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Welcome to our 3 Year Old Nursery

W/B 18.07.2022

This week in Nursery we have been celebrating our achievements from throughout the year.
We looked back at our Learning Journey floor back, sharing photographs and dicsussing each of the stories and themes that we have focussed on. There were lots of fantastic memories to share!
We discussed what our favourite thing about Nursery has been and how much we have learned during our time in Nursery. Some of the children shared how they are now able to write their names and ride a bike now that they are bigger!
We drew pictures to share with a special friend during provision.
It was very hot this week, the children enjoyed eating ice pops to keep cool and taking part in lots of water play during the AM sessions.
We celebrated our final day together by enjoying the inflatable assault course that came to school! The children were very brave and loved helping each other to complete the course and slide down the slide! 

We would like to say a huge thank you to all Nursery parents and carers for the lovely words, comments, treats and gifts that we have received. We are very lucky to have worked with such wonderful children and families. We wish lots of luck to our children who are moving on to Reception for their next chapter of their learning journey and are looking forward to welcoming some of our children back in Nursery in September. Thank you for a fabulous year!
We hope that you all have a lovely Summer break. 
With love from
All Nursery Staff x

W/B 11.07.2022

This week we have focussed on the story ‘When We Grow Up' focusing on lots of different occupations and discussing what we would like to be when we grow up.

We matched a variety of tools and equipment to the correct job roles, discussing why each tool or equipment would be required in that job role.
We talked about and explored a range of 2D shapes, investigating what other shapes we could make when putting them together.  We found out that putting two triangles together can make a square!
This week was a very special week as our children moving up to Reception in September performed during our Graduation Ceremony. We invited our parents and families to watch us as we talked about the things that we had learned throughout the year and sang a special graduation song. We then received a special certificate to celebrate our achievements in Nursery. There were lots of tears as we looked back on photographs from the children's learning journey through Nursery. Thank you to our parents, carers and families for coming to watch and for giving such lovely feedback about this event!
Next week will be our final week in school before we finish for the Summer holidays. How time flies! Have a lovely weekend everyone,
Mrs Liptrot : ) 

W/B 04.07.2022

This week we have focussed on the story ‘Busy Building Site’, learning all about the occupations of various construction workers.   
During the week we have been very busy, working together to build lots of wonderful creations in our indoor and outdoor construction areas.
We used 3D shapes to make our own buildings. We discussed the properties of the shapes and explained why we had chosen those shapes for our buildings.
We worked together as a team to construct a large den, collaborating with our peers and sharing our ideas.
We looked at photographs and videos of construction vehicles. We played a
matching game with the pictures and used new vocabulary such as ‘excavator’ to name our pictures. We then joined in with songs relating to construction vehicles such as dumper trucks, cranes and excavators!
We looked at photographs of buildings around the world. We discussed their shapes and sizes and found the country that they are situated on our globe. We then designed our own buildings and shared our designs with our group peers.

What a busy week we have had. Enjoy the weekend!
Mrs Liptrot : )

W/B 27.06.2022

This week we have focussed on the story ‘Dr. Potts, My Pets have spots!’ and learned all about the occupation of a vet.  
During the week we have enjoyed taking part in lots of role play in our Grange Valley Veterinary Surgery!
We have been learning all about the important role of a vet and how to look after animals. We watched educational videos to allow us to see inside a veterinary surgery and observe some of the important jobs that go on.
Unfortunately, we discovered that some of our pets in nursery had caught the same illness as the animals in the story and had developed spots! We counted the number of spots on each animal, used our fingers to show these numbers and practised our number formation and making marks to represent numbers.
We used our developing phonics skills to verbally blend words such as cat, dog, rat, bat and pig. Some of our children used their sounds to have a go at writing these CVC words and label pictures of the animals.
We had such a fun time taking part in the PTFA Sponsored Colour Run. We wore white t-shirts and ran around the track whilst teachers covered us in colourful paint!
Also this week, we took part in a P.E session. We moved our bodies to represent animals from the story such as prowling like cats, running like dogs and slithering like snakes!

What great week we have had!

Have a lovely weekend, 
Mrs Liptrot : )

W/B 20.06.2022

What a super week we have had in Nursery celebrating National Sports Week!

