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Welcome to our 2 Year Old Nursery

W.B- 11th July 2022

This week our story has been 'Little Why' and we have enjoyed exploring our safari theme!

In our sensory area we have been exploring the colourful rice and watching it fall form our hands and tools! We have also made our own bowling ally and had so much fun using the balls to knock the different safari skittles down. We have also been building shelters for our safari animals to escape the sun, just like us! 

This week some of our bigger children have been enjoying transitions into the big nursery which everyone has really enjoyed! 

We can't believe we only have one more week left till summer!

Have a lovely weekend everyone, Miss Boyle:)x

W.B- 4th July 2022

This week we have been reading our story called 'Aaarrrggh Spider!' and is all about how a spider wants to join a family as their pet. During circle time we discussed what pets we have in our homes, some of us had fish tanks with lots of fish in and others had dogs and cats. 

In our sensory area we explored the foam and hunted for the different coloured spiders hiding underneath it. As well as this we went into the forest area and used magnifying glasses to search for real life spiders! unfortunately they were all hiding from us. 

We have also been creating our own spider prints and making patterns with the stamper! this was so much fun watching them appear on our paper. We then used cotton buds to create lots of little eyes on them. 

To end the week we developed on our big and small recognition, discussing what pet was bigger and what pet was smaller from the group and categorising them.

This week our rhyme of the week was 'The Wheels on the Bus' and we enjoyed creating our very own bus in nursery!

Have a lovely weekend everyone, Miss Boyle:)x

W.B- 27th June 2022

This week our focus book has been 'Go, Go, Pirate Boat' and we have been exploring all things pirate! 

We have been exploring the mark making area when making our own pirate maps and deciding what objects we wanted to hide on our own island. As well as this, we developed on our counting skills when collecting our pirate treasure and recognising what numbers were on each coin. We have also been making some dens to hide in when we land on our hidden islands. 

This week was also our Sponsored Colour Run! We absolutely loved this and had so much fun looking at how colourfull we all looked!

Have a lovely weekend everyone, Miss Boyle:) x


W.B- 20th June 2022

This week we have been reading 'Shark in the Park!' which was all about a little boy exploring the park with his new toy- a telescope. During circle time we discussed the things we might see in the parks we have visited, we all agreed we have never seen a shark before!

In provision we have been exploring the theme under the sea and have enjoyed creating patterns using the sea shells and pressing them into the dough. 

We have also played a matching game, matching the sea creatures to their friends and noticing differences between them. We also reacted to changes in numbers when looking at the groups.

This week was also Sports Week! 

To celebrate this, we took part in a different sporting event everyday and we had so much fun! These were our events:

Monday- Running Races

Tuesday- Egg and Spoon Race

Wednesday- Crown Race

Thursday- Welly Wanging

Friday- Target Practice

At the end of the week we all received a medal and a certificate because we all did amazingly!

We have had such a lovely week and the weather has been amazing! Have a lovely weekend everyone, Miss Boyle :)x

W.B- 13th June 2022

This week our focus story was called “I Love My Daddy” and was all about what a little girl gets up to with her daddy through the day. During circle time we discussed what we enjoyed doing with our daddy’s and special people, some children said they go to the park with their special person and others said they watch films together!


To celebrate Father’s Day we have been busy making our cards for our special people, we used different shapes to make space rockets and we also used our fingers to make bright beautiful stars!

Next week is sports week and we can’t wait to show you what we get up to!

Have a lovely weekend everyone, Miss Boyle:)x

W.B- 6th June 2022

This week we have had so much fun celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee! 

We took part in the schools picnic and we enjoyed tasting lots of different treats. We also helped nursery make out royal themed scarecrow, it was so much fun!

Throughout the week we did small jubilee themed activities, like using our fine motor skills to create our own version of the Great British flag and making our own royal crowns!

