well soon cards to Grandma and making cup cakes. 

In Maths, we have explored doubling and halving and enjoyed using a paint magic trick on mini beasts to show us doubling. 

On Monday, we had a workshop with our parents for Early Maths Explorers. Miss Clewes delivered a presentation to parents to explain what maths looks like in the Reception classroom, our objectives for Reception children, where they should be at the end of the year and beyond and most importantly how to support at home!

The children and parents then participated in a carousel of maths activities. This included: making board games, subitising on dice, shape symmetry, adding machine, making part whole representations with pipe cleaners and beads, estimation station and so much more!

This week we have celebrated Children's Mental Health Week. We have loved days such as Move It Monday. Our favourite was having our very own Reception spa afternoon. We loved having face masks, massages, foot soaks, mocktails and more!

We also celebrated Safer Internet Day by reading Chicken Clicking. We learned to always speak to our grown ups when on our tablets at home. 

We also spoke to our friends about who we love and made Valentine's Day cards for the special people in our lives!

Have a lovely half term break Reception and I'll see you for Spring 2! 

Miss Clewes.

WB 30th January

In phonics we have been reading longer words that we have had to chunk. For example; melon, carpark, farmyard. 

In Literacy, we have read our key text "The Naughty Bus", written by Jan and Jerry Oake. The Naughty Bus has been up to all sorts of mischief in our classroom this week and we have written our own class story book about the mischief we imagined. We have also learned about our capital city of London, as Naughty Bus is a London bus after all. Our highlight was going on our virtual bus tour sight seeing. 

In Maths, we have explored the number 8 and how octo block represents 8. 

This week has been National Storytelling Week. The children have really enjoyed having our 'Secret Storytellers' coming into school and reading them a story. This has been children's parents. The children also really enjoyed our bed time reading event and talking about their favourite book. 

See you next week for one more week of this half term! Miss Clewes.

WB 23rd January

In phonics this week the children have explored sounds air and er as well as longer words. 

In Literacy we have focused on non-fiction texts about China. We have enjoyed learning all about this country and writing facts. We have engaged in lots of Chinese inspired continuous provision and even taken a Chinese inspired dance class with Miss Jones. We enjoyed tasting Chinese foods for snack.

In Maths, we have focused on number 7 and created our own 7 posters. Towards the end of the week we also started to explore the concept of 7 being an 'odd' number. 

On Monday, we celebrated National Handwriting Day. The children are always involved in mark making/ writing in lots of different ways. 

In PE we are gaining more control with our ball skills and working in partners well. 

See you next week! Miss Clewes.

WB 16th January

In phonics this week the children have learned ur, ow, oi and trigraph ear. They have learned my, by and all tricky words.

In Literacy, our key text was the story through song the "Magic Train Ride." Children have loved role playing on our outdoor train whilst learning new vocabulary such as carriage, passenger, conductor, platform and lots more! The children have also built their own trains with junk modelling materials or construction blocks. The children have also described the different fantasy land the magic train stops at and designed their own. Lots of our children wanted to travel to chocolate land! We have also compared old vs new trains and a few of our children discussed their experiences of steam trains.

In Maths, we have focused on addition. The children have particularly enjoyed using our addition machine but also the numicon to add together. 

In PATHS this week we recapped our turtle method to remain calm and learned the three steps: 1. Stop 2. Take a deep breath. 3. Talk about it. The children wrote about this on their whiteboards.

See you next week Reception! Miss Clewes.

WB 9th January

In phonics this week children have looked at short and long oo sounds, ar and or. We are learning tricky words quickly now so we are practising these all the time. 

In Literacy, our topic was space, as we read our key text "Man on the Moon."  The children wrote a list of what they would take to the moon as well as writing a fact on Katherine Johnson- a mathematician who worked for NASA. We linked our artist of the term, Jackson Pollock, by creating galaxy scenes using his dripping paint technique. Children loved having this theme run through our provision as they made play dough aliens and even created our own class rocket. 

In Maths, we focused on number 6 but we explored subtraction. Children explored the crossing out method for subtraction. We also played a game of bowls and worked out subtraction problems by counting the amount of pins knocked over and taking this away from our total. 

Lisa taught our PATHS lesson this week which was on how to use the turtle method to remain calm. The children liked hearing the story about Twiggle and Henrietta falling out and resolving their problem.

Have a lovely weekend, Miss Clewes.

WB 4th January

Welcome back Reception!

The children have loved catching up with their friends and telling their teachers all about their Christmas breaks!

In phonics, we focused on new sounds ai, ee, igh and oa. 

In Literacy, we read Nick Butterworth's 'One Snowy Night' and explored the season of winter. The children wrote Percy the park keeper thank you letters for keeping the animals warm in winter. 