We have focussed on the story ‘Ready, Steady, Mo!’ and learned all about the athlete Mo Farah. The children have loved recalling facts about Mo and practising the ‘Mobot’. 
We learned all about the events that take place during the Olympic games and discussed what sports we would like to try and why.  We discussed the colours of the medals that are awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions.
The children worked together to follow instructions to make salt dough medals. We cut shapes and made marks to represent the numbers 1, 2 or 3. We then painted our medals in the correct colours; gold, silver or bronze.
We each took part in a mini-Olympics session. We explored javelin throwing, gymnastics, football, rugby and running. 
On Friday, our parents, carers and families came to watch as we took part in Sports Day. The children took part in various races including a Running race, King and Queen race, Egg & Spoon race and a Fun Fun! The children were then awarded with medals for taking part in the event. Well done to all Nursery children who have done so well taking part in our practise runs and our final Sports Day event. We are so proud of you all!

What fabulous week, the children deserve lots of rest this weekend!

See you next week,

Mrs Liptrot :)

W/B 13.06.2022

What a fantastic week we have had in Nursery continuing with our ‘Jobs and Occupations’ theme.  This week we have focussed on the story ‘Police Officer’.

After sharing our story, the children enjoyed taking part in lots of role-play in our new Police Station area. We dressed as Police Officers and continued the role-play outside ‘catching criminals’.
We took fingerprints and discussed how each of our fingerprints are ‘unique’. We then compared them with our friends.
We explored images of different Police vehicles and discussed when and why each type of vehicles may be used. We looked at police cars, motorbikes, helicopters, bikes, boats and horses!
We solved problems to ensure that each ‘Police Officer’ had 5 jobs each by sharing them with our friends if we had too many. We used our counting skills to ensure that we had 5 in each set.
We were visited by our local Police Community Support Officers, Emma and Natalie. The children loved hearing all about their job roles, police vehicles and looking at their uniform. We were also very lucky as the officers were able to bring a police car with them. We waited patiently and took turns to sit inside and explore the car! 

What an exciting week! We hope that you have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Liptrot : )

W/B 06.06.2022

Welcome back! We hope you enjoyed the half term break and taking part in celebrations for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

This week we returned to Nursery for our final half term before the summer break. On Monday we took part in whole school celebrations for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. We had so much fun taking part in crown making, dance sessions, making a class scarecrow and enjoying a royal picnic!

We then introduced our children to our new theme for the term ‘Jobs and Occupations’. This week we have been focussing on the story ‘Litterbug Doug’.

After sharing the story, some of our children took part in litter picking around the school grounds. We discussed the importance of using litter pickers to keep us safe and how we should wash our hands after picking up litter.

We sorted litter into the correct recycling bags, discussing the properties of the materials such as plastic, metal, paper, cardboard and glass.

We watched an educational video that allowed the children to explore the jobs of refuse workers and workers in recycling plants. We discussed if we have aspirations for these jobs in our future. The children were able to give good answers to why not/why they would like a job like this.

We made posters to encourage everyone to put their litter in bins and not to throw litter on the floor. The children were very eager to spread this important message.

The children have shown an interest in our local environment recently and discussing their routes to school. We introduced the children to Google Maps and explored the route from Grange Valley School to our local Tesco. The children had great knowledge of what we passed on the way and which direction we should turn to get to our destination.

What a busy, busy week! We hope that you have a super weekend.

Mrs Liptrot : )

W/B 23.05.2022

This week we have been focussing on healthy eating and the text ‘I Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato’.

The children have been sorting foods into two categories; healthy foods and food we should only eat a little of. The children were very good at this and made good choices about a healthy diet.

We explored the environment and food hidden food pictures. We then decided if the foods were healthy or not and we also discussed the location in which we found the picture. We used vocabulary such as ‘in front of’, ‘behind’, ‘under’, ‘on top of’, ‘at the side of’ etc.

St.Helens Healthy Living Team visited us this week and we took part in an assembly. They brought along Captain Tuck and Crocosmile who the children were so excited to meet. We discussed the importance of a healthy morning routine including a brushing our teeth, eating a healthy breakfast, packing a healthy lunch and taking part in exercise. We even joined in with some exercises demonstrated by Captain Tuck!

During P.E we took part in games and activities to increase our heart rate. The children noticed the effect that exercise had on their hearts and were able to feel their hearts beating faster.

To commemorate the upcoming Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, all classes across school have been nurturing caterpillars through their life cycle during the past few weeks. We were lucky to observe the life cycle and set our butterflies free this week, just in time for the half term break.

We hope that you have a lovely half term break and enjoy your celebrations for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. We will see you when we return to Nursery on Monday 6th June, when we will be hosting our own Garden Party to celebrate this National event.


Mrs Liptrot : )

W/B 16.05.2022

This week we have been focussing on the story ‘The Enormous Turnip’.