Our focus book this week was 'Giraffe's Can't Dance' and was all about a giraffe who nearly gave up on dancing because he couldn't do it. So during circle time we discussed how we should never give up on something we enjoy and if we keep on trying we can learn something new!

We have had an amazing first week back after our half term break

Have a lovely weekend everyone, Miss Boyle :)x

W.B- 23rd May 2022

This week we have enjoyed exploring our home tuff tray and searching for our families, which linked to our focus book 'So Much'

We discussed how we may celebrate different occasions that our special to our families, like birthdays and special religious celebrations. We found that lots of people sing and therefore we enjoyed exploring our music area and even created our own musical instruments!

We had so much fun making different sounds and moving our bodies to the music we made!

This week we also found our butterflies had came out of their chrysalis' and were exploring the fruit and sugar water we had left them in their net. Every class in school will be letting their butterflies free to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee and on Wednesday we let them free and watched them explore their new environment, they all had the most beautiful coloured wings. 

We have had a lovely week and can't believe we will be entering our last term of school before the summer holidays! 

Have a amazing half term everyone, Miss Boyle :)x

W.B- 16th May 2022

This week our focus book was called 'Zoom to the Moon' and we have been enjoying exploring lots of different space activities through the week!

We have been using our hands to create planets with our playdoh and exploring the moon sand in our sensory area, molding it into different shapes. 

One afternoon, we used our fingers to create marks that looked like little planets in our galaxy! We also explored our tuff tray full of galaxy colours to create new and bright colours with our hands. 

We have had so much fun exploring all things space!

Have a lovely weekend everyone, Miss Boyle :)x

W.B- 9th May 2022

This week our focus book was called 'A Busy Day For Birds' and had lots of different type of birds inside and shows what they do throughout the day! to link in with this, our rhyme of the week was 'There's a Worm at the Bottom of My Garden'. 

We enjoyed exploring our worm tuff tray and using our 'pincer grip' to collect the pipe cleaner worms to feed the birds. This helped us develop our small motor skills ready for us to correctly hold a pencil or pencil!

We also had lots of fun gluing and sticking with the bright feathers and using them to create our very own bird pictures! They turned out so colourful and helped us learn our colour names!

In the garden we loved digging with the spades and using the rakes to find real life worms...some of us loved the worms and some wasn't so keen. 

Lastly we have been practicing our size recognition and discussing what worms were bigger and what worms were smaller. Some of us even tried matching the worms to the ones on the play mat!

Wow, we have been so busy, just like the birds in our book!

Have a lovely weekend everyone, Miss Boyle :)x

W.B- 3rd May 2022

Our focus book this week was 'My Mum is Great' and was all about how busy our mums are and how amazing they are when caring for us. We enjoyed exploring our family tray and finding our loved ones in the collection of photos. 

We also had so much fun setting the butterflies free with nursery on the field. We loved being able to see the butterflies up close and look closely at their wings. 

This week we also received our very own caterpillars and we will be able to watch them grow into beautiful butterflies and set free on Jubilee Day. To celebrate their arrival we have made our own butterflies to make them feel more at home. 

Have a lovely weekend everyone, Miss Boyle :)x 

W.B- 25th April 2022

This week our book was called 'The Tall, Tall Grass' and we have explored all things minibeasts! We have had so much fun using the magnifying glasses to search for the bugs in our sensory area and have enjoyed using cotton wool, brushes and pipe cleaners to create our own lady birds, spiders and caterpillars to put on display by our outdoor area. 

We have also enjoyed playing matching games in group to develop our effortful control. When our friends couldn't find the pair we helped each other and worked together to find them! 

Have a lovely bank holiday weekend everyone, Miss Boyle :)x

W.B- 19th April 2022

Welcome back everyone! We hope you enjoyed the Easter break and are ready for another busy half term in Nursery. This week we have loved welcoming new friends into our nursery and have enjoyed showing them the different environments that we have and modeling our golden rules, like tidying up and sharing. 

Our story this week was called 'Sharing a Shell' and we had lots of fun decorating the sea creates from the books, they were very colourful!