In Maths, we started our learning on number 6. Our favourite part was exploring a dice and designing our own board games, to help us to subitise the amount of dots on each face.

We have also attended whole school assemblies and shown amazing behaviour. 
See you next week Reception, Miss Clewes.

WB 12th December

What an amazing final week of the Autumn term we have had. 

On Tuesday we had our EYFS Christmas experience day. We started off the day by meeting two of Santa's reindeers. We listened very carefully and learned that reindeer lose their antlers and they grow back each year. They are also very fast runners and good swimmers! We then met Father Christmas himself and told him what we would like for Christmas. We have been trying so hard so our teachers certainly think we are on the nice list! We then took part in a range of creative activities. We made reindeer food, hot chocolates, crispy cakes, tree decorations and decorative headbands. We are so festive and can't wait for Christmas now!

On Thursday, we had party day which allowed us to play lots of games with our friends whilst, listening and dancing to festive music. 

Our Reception Christmas Singalong also went live this week for parents via Dojo and the children sang their songs amazingly! Our teachers were very proud!

On Friday we had our final Christmas assembly and were very reflective on the progress we have made so far in our Reception year. 

I can't believe you have completed a full term of school! So much more learning to come.

A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, see you in 2023,

Miss Clewes.

WB 5th December 

In Literacy this week, we have written our own Christmas list to Santa and written our own Christmas cards based on our text 'The Jolly Christmas Postman.' 

In Maths, we have created Christmas repeating patterns, Christmas addition and counted lots of Christmas objects. 

In Phonics we have been splatting digraphs,  writing tricky words and reading words and captions to recap our Autumn learning. 

This week we have engaged in whole school Christmas fun including our tree lighting ceremony, watching a pantomime and puppet show and wearing Christmas jumpers to Christmas dinner day. 

1 week to go of being Autumn term super stars- 16 sleeps until Christmas! 

Miss Clewes.

WB 28th November

In Literacy this week, we have been focusing on the story of the First Christmas. As part of our learning on the birth of baby Jesus, we visited the local church. We made observational drawings of the key features and then made our own stain glass window designs. 

In Maths, we completed our number 5 posters and learned how to do a ninja tally. 

In Phonics we have been recapping how to read and write words with s on the end. 

We have begun our Christmas celebrations this week by writing Christmas lists, practising our Christmas singalong and we had a cheeky visit in our elf Twinkle on the 1st December. 

We are looking forward to all of the festive fun to come! 

So proud of you Reception, Miss Clewes.

WB 21st November

In Literacy this week, our book of the week has been Supertato. We have made our own super veg, created wanted posters for the evil pea and explored the collection of stories by this author. 

In Maths, we focused on the composition of 4 and created our own number posters. 

Our digraph knowledge continues in Phonics as we have learnt sh, th, ng and nk. 

As part of our world cup celebrations, Reception have began their research project on Japan. We have painted flags and cherry blossom trees, written our names in Japanese, taken part in Tokyo Olympic style sport and tasted sushi. 

Thank you to parents for attending our phonics workshop, you can find the power point to the right of our blog page. 

Have a lovely weekend, Miss Clewes.

WB 14th November

In Literacy this week we have been exploring non-fiction texts relating to the season of Autumn. 

We have completed Autumnal art in the style of Andy Goldsworthy; natural and circular, explored seasonal changes and labelled Autumnal objects. 

In Maths, we explored our new number 4 but specifically focused on squares and rectangles. 

In Phonics, we learnt digraphs qu and ch as well as learning how to write plural words. 

In Jigsaw, for anti-bullying week we looked at kindness. 

We also celebrated Children In Need on Friday and doodled our t-shirts.

We also completed some fun maths activities for Maths Week UK. 

See you next week! Miss Clewes.

WB 7th November 

What lovely bonfire nights you all had Reception after our safety chat last week! 

In Literacy this week we read one of Miss Clewes' favourite books by her favourite children's author "Room on the Broom." We made magic potions and wrote ingredient lists. 

In Maths, we continued to explore number 3 and independently completed our 3 posters in our journals. 

In Phonics, we explored phonemes v, w, x and y. We continued learning tricky words such as his and her. 

We also discussed Remembrance Day and watched the CBeebies animation about an animals experience of war. We then made poppy pictures. 

We also had Lisa from PATHS teach our session on the feeling MAD.

See you next week! Miss Clewes.  

WB 31st October 

What a superb start to Autumn 2! 

In Literacy, our key text was "Rama and Sita." We explored the Hindu celebration of Diwali, made our own diva lamps and had a tasting session. 