The children had great fun re-telling the story using props and masks. They took on the role of the characters well and re-called key phrases from the story.

We have been extending our vocabulary when exploring a range of vegetables. We discussed our likes and dislikes and enjoyed playing Kim’s game. The children were very good at identifying the missing vegetables!

We discussed the colours of various vegetables and explored colour mixing. We then used the vegetables to create vegetable print artwork.  

We have been busy planting in our vegetable patch this week. We planted beans, tomato and strawberry plants as well as planting sunflower seeds. We will be continuing to look after these in the coming weeks. We can’t wait to taste the delicious fruit and vegetables from the plants eventually!

We compared the sizes of various turnips and used vocabulary such as bigger, smaller, wider etc. We then ordered the turnips starting with the smallest, working up to the largest.

During outdoor provision, we played ‘Vegetable Soup’ using the parachute. This involved the children using their listening skills and shaking the parachute to imitate boiling soup when Mrs Liptrot shouted the magic words: “Vegetable Soup!”.

This week we also joined in with the whole school to celebrate Cultural Diversity Week. We focused on the country India, exploring Indian traditions and creating Rangoli patterns.  

We hope that you have a lovely weekend. See you next week for our final week before the half term break!

Mrs Liptrot : )

W/B 09.05.2022

This week we have been focussing on the story ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’.

We explored golden 3D shapes sent to us by the giant. We discussed the names of the shapes and concentrated on using vocabulary to describe properties of the shapes such as sides, faces and edges. 

We used musical instruments to add sound effects when retelling the story. For example, we used drums to create the sound effect of the giant shouting the words “Fe, fi, fo, fum!” and a glockenspiel to create the rising pitch of Jack climbing up the beanstalk. The children really enjoyed this activity!

We also used figures and Duplo blocks to build a small world scene to re-tell the story. The children remembered the sequence of the story well and enjoyed joining in with repeated refrains.

We were so excited to use equipment in P.E this week. We created an obstacle course using apparatus and equipment to go under, across, over and around, imitating actions from Jack in this week’s story.

During outdoor provision, we were introduced to our new bikes that arrived early this week. We listened carefully to our rules such as handling the bikes with care and using a sand timer to wait for our turn.

We have continued to look after our beans that we planted last week. We took them outside to get some sunshine and watered them each day.

We hope that you have a lovely weekend. See you next week!

Mrs Liptrot : )

W/B 03.05.2022

This week we have been focussing on the story ‘Jasper’s Beanstalk’.

We have been writing lists of all the things we need to plant and grow our own beans. We discussed the initial sounds of words such as bean, dig, pot, sun, water etc. and had a go at writing the sounds and words on our lists.

We were so excited to plant our own beans this week, just like Jasper in the story! We followed instructions and discussed what we will need to do to take care of the bean and help it to grow. We will be looking after them in Nursery over the next few weeks before taking them home to plant in our gardens!

We sequenced pictures from the story and used words such as short, tall, taller etc. to describe the beanstalk. We used this information to sequence the pictures in the correct order.

We worked hard to count out the correct number of beans into pots labelled 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. We then compared which pots had ‘fewer than’ or ‘more than’.

During outdoor provision, we have been working hard practising our throwing and catching using large balls.

Despite this week being a shorter week, we sure have been busy! We hope that you have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Liptrot : )

W/B 25.04.2022

This week we have been focussing on the story ‘Mad About Minibeasts’.

We were so excited to take part in a visit from Dylan’s Reptile Time on Monday morning! Dylan brought with him a bearded dragon, snakes, tortoises, a large bull frog and a tarantula! Some of our children observed from a distance, whilst others were very brave and held and touched the reptiles. We were so proud of all the children and how well they behaved during the visit. Well done, Nursery!

We observed photographs of mini-beasts, discussing their features and used this information to help us to draw our favourite mini-beasts.

We read the story ‘Aaaarrgghh, Spider!’ and discussed our own fears. The children had some great ideas about the things that they are frightened of and were able to explain the reasons why they are scared of these things.

The children were so excited to take part in a bug hunt in our forest area! We looked at the habitats of mini-beasts and the need to keep safe in the environment. We then set out to see what we could find. The children were so excited to see worms, spiders, woodlouse, snails, slugs, centipedes and ants.

We also took part in a number hunt outside this week. The children looked for numbered bugs in the outdoor environment and had a go at writing the numerals on their bug hunt sheets!

What a busy week! We hope you have a lovely bank holiday weekend.