We have also enjoyed mark making in the sand with the sticks we collected from the garden, we tried very hard to copy the patterns from the cards

What gorgeous weather we have had this week, lets hope its here to stay! Have a lovely weekend everyone, Miss Boyle :)x

W.B- 28th March 2022

Our focus book this week was called 'Hop Little Bunnies' and we searched the book to find the different sleeping animals. We also tried coping the animals actions, such as baaring like the lambs, meowing like the kittens and hopping like bunnies!

We also had so much fun celebrating all things Easter! We made gorgeous Easter cards and we chose the poems inside ourselves. On Friday we were so lucky to have a visit from the Easter Bunny! When he came in, he hid lots of chocolate eggs for us to find, we had so much fun...eating them was without doubt the best part!

Have a lovely half term everyone, we can't wait to welcome some new friends when we come back! Miss Boyle :)x

W.B- 20th March 2022

This week our story was a Spring non-fiction and showed use different things in our environment we might find in the changing of seasons. 
At the beginning of the week we used out magnifying glasses to investigate the forest to see if you could find any new life! We found lots of ‘buds’ coming through the grass and also some different insects. 

We’ve also been enjoying playing in the sun and having lots of fun exploring the different outside environments available to us! While doing this we used the outdoor equipment, to explore the water play and had so much fun watching it fall from our buckets and gutters! 

We have really loved the warmer weather this week and hopefully it’s here to stay! Have a lovely weekend everyone, Miss Boyle :)x

W.B- 14th March 2022

This week we have loved our story about 'The Tiger Who Came To Tea' with Sophie and her mummy!

We enjoyed making tea for our own tigers in our home corner, making sure they ate and drank every last bit, just like the story. We also had fun using rollers and our fingers to create repeated patterns that looked just like tiger fur!

On Friday, we celebrated Ukrainian Day by coming into school dressed in yellow and blue to donate money to the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal. 

This week has finally felt a little warmer and a little more like Spring, we can't wait to spend more time in our outdoor environments and enjoy the sunshine with our friends!

Have a lovely weekend everyone, Miss Boyle :)x

W.B- 7th March 2022

This week we have enjoyed continuing to exploring our interests of dinosaurs while reading our focus book which was called 'Where's Mrs T-Rex?' which was all about finding the different dinosaurs that were playing hide and seek! 

We searched the coloured sand to find the hiding dinosaurs, used our hands to explore the volcano jelly AND we have been making our very own fossils out of playdoh! We have also been exploring our book corner lots and sharing books with our friends.

This week we have been focusing on sharing during group activities and developing on our fine motor skills using the peg board. 

Have a lovely weekend everyone, Miss Boyle :)x

W.B- 28th February 2022

We have had such a busy week this week! 

Our focus story this week was 'The Hugasaurus' and was all about how the little dinosaur made his friends happy when they were sad. During circle time we talked about what makes us happy and what might make us sad. 

We had lots of fun dipping our dinosaurs into different coloured paint and watching their prints appear as they 'stompled' across the paper!


This week we also celebrated Shrove Tuesday! We loved watching Mrs Liptrot flipping the pancakes and we tried to copy with our playdoh pancakes. We also loved choosing the toppings on our own pancakes for snack, we loved the chocolate ones the most! 

Lastly, on Thursday we came into nursery dressed as our favourite book characters for World Book Day! In the morning Mrs Bacon read a story to us and our friends at Wargrave Nursery, 'The Day The Crayons Quit', which all about crayons and how we can use crayons in different ways so afterwards we made our own colourful pictures like at the end of the book!

Wow we did do a lot! Have a lovely weekend everyone, Miss Boyle :)x

W.B- 21st February 2022

This week we enjoyed a book all about tidying up after ourselves, called ‘Goodnight Digger’

This book had lots of different vehicles in so we had lots of fun colour mixing with diggers and tractors, just like the ones in the book!