In Phonics, we learnt digraphs ff, ll and ss and then grapheme j. 

In Maths, we focused on sharing into three groups. 

In PE, we continued to focus on our control of different sized balls. 

We also focused on our communication and language skills to discuss what we got up to in our half term break.

Stay safe and enjoy the fireworks! Miss Clewes.

WB 17th October

Can you believe we have reached the end of Autumn 1? I am so proud of you Reception. 

In Literacy, our key text was "The Little Red Hen." We acted out the story, wrote a list of ingredients and made pizzas. It was the first traditional tale we have covered so we learnt language such as 'Once Upon A Time.' 

In phonics, we recapped all the Phase 2 sounds we have done this half term. 

In Maths, we focused on part-whole diagrams. 

We participated in Crafty Harvest with our parents and carers and loved our barn dance. 

Have a wonderful half term break. I can't wait to hear everything you get up to! Miss Clewes.

WB 10th October

In Literacy, our key text was "In Every House on Every Street." The children loved finding their houses on google maps and drawing plans of their homes. The best part of our week was our community walk around our local area comparing types of houses and exploring  the amenities of Haydock. In our books, we drew a map of the route we took, labelling with initial sounds.

We continued our phonics and learnt the tricky word 'the' and the phonemes h,b,f and l. 

In Maths, we had a new number of the week! We explored all things number 2. 

We started learning the song 'Big Red Combine Harvester' in preparation for our Harvest celebrations next week. 

Have a lovely weekend everyone! Miss Clewes

WB 3rd October

In Literacy, our key text has been "Super Duper You." The children have discussed why they are unique by looking at their features in mirrors and have chosen what they would like to be when they grow up! 

We continued our Little Wandle phonics, covering sounds ck,e,u and r as well as learning the tricky word I. 

In Maths, we focused on more than and less than, specifically 1 more than and 1 less than. 

We also took part in dance this week and represented the rainbow with dancing chiffons and movement. We learnt about the feeling of sadness in PATHS. 

See you all next week! I can't wait for our community walk! Miss Clewes.

WB 26th September

In Literacy, our key text has been "Giraffes Can't Dance." We have written invitations to jungle animals, made junk model musical instruments and performed jungle dances to the cha cha and the waltz. 

We continued our Phase 2 Little Wandle phonics and covered the sounds g,o,c,k and learnt the tricky word 'is.' 

In Maths, we began our number a week approach and learnt all about the number 1. We also know that 1 less than 1 is 0. 

We continued ball skills in PE and learnt about the feeling of happiness in our PATHS curriculum. 

Have a lovely weekend children and I will see you all next week for more super learning! Miss Clewes.

WB 19th September

Miss Clewes is so amazed by how well the children have settled in to Reception life. 

In Literacy, our key text was 'The Great Big Book of Families.' We drew our own family tree, discussed our families to our teachers and peers and also looked at how every family is different. 

We continued our Phase 2 Little Wandle phonics and covered the sounds i, n, m and d; as well as beginning teacher led blending. 

In Maths we have had a huge focus on counting, subitising and number recognition. The children particularly enjoyed helping Muddles the monkey count how many animals were in his jungle. 

We continued with our PE sessions and we started PATHS pupil of the day as well as giving our friends compliments. 

I look forward to more learning next week! 

Have a lovely weekend, Miss Clewes. 

WB 12th September

A brilliant second week in Reception for us! In Literacy we read the story ‘The Way I Feel.’ We created self-portraits, discussed new vocabulary around feelings and described what makes us happy, scared, angry and excited.

We started our Little Wandle Phase 2 phonics this week and learnt the sounds s, a, t and p.

In Maths we focused on counting rhymes including 5 cheeky monkeys, 5 little men in a flying saucer and 5 currant buns. We even learnt the word ‘subtract.’

We did our first PE lesson and started our PATHS curriculum by making a class charter.

We continued to build super friendships with our peers and followed our Reception routine amazingly!

See you next week, Miss Clewes.


WB 5th September

What a wonderful first week we've had in Reception. The children have been super stars. They have adapted so well to a new environment, new adults and new friends. 

We learnt lots of new friends names and introduced ourselves to everyone. During our carpet sessions, we did some lovely activities: silly soup, musical instrument guessing game and even practised our patterns! Can your child tell you about them?

Reception have enjoyed accessing the different areas of continuous provision, both indoors and outdoors and have followed Reception rules and routines.

The children have also ate their lunch in the big school hall. This is such a big achievement and they should be so proud. We all used our manners when asking for our lunch, have learnt to clear our own plate and select our own dessert. 

I am so proud of you all. Keep it up! 

Have a lovely weekend, 

Miss Clewes.


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