Mrs Liptrot : )


W/B 19.14.2022

Welcome back! We hope you enjoyed the Easter break and are ready for another busy half term in Nursery. We were so excited to welcome new children into Nursery this week. They have settled in very well and the children have been fantastic role models, helping to show our new children around our environment.

This week we have been focussing on the story ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. We welcomed caterpillars into Nursery and can’t wait to watch them grow over the next few weeks.

After listening to the story, the children enjoyed creating a mind map of everything we remembered from the story. This involved conversations about the life cycle of a butterfly, the feelings of the character and healthy eating.

We discussed the importance of healthy eating and sorted foods into healthy and not healthy categories. We discussed foods that we like and dislike and made healthy fruit kebabs with our favourite fruits to enjoy during snack time.

We carefully observed the beautiful patterns on the wings of butterflies and the children were introduced to the word ‘symmetrical’. We learned that symmetrical means the exact same on both sides. This helped us to play a game matching butterfly wings. We then created group butterflies by using a printing technique to ensure that the patterns of our butterflies were symmetrical. 

The children really enjoyed our P.E session this week. We discussed the butterfly life cycle and used our bodies to create movement to represent each aspect.

What a super first week back! We hope you have a lovely weekend. 

Mrs Liptrot : )

W/B 28.03.2022

This week we have been focussing on the story 'We're Going on an Egg Hunt' in preparation for Easter!

We started the week with our 'Crafty Easter' event, led by Mr Swann. During this event, parents came into school with their children to take part in lots of lovely Easter themed crafts. It was fantastic to see parents in school again and we look forward to hosting more events like this in the near future. 

We have been learning about the symbolism of eggs at Easter time and discussing how eggs represent 'new life'. This led to wonderful conversations about chicks, lambs, new flowers growing etc. at this time of year.

The children followed a recipe to make Easter Nest cakes. We washed our hands and carefully followed each instruction. Delicious!

We focussed on using fine motor tools to decorate an Easter egg with pastel colours.

We matched numerals to quantities when sorting out the Easter Bunny's eggs. 

Finally, we ended the week with a visit from the Easter Bunny. The Easter Bunny had heard how well behaved we have been this term and left us chocolate eggs to find in the forest as a treat. The children loved joining in with our egg hunt and helping each other to find a chocolate egg. 

Thank you for your ongoing support throughout the Spring term. We hope you have a lovely break over the Easter holidays and we will see you when we return to school on Tuesday 19th April. 

Mrs Liptrot : )

W/B 21.03.2022

This week we have been focussing on the traditional story ‘The Three Little Pigs’.

The children enjoyed joining in with the repeated refrains in the story and re-telling the story using props.
We created posters to display around school to inform everyone about the big bad wolf! We discussed the initial sound of wolf, ‘w’, and made fantastic attempts to write this on our posters.
We discussed 3D shapes and created houses using these shapes. The children explained why they had chosen these shapes for their houses and debated their view.
We worked together as a team to create a junk-model house for the three little pigs. We discussed aspects of the house that we needed to include such as doors, windows, chimney etc. The children helped each other to hold the junk-model materials, cut and stick it together. Well done children!
During our P.E session this week, we developed our throwing and catching skills using large balls. We worked with our partners to practise these skills before playing the game ‘piggy in the middle’.
This week the weather has been beautiful! We have really enjoyed making the most of the opportunity to learn in our outdoor environment. We particularly enjoyed making creations in the mud kitchen, exploring the forest area using binoculars and magnifying glasses and watering the plants.
What a super week! We hope you have a lovely weekend and continue to enjoy the sunshine.

Mrs Liptrot : )

W/B 14.03.2022

This week we have been focussing on the story ‘On the Farm’ by Axel Scheffler.

The children noticed the rhyming pairs in the story and enjoyed discussing each of the farm animals, the sounds they make and the names of their young.

We helped the farmer to solve mathematical problems by ensuring that there were only 3 animals in each pen. The children worked together to take away or add in animals, counting them accurately and some children were able to subitise – recognise 3 animals without having to count them. 

We practised drawing with increasing complexity whilst drawing animals on the farm. We represented the animals by drawing their bodies, heads, legs, tails and added features such as eyes, ears, mouths, snouts etc.  

We listened carefully to clues to identify farm animals hidden inside in the bag. The children then took turns to describe an animal to their peers, who listened carefully to guess their chosen animal.

We took part in a parachute activity during P.E called ‘Animal Rescue’. The children listened carefully to their animal name and ran under the parachute to rescue an animal and take it back to their place.