We also talked about how important it is to tidy up after ourselves, so our toys don’t get broken or lost, and now we have some super tidying uppers!

During circle time we enjoyed talking about what we got up to over the half term break! Some of us went on holiday on a plane and some of us enjoyed exciting days out with our families.

We’ve got a super busy and exciting week next week and we can’t wait! Have a lovely weekend everyone, Miss Boyle :)x

W.B- 7th February 2022

This weeks focus book was ‘Guess How Much I Love You’ which was perfect for Valentines Day!

During circle time we talked about who we loved the most in our lives as well as copying some of the actions from the book, such as reaching up super high, using our tippy toes, and stretching our arms out as wide as we could!

We also used our hands to create some lovely Valentine’s Day for our loved ones.

This week we also celebrated Chinese New Year! We decorated our own dragon masks and watched traditional dragon dancing, we absolutely loved these! We took part in some food tasting for our snacks were we tried different Chinese foods. 

Have a lovely half term next week, from Miss Boyle :)x

W.B- 31st January 2022

This weeks book was called ‘It’s Mine” which we enjoyed looking at the different body parts and guessing what animal was hiding! 

This week we also enjoyed celebrating Chinese New Year and we explored so many different activities through the week. We did some gluing and sticking with Chinese lucky colours, red and gold, to decorate lanterns and we decorated our own Chinese dragon masks, they believe the dragons bring them luck for the new year!
We also loved a food tasting snack where we tried different Chinese foods, like rice, noodles and prawn crackers! 

On Thursday we also celebrated National Storytelling Week! To do this we came into nursery in our favourite pyjamas and shared our favourite stories together.

What a fabulous week we have had celebrating different cultures around us!

Have a lovely weekend everyone, Miss Boyle:)x

W.B- 24th January 2022

This weeks focus book was ‘noisy farm’ which is about all the different noises you can hear when visiting the farm.

The children have enjoyed talking in group time about the different animals we can see at the farm and which are our favourite! We have also used our good listening skills to listened to the noises of farm animals and worked together to workout which animal it might have come from. 

In our sensory area we found the animals playing hide and seek in all of our sand! We then used our hands and tools to uncover them, and afterwards we got bubbly and washed them all clean! 

Our rhyme of the week was ‘old Mac Donald’ which was one of our favourites already, but now we love it even more! 
Have a lovely weekend everyone, Miss Boyle:)x

W.B- 17th January 2022

Our focus book this week was ‘Ness the Nurse’ which we absolutely loved!

 In our play we took on the roles of doctors and nurses and cared for the animals and babies in our room. We used doctors equipment to take their temperatures, giving them needles and giving them lots of cuddles! 
After checking them all over, we used our mark making skills to create prescriptions for them to make sure they get better.

During circle time, we all talked about times we have visited the doctors and what they helped us with.

We've also done some exploring this week! On Wednesday we out on our wellies and went for a lovely walk around out forest, jumping in muddy puddles and playing hide and seek behind the trees!

After this week, we may have a few doctors and nurses in the making! 
Have a lovely weekend everyone, Miss Boyle :)x

W.B- 4th January 2022 and 10th January 2022

Happy New Year everyone! We are so happy to see everyone back in nursery!

This week we have had so much fun meeting our new friends and showing them around our provision, they have all settled so well and are loving coming to nursery.

We have enjoyed making playdoh as a group and taking it in turns putting each ingredient into the mixing bowl and then mixing it all together. We then chose a colour to make it, we chose red this week, and had fun exploring the textures of the doh and using the tools to create different shapes and seeing what we can make out of it. 

Our focus books have been ‘Toddle Woddle’ and ‘Winter’. We’ve enjoyed listening to the different stories and showing our new friends our “good sitting, good looking and good listening” 

Have a lovely weekend everyone, Miss Boyle :)x

W.B- 6th December 2021 and 13th December 2021

Oh wow! What a fabulous two week we’ve had! 