Thank you to all parents and carers who attended our Key Worker Sharing Sessions this week. This was a great opportunity to discuss the children’s progress and next steps and a chance for parents to look around the Nursery environment.

On Friday we supported the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal by wearing yellow and blue and bringing a donation into Nursery.

What fun we have had this week! We hope you have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Liptrot : )

W/B 07.03.2022

This week we have been focussing on the story ‘The Animal Boogie’ and what fun we have had!
The children have enjoyed joining in with the singing and actions to the story. We created our own versions of the story by changing the verses to alternative animals and their movements.
We explored animal patterns and created our own ABAB patterns based on our favourite animal and it’s colours.
We matched animal babies to their parents and discussed the changes that occur as the animals grow.  
We explored animal textures using our sense of touch. We described how the textures felt such as ‘wrinkly’, ‘soft’, ‘fluffy’, ‘slimy’ etc. We then used various media and techniques to create animal textures, for example we printed using paint and bubble wrap to create the texture of a snake and took rubbings of bark to create a wrinkly elephant texture.
We took part in a Write Dance session based on jungle animals. During this session we used our gross motor movements to create writing patterns such as vertical lines for a long giraffe, horizontal lines for birds flying and circles for a big elephant.

We hope you have a lovely weekend.
Mrs Liptrot : )

W/B 28.02.2022

Wow, what a busy week we have had!

This week we have been focussing on the story ‘Dear Zoo’ by Rod Campbell. 
The children have enjoyed writing letters to the zoo to ask for an animal of their choice. We thought about the initial sounds of the animals that we chose and discussed why we thought these animals would make a good pet.
We watched a virtual zoo visit and discussed our favourite animals that we observed in the video. The children were keen to share their own experiences of visits to the zoo and the safari park.
We compared the sizes of the animals from the story and used mathematical vocabulary to describe them such as tall, short, wide, thin etc.
We were so excited to share photographs, sent in by parents, of our pets from home. Some of the children were very confident at presenting their pet to the other children and telling them all about the qualities that make them a good pet. 
On Tuesday we celebrated Shrove Tuesday. We cheered Mrs Liptrot on as she cooked and flipped pancakes and ate pancakes for snack with a choice of toppings. We then enjoyed making our own pancakes in the playdough area!
On Thursday we celebrated World Book Day. We came into Nursery dressed as characters from our favourite stories. We looked fantastic! A big thank you to our parents for making so much effort and for your support.
We finished off our week taking part in team games during a P.E session. We collected bean bags from the centre of the school hall and brought them back to our teams, all whilst moving like animals from this week’s story!

We hope you have a lovely weekend and a well-deserved rest after such a busy week.
Mrs Liptrot : )

W/B 21.02.2022

Welcome back! We hope you enjoyed the half-term break and are ready for another busy and exciting term in Nursery.
This week in Nursery we have been focussing on the story ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ by Michael Rosen.
We looked at different types of bears from around the world and discussed some interesting facts about them. Can your child remember their favourite fact?
We explored a range of sensory resources to represent each of the environments in the story. Our resources included water, mud, twigs, ice and grass. We explored ‘capacity’ and compared the capacity of a range of containers that we filled using non-standard measurements. We used language such as empty, full, more and less. We took part in craft activities linked to the story and drew our favourite type of bear
using features to represent a bear’s face. We also developed our body movements when acting out the story and travelling through the range of environments.
This week we also took place in a Road Safety workshop with a Road Safety Officer. We listened carefully to the importance of keeping safe when near the road and holding an adult’s hand. We learned that we must stop, look, listen and think. We also discussed the importance of car seats and ensuring that our seatbelts are always fastened.

We hope you have a fantastic weekend,

Mrs Liptrot :)

W/B 07.02.2022

This week in Nursery we have been focussing on the story ‘The Snail and the Whale’ by Julia Donaldson.
We have been discussing the friendship between the snail and the whale and how kind the characters were to each other. This sparked conversation about how we are kind to our friends and what we do to help each other.

We counted out 1, 2, and 3 snails and linked the correct numeral to the amounts. We followed number rhymes to practise formation of the numbers 1, 2 and 3.

We explored the movements of various sea creatures and used our imaginations to move our bodies just like them!

We used our senses to explore natural materials such as sand, shells, pebbles, rocks and a real starfish! We used vocabulary to describe them such as bumpy, rough, smooth, hard, wet and dry.

Within provision we used our fine motor skills to decorate snails, wrote postcards in the writing area, matched labels to the correct sea creatures and used our problem solving skills to follow the trail to find the snail.

We supported Internet Safety Day this week and discussed online safety with the children through a story called ‘Digiduck and the Magic Castle’.

This week was also Children’s Mental Health Week. We took part in ‘feel good’ activities throughout the week such as belly breathing, yoga, exercise and mindful movements!

We hope you have a fantastic half-term break.

See you when we return to Nursery on Monday 21st February.

Mrs Liptrot :)

W/B 31.01.2022

This week in Nursery we have been celebrating Chinese New Year and focusing on the story ‘The Great Race’. We found out that 2022 is the Year of the Tiger. Kung Hei Fat Choi!
We have loved learning all about Chinese traditions and how Chinese New Year is celebrated across the world. We looked at photographs and videos of Chinese traditions and compared them with our own celebrations such as birthdays and Christmas.
We made our own Chinese dragon using handprints and took part in dragon dancing.
We explored traditional Chinese music and used large muscle movements to explore ribbon dancing.
We really enjoyed tasting a range of foods during our Chinese banquet! We tried new foods such as rice, noodles, prawn crackers, spring rolls and sweet and sour sauce. We described how the food looked, tasted and smelled!
Just like the animals in the story, we took part in races. We explored mathematical positional language and described the sequence of events using words such as ‘first’ and ‘then’.
As well as exploring Chinese writing using various media and materials, we practised our cutting skills whilst making Chinese lanterns.

This week was also National Storytelling Week. We enjoyed taking part in a Bedtime Reading event and coming into Nursery in our pyjamas. 

What a fantastic, busy week we have had. Have a lovely weekend everyone,

Mrs Liptrot : )

W/B 24.01.2022

This week in Nursery we have been focusing on the story ‘The Train Ride’.
We have really enjoyed re-telling the story using pictures and props with our friends. We used carboard boxes to make our own ‘Grange Valley Express’ and created tickets to take with us on our journey. We discussed the initial sound of ticket, ‘t’ and we practised writing and mark making to represent this letter. We explored the occupation of a train conductor and what it would be like to spend the day on a train. What a busy job it would be!

We took on the role of train spotters when comparing the number of carriages on a train. We used mathematical language such as ‘more than’ and ‘fewer than’. We also created picture representations of what we think we would see if we went on a train journey of our own. Lots of our children were eager to share their own experience of a train journey with us, it was lovely to hear about their adventures!

What a fun week we have had.

Have a lovely weekend everyone,

Mrs Liptrot : )

W/B 17.01.2022

This week in Nursery we have been focusing on the wonderful story ‘Whatever Next!’ by Jill Murphy. We have enjoyed taking on the role of the character Baby Bear and using props to support our role play. We have been exploring the role of an astronaut and looking at images of planet Earth that have been taken from space. We discussed and explored 2D shapes and selected the appropriate shapes when creating rocket shape pictures. We enjoyed exploring a range of ‘moon themed’ materials and used our vocabulary to describe the texture and appearance of the materials. Finally, we ended the week with a write dance session. We used our gross motor and fine motor movements to create space themed writing patterns to music.

Have a lovely weekend :)

W/B 12.01.2022

This week in Nursery we have continued to focus on the wonderful story ‘Handa’s Surprise’ by Eileen Browne. We have been comparing the weights of fruit from the story using vocabulary such as heaver, lighter and balancing. During snack time, we tasted various fruits from the story. We really enjoyed the delicious new tastes and our teachers were so proud of us for trying out fruits that we had never tried before! We used our observational skills to look at African art and had a go at creating our own patterns. Finally, to end our week we enjoyed a session on African dancing!

Our new starters have continued to become familiar with our staff and children, our rules and routines and explore both the indoor and outdoor environments. The children have been taking part in short group times where have shared stories linked to our main theme of the week, singing rhymes and playing simple games.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Liptrot : )

W/B 05.01.2022

Welcome back! We hope you had a fantastic Christmas and would like to wish everyone all the very best for 2022. This week we welcomed back our children, who returned so sensibly. We also welcomed some new friends into Nursery. We are so proud of how well the children have adapted to their new setting and how quickly they have settled.

We have loved returning to Nursery this week and exploring the environment with our friends. This week and next week we will be focussing on the wonderful story ‘Handa’s Surprise’ by Eileen Browne. A brightly-coloured story about sharing and friendship, featuring some very cheeky animals! The children have enjoyed being introduced to the story this week and are excited to continue activities relating to this story next week. Over the next few weeks, our new starters will be getting to know our staff and children, our rules and routines and becoming familiar with both the indoor and outdoor environments. The children will take part in short group times where they will share stories and sing rhymes. There are lots of exciting things to come this term!