We had an amazing visit from Floss and Nala, 2 of Santas reindeers! The elves told us all about them and how they can run up to 30mph! 
We also enjoyed doing lots of special Christmas crafts, like reindeer dust, reindeer cookies and Christmas cards. 

Our focus books have been ‘Spots First Christmas’ and ‘Dear Santa’. We talked about what we was asking Santa for this Christmas and who we will be spending Christmas with. We also made Christmas lists which we gave to Santa when he visited! 

We hope you all have a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year! 
We can’t wait to welcome you all back in 2022 and welcome some new friends too
Have a lovely weekend everyone, Miss Boyle :)x


W.B- 29th November 2021

This week we have loved our story 'A Journey Home From Grandpas' 

We looked at real life maps which were around in our areas and looked at where all the roads led to, then we created our own! We also had a lot of fun making our own villages with the houses and train tracks. 

When we had a break in the weather, we ventured into the big garden to see what vehicles we could find and explored how to use them. 

Not long to go until Christmas now! We can wait to show you all our Christmas activities soon.

Have a lovely weekend, Miss Boyle :) x

W.B- 22nd November 2021

This week we have enjoyed 'Little Rabbit Foo Foo' as our focus book. During circle time we discussed whether or not he was being kind to his friends and whether or not his friends were happy or sad when Foo Foo was 'bopping' them on their head. 

We also looked at pictures of our families and friends and talked about differences and similarities we could see!

Finally, the children have had so much fun junk modelling! They enjoyed exploring different materials and using them to create their own models! 

What a busy week we have had! Have a lovely weekend, Miss Boyle :)x

W.B- 15th November 2021

This week our focus book was 'Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?' We talked about what colours we could see through the book and guessing what animal was coming up next!

This week was also National Nursery Rhyme Week! We enjoyed singing a new song everyday and using the instruments to create lots of sounds!

On Friday it was Children In Need, we celebrated by making dots on Pudsey's bandana using our fingers, we loved this!

Have a lovely weekend, Miss Boyle :)x


W.B- 8th November 2021

This week we enjoyed reading our focus story 'Hippo Has a Hat'. We had so much fun using all our colours to create our own crazy hats and practiced our mark making skills by writing shopping lists for our animals! We also enjoyed talking about animals and what ones were our favourites. 

On Thursday we celebrated Remembrance Day by colouring poppys in with our favourite colours. 

Have an amazing weekend, Miss Boyle :)x

W.B- 1st November 2021

This week the children have all settled back into the routines after being off for half term.

Our focus this week has been on the season Autumn. We went out for a little walk on our playground and collected some autumn objects to explore back in class.

We used some of our autumn objects to make autumn trees pictures.

Our focus story this week was called 'One Rainy Day' which showed how the weather changes during the autumn time. During group time we have discussed wrapping up warm and all the children have noticed how cold it's going when we have outdoor play!

Today is Bonfire Night and we have explored the different colours we can see in fireworks and if we might see some tonight. The children made their own bonfire pictures too, take a look below and see!

Have a lovely weekend everyone, Miss Boyle :)x

 Overview of Autumn 1

We've made a fantastic start to the year in our 2 year provision. 

Our children have all settled well and are now familiar with their environment. We've even been for a walk around our big school to meet our school fish and visited our forest area. Their confidence has developed and they're now choosing activities for themselves.  Our children enjoy spending time with their keyworkers and their new peers. 

We have been reading a variety of wonderful stories and learning lots of new story words. The children have enjoyed exploring our stories further in the environment and making some wonderful craft.

It's been lovely to hear the children's beautiful singing voices when we practice our Rhyme of the Week.  

We had our first key worker sharing sessions of the year. We hope parents found it useful to discuss how children have settled in and their next steps.

Don't forget to check our Dojo story and your child's learning Journey on Evidence Me to keep up to date with what your child is doing in Nursery.

We had a open evening to show our parents around and to welcome new parents. 

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