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Liptrot : )


W/B 13.12.21

This week was our final week in Nursery before the Christmas break. We enjoyed focussing on the story ‘Pick a Pine Tree’ by Patricia Toht. During this week we have been using mathematical language when making comparisons between the heights of trees, exploring different ways of joining materials when wrapping presents and looking at how people celebrate Christmas around the world. Our song of the week was ‘Oh Christmas Tree’
We were so excited on Thursday as it was our Christmas Party Day! During the party we took part in lots of dancing and party games in our beautiful party outfits. We enjoyed party snacks and we even had a special visitor who brought us a special gift! Ho, ho, ho!
We hope you all have a lovely Christmas break and a well-deserved rest after a busy half term.
We wish you all the very best for Christmas and the new year!
See you in January 2022.
Mrs Liptrot :)

W/B 06.12.21

This week we have been focussing on the story ‘Rudolph’s Missing Antlers.’
During this week we have been taking part in lots of Christmas crafts. We have also been writing Christmas lists and discussing positional language when referring to Buddy the Elf.
On Wednesday, we had a special visit from two of Santa’s reindeer, Floss and Nala. The children were so well behaved and listened carefully to the elves, who told us lots of interesting facts about reindeer. Did you know that reindeer lose their antlers each year and grow new antlers?
We enjoyed coming into school in our Christmas jumpers to raise money for Save the Children.
We are also excited as tonight is the premiere of our Early Years Christmas Show. Our teachers will be sharing a link with the parents of children in Nursery, Reception and our 2YO Provision on ClassDojo to view our performance. We can’t wait to share it with you!
We hope you enjoy our Christmas show.
Have a fabulous weekend everyone,
Mrs Liptrot : )

W/B 29.11.21

This week in Nursery we have been focussing on the story ‘The Gingerbread Man’. We have been baking and decorating our own gingerbread people, comparing quantities using mathematical language such as ‘more than’ and ‘fewer than’ and sequencing and re-telling the story through role play. Our rhyme of the week was ‘5 Currant Buns’.
We were surprised by the weather at the beginning of the week and enjoyed a winter walk in the snow and frost. The children loved discussing how the grass crunched under our feet as we walked and how the snow melted when we put it on our hands.
As we moved into December this week, we had a festive morning decorating our tree and making preparations for the filming of our Christmas performance.
We can’t wait to share it with parents on Friday 10th December!
Have a lovely weekend everyone,
Mrs Liptrot :)

W/B 22.11.21

This week in Nursery we have been focussing on another fantastic story, ‘Aliens Love Underpants’. We have been exploring different materials, making our own aliens and presenting them to the rest of the group. We have also been identifying errors in repeating patterns, investigating forces using magnets and we became alien hunters when we took part in a P.E session in the hall.
In provision we designed underpants, discussed patterns and used our fine motor movements to hang our creations on a washing line. We explored various materials in the creative area and made flying saucers for our aliens.
Our rhyme of the week was ‘5 Little Men in a Flying Saucer’.
What another busy week in Nursery!

Have a lovely weekend everyone,
Mrs Liptrot :)

W/B 15.11.21

This week in Nursery we have been focussing on one of our favourite stories, ‘The Gruffalo’. We have been taking on the role of the characters from the story during role play, developing our mathematical skills during a character hunt and we also took part in a nature walk, discussing habitats of the characters in the story. We had fun moving like each of the characters from the story.
As this week was National Nursery Rhyme Week we focussed on a different rhyme each day. We also learnt the words and actions to ‘The Gruffalo Song’.
This week was Anti-Bulling Week and this year the theme was ‘One Kind Word’. As kindness is more important today than it has ever been, we thought about kind words in Nursery and used them throughout the week. We created a collage with the words and phrases that we have been using!
What a busy week we have had! Have a lovely weekend everyone,
Mrs Liptrot :)

W/B 08.11.21

This week in Nursery we have been focussing on the story ‘The Everywhere Bear’ by Julia Donaldson. We have been sharing our favourite bears from home during group time, taking part in writing activities linked to invitations and shopping lists and practising our counting skills when sharing out food during a Teddy Bear’s Picnic. Our rhyme of the week was ‘Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear’.
This week was also Road Safety Week. We discussed the importance of keeping safe when out and about as well as practising our green cross code in provision.

What another exciting week we have had! Have a lovely weekend everyone,
Mrs Liptrot :)

W/B 01.11.21

This week in Nursery we shared the story ‘Sparks in the Sky’ and discussed bonfire safety. We have been counting groups of bonfire related objects and have been using our listening and attention skills to identify the missing object. We explored various media and materials to create pictures that represented the sounds and movements of a range of fireworks. Whilst enjoying a hot chocolate, we looked at images and videos of fireworks and used a range of vocabulary to describe what we could see and hear. We also enjoyed using large muscle movements to represent rockets, fountain fireworks and Catherine wheels.

Have a fantastic weekend and remember to stay safe!

Mrs Liptrot :)

W/B    18.10.21

This week in Nursery we have thoroughly enjoyed sharing the story ‘Pick a Pumpkin’ by Patricia Toht. We had so much fun picking pumpkins in the forest area. We discussed the sizes and weights of the pumpkins and used language such as bigger, smaller, heavier and lighter. We then worked together to carve our pumpkins. We carefully scooped out the seeds and discussed the shapes that we thought we should use for our pumpkin’s face. The teachers helped to carve the pumpkins, using a sharp knife. To finish off our half-term, we had a fantastic time during a Pumpkin Party! This was a new experience for some children. We sang and moved our bodies to familiar songs and played party games. Thank you for your continued support throughout the Autumn 1 term.
We hope you have a lovely half-term break and we will see you when we return on Monday 1st November.

Mrs Liptrot :)

W/B    11.10.21

This week we have been focusing on the non-fiction book ‘My Body’ by Jill McDonald.
As well as discussing parts of the body and their uses, we have been counting how many of each body part we have. We discussed the importance of keeping our teeth healthy. We must brush our teeth at least twice a day, visit the dentist and eat healthy foods. Thank you to everyone who sent in photographs of the children brushing their teeth at home. The children loved sharing their photographs with everyone!
We used the ‘Washing Hands’ song to help us wash our hands thoroughly. We have also enjoyed singing and joining in with the actions of this week’s rhyme ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’.

Have a lovely weekend everyone,
Mrs Liptrot :)  

W/B    04.10.21

This week in Nursery we have been taking part in lots of discussion about our families and families around the world.
The children loved sharing their family photographs with each other in group. The photographs are now being displayed in our home corner.
We have also been busy counting the number of family members living in our houses. We used our finger to help count one number for each family member. We also enjoyed taking part in a gross motor P.E session, we used our bodies to stretch, jump, walk sideways and balance on one leg!

During provision we have continued to develop our friendships and turn taking. We have also enjoyed lots of outdoor mark making.

Have a lovely weekend everyone,
Mrs Liptrot :)  

W/B    27.09.21

This week we have been exploring the idea of being individual, special and unique through the story of ‘Elmer’.
We have been comparing differences between patterns and establishing our sense of self through discussions about hair colour, eye colour, likes, dislikes and so on. We have also created fantastic self portraits using different media such as collage materials, paint and felt tips.

We have also enjoyed continuing to explore the Nursery environment. We have been busy creating delicious treats in the play dough area, developing our counting skills, making fantastic creations and pictures, using our senses to explore the outdoor environment and lots more! 

What a busy week it has been!
Have a lovely weekend everyone,
Mrs Liptrot :)  

W/B    20.09.21

What a busy week we have had! The children really enjoyed our story of the week, ‘The Colour Monster’. We have been discussing our feelings, what makes us happy/sad and practising facial expressions to portray our emotions. We have loved joining in with rhymes and action songs and have also enjoyed playing instruments.

We have also focused on our Nursery rules and we have discussed how we need to follow them to keep safe and happy in Nursery. Our golden rules are:
⭐️ Keep our Nursery tidy
⭐️ Use indoor voices
⭐️ Always have kind hands
⭐️ Share and take turns
⭐️ Look after our toys
⭐️ Have walking feet inside


Have a lovely weekend everyone,
Mrs Liptrot :)

W/B   13.09.21

A big well done to all of our Nursery children! We are so proud of how well you have adapted to your new environment, new routines, new teachers and new friends.
The children have been busy this week familiarising themselves within the indoor provision, exploring the outdoor environment and they have also enjoyed adventuring in our forest area!

Have a lovely weekend everyone,
Mrs Liptrot :)

W/B   6.09.21

What a fantastic first week in Nursery we have had! It has been lovely to see our returning children supporting our new starters and investigating the learning environment together.
We can’t wait to meet everyone else next week!

Have a lovely weekend everyone,
Mrs Liptrot :)

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